I really fancied writing something, as i was so bored. And then i wrote this. I'm not sure when it takes place, probably during season 2...Enjoy! Xx

I know I can't love him,

It goes against nature,

It's wrong,

But it feels so right.

Jack read the poem back carefully, happy with what he had written. He wasn't the greatest poet...but wasn't poetry about feelings? Well, this was certainly written from the heart... He sighed, and picked up his biro again.

I do love him,

But I won't say,

This feeling will hurt him,

Love would be mean,

I know I can't love him,

But I feel this way.

He told himself he didn't love Jack Harkness, convinced himself. Besides...it would be unfair on Lisa.

But when he found the poem in Jack's bin he realised how stupid he was being.

He planned to make this love amazing, to be happy for every second he was with Jack Harkness. Jack wasn't replacing Lisa, he was someone else. Another lover, another person.

Life without her had just become worthwhile again.

Yeah, i always think of Ianto as being far more eager to accept being in love with Jack because Jack cares about harming other people by not being able to die so...that's how i was writing, anyway. But at the same time he has to deal with Lisa and guilt, etc.

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