This is another example of my love of weird crossovers. This is Buffy/Harry Potter. Hope you guys like it. I'll get the next one out soon.

Angel watched the scene with growing unease, his eyes narrowed slightly. He shouldn't be here, but he couldn't possibly turn his back on this. Not now.

He'd come to England the same way he'd come to America. It was just another place to hide out. He'd only been walking around when he'd heard the faint sound of crying and he'd caught sight of a small boy who couldn't be more than four or five sitting outside of one of the many houses on this street.

Frowning and watching the boy, he wondered only for a moment what was wrong. When he caught the faint scent of blood, though, he couldn't just continue walking. Stepping into the yard he walked close and knelt a few feet away from the boy.

"Hello." The boy flinched and looked up at him, startled. Frightened green eyes met his. "I'm not going to hurt you." He said, raising his hands. The boy said nothing, eyeing him warily.

"What are you doing out here this late?" Angel noticed how the boy tensed up at the question, and how the fear in his eyes spiked up a notch. He started to get up. "Hey, wait." The boy froze, "its okay. I only want to help."

The boy wrapped his arms around himself and Angel noticed the bruises on one of them. Angel had a little trouble keeping the smile on his face when he did see them.

"You look like you could use something to eat, and a place to sleep. My names Angel." He reached out a hand to the boy, but didn't touch him, holding it out for him instead. The boy eyed him for a few minutes, and Angel was sure he wouldn't take his hand. After all, he was a stranger.

He'd been thinking of running away. Uncle Vernon had gotten angry with him again today. He didn't have anywhere to go, really. He'd stopped on the front steps of the house because he didn't have anywhere to go. Now, he was staring at the stranger before him.

The man had reached out a hand, but was waiting for him to take it. He didn't know a lot, but he knew that he shouldn't. He met the man's eyes. His eyes were different than Uncle Vernon's. They were a lot less mean.

Still, he shouldn't go places with strangers, he'd heard that before. The man had said that his name was Angel, but he still didn't know him. Harry jumped when he heard something from inside the house, and fear of his uncle finding him out there grew stronger than his fear of strangers and he took Angel's hand.

He tensed and nearly cried out when Angel swung him up in his arms but Angel just hugged him close and started walking, rubbing small circles on his back.

"It's okay." Angel murmured in his ear. "I'm not going to hurt you." He couldn't help but to bury his head in Angel's neck while they walked. He tried not to flinch when Angel touched one of the bruises on his back.

He couldn't help but to latch onto Angel. He'd never been hugged like that before. He knew that the words didn't mean anything. Uncle Vernon had used them before and then hurt him anyways, but he wanted to pretend a moment.

Angel walked fast towards his place. The boy had wrapped both arms around his neck and Angel wondered how bad the boy's home could be that would make him decide to come with a total stranger.

This was stupid, he knew that, but he couldn't have just left a little boy hurting like that. When he'd lifted the boy up, and felt how thin he was, and then how the boy flinched slightly when he touched his back, he felt the strong urge to go back to that house and let the demon in him loose on the people who would hurt a child like that.

When he got back to the place he'd been staying, he gently pulled the boy's hands away from his neck and sat him down on one of the chairs in the kitchen. He looked in the fridge even though he hadn't needed to really. He had no food. He didn't need food, after all. He knelt in front of the boy again.

"Listen, I don't really have anything to eat here. There's a store I can go to a couple of blocks away, though."

"'s alright." The boy spoke for the first time. His voice was quiet and hesitant. "You don't have to..."

"I know I don't have to." Angel said, giving the boy a smile. He watched as the boy fought off a yawn. "You know what? Why don't we worry about that later? You look tired." He lifted the boy up again and carried him to his bedroom.

Angel took off the boy's shoes and pulled a blanket up for him. He watched as the boy curled up on his side and then started out of the room. He stopped when he noticed that the boy was still watching him.

"What's wrong?" The boy bit his lip and shook his head. Angel walked back to the bed and sat down in the chair beside it.

"I can stay until you fall asleep if you want?" The boy didn't answer but Angel saw a small smile on his face before he closed his eyes. The boy's eyes snapped open though and he looked over at Angel.

"Almost forgot, my names Harry." Angel smiled at him again.

"Nice to meet you, Harry." He said as the kid closed his eyes once again.

Angel waited until he was sure that Harry was asleep before getting up. He didn't want to leave the place while Harry was asleep, but he wouldn't be able to go out again until the next night, so he decided to make it quick and get some food for the kid.

The next night, he'd take the boy to the police station; find him a better place to stay. He was definitely going to make sure that Harry never went back to the place he had been living.