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First Day


Song of the chapter 'Wires by Athlete' if you look really carefully at the words it sort of reminds me of Bella and Edward situation...

I was racing Edward to school on our bikes. He always won but today I could feel it. I was going to win! As I turned the corner to school I did my own commentary, 'There neck and neck, Bella's coming up from the rear,' Edward shot me a disgusted glance, 'not in that way you sicko! Bella's pedalling quickly passed Edward. She turns the final corner but Edward can't keep up he's falling behind! He can't take the pressure! It's too tight to tell Edward is coming back to the front, in the final seconds this is all that matters and...' he beat me again will I ever beat him, I sighed and shook his hand, 'Well done my dear nerd.' Yes, my best friend for life was a nerd and I was..., 'Well done to you too, chubby cheeks,' chubby cheeks I loved my nickname, most people would hate it but it has grown on me ever since the weirdo's in our year decided to pick on me about my weight. Well, I would rather be a 10-year old chubby cheeks than a 10-year old anorexia patient.

My names Isabella (yuck) Marie Swan but everyone calls me Bella or Chubby Cheeks. I am 10 years old and live in Phoenix, Arizona. I am short for my age and am a bit chubby but not over weight. I 'm just a bit over normal. But that's just like my world, my world is not normal, while most girls are falling for THE nerd. I am his best friend. When they are all into gymnastics. I am into rugby. When girls got into make-up and skirts. I got into an old pair of ratty jeans and a skateboard. My mum always complained about me. She wanted a girly girl not me the chubby tomboy but I suppose now she will have to live with it. I love everything about my life and it couldn't be better!

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen has been my best friend since he moved here in grade 1. He is so clever top set for everything! That is why I call him a nerd because he is one! He is 2 months older than me but is still double my height. He always says it's not because he's talk just the fact that I am a midget. This is true. I don't have very good genes! While is parents are awesome! He doesn't think so but his dad taught me how to do a backwards laser flip on my skateboard and his mom helped me pass my one and only food technology exam. Why do you have to learn how to cook at 10 anyway? Edward id apparently 

'hot' loads of the girls in our school have tried to be my friend just to get to him. I had learnt that the hard way by a 'bimbo', as Edward put it, called Lauren. I had really trusted her. I told her secrets and I let her give me a makeover! I am no Barbie! But she had told everyone my most prized secret which cause me most of my primary school humiliation. But Edward didn't stop being my friend he even said right in front of Lauren and all of her gang that he would much rather like a chubby tom-boy was can skate than an anorexic, blonde bimbo with no brain! Her face was priceless!

"Bella, my parents are holding me a surprise party but I found out about it after I found the invites in my mum's sock draw and it's tonight you didn't know about it did you?" he questioned me. Of course I knew about it! His parents said I was the first person invited and I got to do the invites, on blue paper I might add. Hopefully he didn't recognise my handwriting. I prayed that he did recognise it.

"You see the handwriting on the invites looked exactly like yours," of course he knew that, the evil nerd! I kept my head down. You see I have a very bad blushing problem, I blush 24/7 and everyone knew when I was lying. I was a bad liar. My cheeks go red and I can't look up from the ground. It's very embarrassing when you are trying to persuade the teacher you just left your homework on your desk at home when you actually forgot it. Normally my best bud (yes, I am sad enough to call him best bud) will have an extra copy for me and make it sound less right and more like me, Bella, the plain one.

"You did!" He accused and started tickling me and I couldn't stop squirming and screaming.

"STOP! EDWARD STOP!" But it would come out more as "ST -giggle-OP! EDW-giggle- AR-giggle-D-giggle" followed by a mixture of giggle fits and screaming until I can barely breath any more. That is my usual punishment and I must admit, it is fun. His punishment was just me giving him evil glares and ignoring him until he said sorry then I would laugh and all would be forgiven, all you had to say was sorry.

"Come on we better get to class before Miss. Fitz gets piss-" the rested of the sentenced was stopped by Edward. He normally stopped my before I said a profanity and I was gland Miss. Fitz is really deluded she thinks that little people are after her. Scary.

"Yeah, best not be late for her or she might call you one of the little people that are coming after her again, that was so fu-" he stopped, he could sense he was going to get the silent treatment from me if he didn't stop so he simply said, "what an idiot." That was better than saying sorry in my eyes. We hung up our bags on the pegs outside and went into class, aka. The Torture House.

It was the first day of term, unlucky for Edward his birthday was always on the first day, so everyone expected to invited to his birthday parties and so this year I invited every single one of them in our year 60 children. Esme and Carlisle were fine with it 'the more the merrier' they said.

"How many of the invites did you see Edward?" I remembered he wasn't meant to see some of them including Lauren or Jessica's I thought it would be funny to see his face when they flirted with him in front of his parents.

"Enough," He looked at me and then said, "but I think I already punished you enough for the two of them." He said this as he glanced in their direction. I couldn't suppress my giggle. As it came out Lauren and her gang turned to use she put on a fake smile and looked straight at Edward.

"Edward, you can sit with me today and not that gender confused midget," she fluttered her eye lashes as she purred the whole of the last sentence. I think Edward felt me tense up so he put his arm over my shoulder, we were over the whole if uncomfortable stage and now we even hugged... we don't do that so much in front of people anymore last time it ended it my hair covered in glue, yes from the very original mind of Jessica Stanley (note the hint of sarcasm).

"It's ok, I would rather sit with my best friend, thank you," e stated and then slowly steered me to the two seats at the back of the class. Edward was too much of a gentleman to be horrible to someone sort of evens it out a bit I'm the evil one. At least that's what our parents decided.

The whole day went in a blur. Lauren and Jessica fighting over Edward. Nearly more glue in my hair if it wasn't for Edward. Also I persuaded Edward to let me call him Eddie saying that I shouldn't need to waste my precious breaths saying such a long name, and he agreed. First argument I had won over him, one to add to the book. The it was time it go back to his house.