Summary: What if Bruce and J'onn had met much much earlier in life? What if Bruce had somehow been teleported to Mars? An Elseworlds story. J'onn/Bats.

Disclaimers: As I have a really bad memory about putting these in, this will stand for the entire story. I do not own any of the DC characters. I only own the plot.

A/N: I KNOW I haven't updated the other stories and I'm really really sorry, but I just had this plot bunny erupt and so I started writing and once I started I just couldn't creativity was being poured into this story. And...and... ;.; please forgive me.

I am changing...a lot. Nothing major, just little key differences to make my story possible. XD I guess it could be considered an elseworlds story. So before you read, I guess I should list the differences. Okay, here they come.

1-The scientist who built the machine that beamed J'onn to earth, has been moved to Gotham City. Wayne Enterprises is funding his research. Before taking the family to the theater, Thomas Wayne had stopped by the scientists' lab in order to check on how his research was coming along.

2- My research suggests that the Martians were more abstract thinkers rather than scientists. I'm saying it's the exact opposite. They're more sciensy than abstracty.

3- J'onn isn't married. He isn't married nor does he have a child. He's living with his parents and older sibling. He's...I guess...a teenager psychologically?

I KNOW the beginning is a little rough but please, bare with me.



There was so much blood. It was pooling out of his parents, out of his Mama and Daddy...Bruce didn't know that a person could hold that much blood. He wishes that he still didn't know.

It was getting harder to breathe. His throat was tightening very painfully and his eyes were burning...

Little Bruce Wayne was scared. His mind had yet to fully comprehend what he'd just witnessed but he knew one thing.

Mama and Daddy were gone.

And they weren't coming back.

The bad man had hurt them. For a while he'd stayed there, convinced that they were going to be okay; that soon Daddy would open his eyes and get up and Mama would smile that pretty smile she has. The one she always reserved for him. Her little prince.

So he sat their, and waited. Waited for them to move.

But they never did. Instead of moving, they started to get cold, and that's when he realized that they weren't going to wake up.

And that's when he ran.


Gotham City was beautiful at night. In the day she seemed old and haunted. The sun showed too much. It showed just how close she was to falling apart. She wasn't like her sister, Metropolis. She was older, darker, more tainted.

Night time was a different story altogether. Her lights sparkling in tune with the stars, shadows coming to life and moving fluid grace; say what you will about Gotham City, but Bruce was proud to call himself her child. She wasn't nothing like Metropolis, but that was just what he loved. He remembered visiting Metropolis when his dad was on business, and how he had walked around, seeing how bright it sparkled in the sun light, and how much he had hated being there.

It was wholesome and sparkly and it looked to be perfect.

Except it wasn't perfect. It had it's ups and downs just like Gotham City. She just didn't show it out in the open.

Maybe that was a good thing, but Bruce liked how Gotham flaunted her flaws, how honest she was with her shortcomings. It was easy to ignore the problem if you couldn't see it. However, no body could ever forget about Gotham. She was special. She was his city.

Tonight though, tonight he just wanted to forget. He wanted to run and run until he couldn't anymore, until he left reality behind far behind him and he was able to simply exist, rather than hurt so much like he was right now.

As if feeling his inner turmoil, Gotham rose and protected him from the creeps and perpetrators of the night, her presence wrapping around him in a soothing, warm cocoon. The shadows that normally thrived on they type of weak prey Bruce was showed himself to be, kept their distance, as if somehow sensing Gotham's warning. Her threat to do harm to whoever disobeyed her.

And none of them dared.

Lest they bring down the wrath of Gotham. And she was NOT a city you wanted to piss off. Hell Hath No Fury Like a City Scorned and all that...


If little Bruce was in any shape of mind he might have gone to the authorities. Or even Back to the manor, to Alfred, who would hold him tight and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

But he wasn't in the right state of mind. He was tired. More tired than any 8 year old had a right to be. He was scared and lonely and hurting so much that he wanted to scream and scream until everything left. Until everything went back to normal.

So he didn't go back to the manor, to a place that housed everything of his parents. To a place that just wreaked of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Instead he went to the Lab. It didn't really make a lot of sense. Instead of going to Alfred and getting a hug and some hot cocoa, he was sneaking into a place that was cold and scary and ...


But it was the last place his Father had taken him, before going to the theater--

No. Not now. Not now.

Gun shots. Pearls falling to the ground. much blood...

Not not not now not nownotnownotnownotnow...

Scanned the room with wide eyes, trying hard not to think about what had just happened, trying to focus on the present. Something...anything...

There! There was a door, slightly open. A red hue was creeping through the crack. Desperately curious, little Bruce inched into the room...

And saw a man kneeling next to a weird looking machine, messing with some wires and mumbling grumpily. Quietly, so as not to disturb the man he walked up to the machine and reached out a hand to touch it. He really shouldn't ask, as it was obvious the man was busy but he was rather curious and looking for something, anything, to take his mind off the alley. So, he opened his mouth and asked, "What's this?"

And that's when it happened.

The man jumped, accidentally crossing two wires with one one, the machine came to life, whirring loudly and Bruce, who was now standing in the machine --



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