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Let's see, okay, well, this is one of those cliché 'boy-next-store and girl-next-store fall in love' things (hence the title) that I was inspired to write for reasons that are somewhat rude and quite arrogant on my part and, therefore, won't be shared you. Also, I was bitten by the Twilight bug and have become quite infected with wanting to write a fanfiction for it.

I won't lie, I'm not an intense fan of Twilight and I skipped a lot of pages while reading New Moon, because, frankly, I don't like Jacob. So, my information and character portrayals might be a tad – or more – off. Please don't get super 'OH MY GOD, THAT'S NOT WHAT RENEE IS LIKE!' on me…

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Bella sighed and stared out the window of the truck. It was the middle of June and she should've been celebrating junior year being over – even though it has been almost two weeks since the school year ended – with her friends, but instead she'd never see them again. And why would she never see them again? Because it was at that time that her mother and step-father decided to bubble-wrap and box up all their worldly possessions and move from her home of twelve years in Phoenix, Arizona to Jacksonville, Florida because Phil (said step-father) got a good job down there.

That was how Bella Swan found herself bumping across all the states between Arizona and Florida with her head against the window, earbuds firmly tucked into her ears, and thoughts running through her head, both sad (like about the life she was leaving behind) and angry (like why Phil and Renee had decided to rent a U-Haul and drive all their stuff to their new home).

It had been five days and Bella was becoming quite bored with this little road trip; there were only so many 'World's Largest' pieces of garbage you could look at and only so many songs you could listen to on your iPod before becoming bored with even music. It was on the fifth day that Bella gave mostly into her thoughts, trying to avoid thinking about the cramped seat she was stuffed into next to Renee and Phil, who was driving – why couldn't they have just taken a plane and have the movers move their stuff? God knew that Phil was making enough money for that!

She must've dozed off somewhere between the Florida state line and their destination, because the last thing she recalled was Renee saying 'Ooh, look sweetie! We're in Florida!' before they'd arrived in front of their new house and her door was opened, very nearly causing her to tumble out onto the cement drive.

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty; we're here."

She scowled at Phil as she undid her seatbelt and hopped down from the cab. She was in the process of straightening her car rumpled shirt when Renee was suddenly at her side, an arm wrapped about her shoulders, giving them a quick squeeze, "So, what do you think, Bells? Isn't it lovely?"

Bella's eyes widened when they fell upon the house, it was more than just lovely: it was amazing! It looked to be twice the size of their old home and a lot less tacky; she was sure there'd be no shag carpets within those walls, unlike her home – old home – back in Phoenix. This home, she was fairly sure, was within what would be considered a mansion.

She took a quick glance around at the neighboring houses and stopped when she came to the one directly next door. If their new house was considered a mansion, the one belonging to their next-door neighbors definitely was.

Their front yard was lovely, perfect green with a cobblestone, garden-lined path to the front porch of the majestic white building, where multiple wind chimes danced in the soft breeze. As she looked at it, Bella had a hard time deciding which there was more of: siding or windows? About two-thirds of the home appeared to consist of windows.

"Well? What do you think? Lovely, right? Oh, I'm sure you'll love it here! We've got a pool, you know, you remember how you loved the community pool in Phoenix? Now you have your own! And if you don't want to swim, you can sunbathe, the side of it looks absolutely perfect for that; you've been looking a little pale since you and Jake broke up."

Bella winced, she didn't want to think about Jacob. She turned to her mother, pushing the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend out of her mind and smiling with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, "It's great! I can't wait to see inside!"

Renee beamed back at her, "Well, then, why don't you go in and pick out a room for yourself? Phil and I can wait for the movers to arrive and start unpacking the truck on our own, and there's all ready a bed and our room so that we know you won't snap up the one we want before we can get to it." Renee gave her another hug and said, "I just know you're going to love it here."

"I'm sure I will…" Bella said with a rather forced smile as her mom went around to the back of the truck to start unloading. The moment Renee was out of sight, she sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Perhaps there were some other people her age in the neighborhood that she could befriend and hopefully they wouldn't all be rich snob, perhaps there'd be someone who could help her adjust to her new life in Jacksonville without any of her friends from Phoenix. She sighed again and stuck her hands into her pockets and began up the brick walk, completely unaware of the four eyes watching her from the window next door.


Edward and Alice Cullen, fraternal twins, watched her as she made her way towards her front door. Edward looked at his sister and raised an eyebrow, "We're going to become good friends with her?"

Alice grinned back, "Yep."

He narrowed his eyes at her, "There's something else, isn't there?"

She adopted an innocent look, "Whatever do you mean?"

A flat look, "What is it?"

It was no secret to their family and friends that there was something different about Alice Cullen, she had this uncanny ability to know things about the future that no one else could possibly know. Most of the time they'd just say she had an amazing gut feeling about things and other times, mostly by her boyfriend, it was called her 'Spidey Sense'.

Alice grinned again and let her curtain flop back into place before leaping off the sofa, she began walking towards the door, "Well, I don't want to be late…Jasper and I have a date tonight."

Edward rolled his green eyes, "You always have a date." He paused, "Will you just tell me what it is you're keeping from me?"

Alice turned on her heel, putting a hand on the doorway and winking at him, "Where would the fun be in that? You'll know soon enough, anyway, trust me. See ya'!" She skipped out the door, just as Edward was reaching for a pillow to fling at her. With a sigh, he turned his attention back to his new neighbor. One side of his mouth turned up slightly in a smile as she tripped stepping up onto her porch, quickly catching herself on the white railing and then looked around to make sure no one had seen her.

Well, there was the prologue. Hope it wasn't too long-winded or too short or something.

Yeah, I guess I had to mention Jacob: he's going to be Bella's ex-boyfriend in this. I can't help myself. He's going to be pretty awful when he's mentioned – because, once again, I do not like him…at all – so, there's going to be some bashing later on; I'll put up warnings at the start of chapters that will include that.

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