Okay, I now officially want a JoshuaNeku doujinshi... But unfortunately, I've lost the site where one can order one. Not to mention my knowledge of the language is really limited... ah... I wish I bookmarked the sites I got to. Now I can't find them again... I decided to make a small fluff fic, I guess. I just hope it's okay. I must be really weird.

This is a JoshuaNeku fic. They don't belong to me. But Joshua is so cute! Thank you very much for reading.


Even though he lived all his life in Shibuya, the ocean of people still surprised him to no end. There were just so many people congested in one place even during weekdays when in most parts of the world would be… well… empty. This wasn't even during the rush hour. But this was Shibuya, with the crossing and 104 and the people and the fashion.

This was different.

Normally he didn't mind it but it was hard to follow Shiki and Beat and Rhyme when they're over there and he was over here packed along with the rest of the masses like sardines.

'Like sardines' were the best words to describe how they looked as he tried to squeeze through them without elbowing someone's face by accident. He knew how hard that hurt. Beat shouted from somewhere about him being so slow. And for a moment, the memory of the Grim Heaper shouting 'So zetta slow!' played in his mind.

He shivered at the thought but before he could mutter a curse, he was shoved to the side, and he bumped into a businessman who glared at him for wrinkling his suit.

He muttered an apology and tried to move away but was pushed to the other side before being squished once again. Today wasn't his day.

With one last effort, he tried to rush through the small opening between the tall gentleman and the girl in the Gothic Lolita dress in front of him. Tried was the word. The crowd surged forward and he ended up tripping on his own feet. He would've fallen flat on his face had it not been for the pale hand that caught his and kept him from kissing the asphalt.

"You're so careless, Neku." The owner of the pale hand remarked cheerfully.

Neku sighed but appreciated the help. Obviously, Joshua enjoyed watching him suffer in the crowd. Joshua gave him one last smirk and turned away but didn't let his hand go. The Composer just popped in every once in a while. Neku didn't know if he really had the time to lark about but then Joshua will always be Joshua no matter what.

That was just the way things went.

Joshua's grip was warm and firm but tender in a way. It was almost funny to think that Joshua was being gentle with him. Heaven knows, the pale boy can just be so vexing sometimes that he almost wished he pulled the trigger on him then.

And yet here he was, in the crowded crossing, with his hand in his, firm and secure and strangely safe. The crowds of Shibuya didn't even stand a chance against them now.

"Come on, slowpoke. They're waiting for us." He remarked as he pulled him along, weaving through the crowds with ease that surprised him.

"Whatever." He answered, grinning.

But he grasped Joshua's hand back and didn't let go.


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