Lily's son

A new story yes! I'm sorry couldn't help myself and this plot wouldn't leave me alone. I just cant help but think what if the Dursley's let Harry go without a problem.

Chapter 1

Letters And Hogwarts

"What are we going to do Petunia?" asked Vernon his chins wobbling. Staring at the letter, as if he was fearing it would someone jump up and kill them or worse infect them.

"Let the brat go Vernon, we won't need to put up with him" said Petunia, wishing her husband would agree, she was beginning to hate how her husband was treating her nephew. It was getting worse now, just because Harry was getting close to figuring everything out about him being a wizard.

"But what about his chores!?" spluttered Vernon his chins wobbling more. "He's not getting away with not doing them".

"He can do them when he gets back from the summer" said Petunia nearly growling in frustration, she had to let Harry go. If anything she understood the danger her nephew was in. Dumbledore had told them in that letter that Voldemort was gone, not killed she was very observant and bright just like Lily had been.

"I suppose," said Vernon concentrating. "We'll just have to give him more when he gets home".

"Give him his letter so we can get this over with and no more letters!" said Petunia. Oh she knew very well the wizarding world wouldn't give in. Not when it concerned Harry Potter she knew how important he was to their world.

"Oh fine" huffed Vernon groaning as he got out of his seat.

"Potter!" snapped Vernon, he wasn't walking any more it had him out ofbreath just taking two steps. "Get through here, this instant!"

"Yes uncle Vernon?" asked a timid little eleven year old boy. "How can I help you?"

"Here boy, sit and read it!" said Vernon "And you can have Dudley's second bedroom".

"Wow can I really?" the emerald eyes glowing, Petunia had to stop the smile forming, he looked so much like Lily it was startling.

"I want to read that letter!" whined their pig of a son.

"No Dudley! Let's go and get some food, come on now I'll let you pick a new computer game" cooed Petunia she didn't want her son finding out about Harry. "How would you like that?"

"Brilliant! Give me a minute mummy" smirked Dudley running up the stairs alerting the devil that he was walking.

"Ready?" she asked smiling when he was back down.

"Yeah lets go!" smiled Dudley his huge face looked sickly. "Bye Daddy! And bye Potter" the last name was sneered.

"Petunia I'm taking him!" snapped Vernon grabbing the key's "You can tell the brat" he looked disgusted at the thought of doing it.

"Fine Vernon" snapped Petunia, seeing them out.

"Is it true?" asked Harry wide eyed. "Is it?" staring at the letter in surprise.

"Yes it is Harry," said Petunia.

"That's what made the weird things happen around me, I'm not a freak at all then?!" wide eyed Harry mumbled.

"No you are not, your mum would be so proud of you Harry, and I'm sorry we didn't give you a better childhood. I guess we resented you because the headmaster of that school forced you onto us. If we had been given a choice we may have treated you like a second son" sighed Petunia, she knew this to be the truth. Vernon hated being told what to do, he gritted his teeth and put up with it at work.

"Thank you Aunt Petunia" sobbed Harry giving his Aunt a hug "Thank you".

"How do I get all those things Aunt? I mean they don't sell cauldron's at Tesco's" said Harry five seconds later.

"There's a special place for you to go to, would you like to go for your things now?" asked Petunia.

"Can I Aunt? But I have no money!" said Harry looking down.

"I'll give you money, it's the least I can do," said Petunia swallowing hard. "Go on then get some of your more decent clothes on and lets get going".

They were ready to go within minutes, Petunia was taking the other car out of the garage and drove off.

"I will pick you up in four hours, give you time to get everything you need" said Petunia, handing over money, they weren't poor so he got quite a good bit of money from his aunt. "I will come back here, I'm going to get you some decent clothes now on you go".

"Thanks' Aunt Petunia" smiled Harry widely.

"On you go" smiled his Aunt but it was a sad smile, she had never seen Harry smile so much. Maybe they would come to love their Nephew better if he had control over his magic and wasn't always around.

"Where?" asked Harry confused.

"You will see a sign saying The Leaky Cauldron" said Petunia "Go in there and that's all I can help you with".

"Oh, ok then bye!" said Harry closing his side of the car door.

No one noticed him, he was just a normal student gathering his ingredients. He asked for help in all the shops and got the best of everything. Of course after visiting Gringotts and getting his money changed into galleons.

His scar was hidden, he had long hair all the way down past his shoulders. It was deep ruby red with hints of brown. So much like his mothers hair. Entering the book shop he got books he had been recommended. it's a pity he wasn't in any of them otherwise he would have realised the rest of his history. Petunia didn't want to be the one to tell him, because to be honest she didn't really know what happened all she knew was that Lily had been killed by an evil man.

Seeing he had enough money left he decided to get an animal. It said on the paper an owl, cat or a toad. He defiantly didn't want to have a toad but he wondered what he should get a cat or an owl? He had never really had a pet before.

"Can I help you young man?" asked an assistant.

"I don't know what to get! An owl or cat!" said Harry sighing softly.

"Well cats are more company than an owl and an owl is handy for sending mail" said the assistant.

Harry decided to get both, it didn't say anything about just one animal it just says pick between owls, cats or a toad.

He picked a male black cat, and a female white owl.

He called his black cat - Heath and the owl Hedwig.

When his Aunt picked him up she helped with his trunk and everything. He was allowed to take it up to his room, and his Aunt had only one rule "Don't have them out in front of Uncle Vernon. Or leave them lying out".

"Yes Aunt Petunia" replied Harry happy with the request.

So his school things were dropped off and all his new clothes, they weren't expensive or anything like Dudley's but it was the first clothes they had got him. He put his new things on and binned Dudley's old things. The rest went into the wardrobe, soon he was engrossed in the world he would shortly be attending.

"Ah Minerva you can stop worrying now, Mr. Potter has replied to his letter" smiled Dumbledore. She had come to him twice telling him Harry's letters kept coming back unopened.

"Really?" she said eagerly grabbing the letter from his hand and reading it herself. "Good, good, are you going to let me take him for his school supplies?".

"Ollivander told me Harry's already been, it seems he's already aware of what and who he is" said Dumbledore. He looked slightly miffed that he knew, he had left him in the Muggle world, so he didn't know. Damn Petunia, oh well he would just have to put up with it. He could still manipulate him...or so he thought.

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