My name is Tohru Honda and I just had about the weirdest dream of all time. Only problem is that wasn't really a dream. All of it really happened and started about two weeks ago. And I'm about to tell you what this is; as soon as I'm done you will have believed me to thinking that it was all a dream I mean.

It was Monday, the first day of the new trimester and I woke up late. I was really rushing when my mom, Kyoko told me that she had to leave. When I left a half an hour after her I had to run as fast as I could to make it on time. I had to look a while to find my classroom since I just started attending that school when I noticed someone who looked even more lost than I did. I went over towards him and noticed that he had bright orange hair just like my mom has. As I was heading towards him he started to run away for some reason.

"Wait. Don't you come to this school also? If so, could you please show me the way to my classroom. My name is Tohru Honda, could we possibly be friends?" I asked and he turned around.

He came over and introduced himself as Kyo Sohma. He was an interesting boy and I wondered if he truly wanted to be friends with me. Then I just thought about the classes and ran into the class with him without even thinking. I had to do punishment work along with Kyo since we were late; even though both of us were brand new to the school. Once we were finished with our duties and were on our way back home he said something about needing to head home as quick as possible so he can make it to his karate lesson at 'Shishou's dojo' whatever that was. So we parted halfway and promised to see each other again tomorrow.

I walked home when I heard Kyo shouting my name and I turned around. He was holding my notebook with all my homework in it and said, "I would have been mad at myself if I didn't return it to you but you were so far ahead that I had to run to catch up to you. Why do you live so far away, couldn't you find someplace closer to live." As he turned and started to leave I shouted at him, "Thanks, see you again tomorrow, Kyo!" He waved back and took off to this dojo he was attending.

The next morning I was surprised when someone actually rang the bell for our apartment. When I opened the door I was shocked to see Kyo waiting to leave for school. "Kyo want to eat some food. You need breakfast for the trip and I make a really good breakfast. Come in and eat with me and my mom. Once we're done we'll leave for school, okay." He nodded and came in the dining room where my mom was still in her pajamas.

"Hey, Tohru, when will breakfast be served?" my mom asked as I walked back into the dining room with Kyo. When my mom noticed she asked, "Well, who's this? Is this the new friend you were talking about, Tohru? Nice to meet you, my name is Kyoko Honda, I'm Tohru's mom.

Kyo just stared at my mom when I brought out three plates of pancakes and eggs with a side of toast and bacon. He nodded and sat down at the table and started eating. Once he was done, he said that he would wait for me outside.

"When will you come over again, Kyo-kun? It was definitely a pleasant surprise to have you over for breakfast. Have a good day at school and don't be late again or else I'll get very disappointed in both of you." Kyoko said as she left for work and we headed down to the school.

"Ne, Kyo-kun why are you so distant to everyone except me. You didn't even introduce yourself or even wanted to eat breakfast with us." I asked once we got into the classroom.

Kyo didn't answer the question and I became afraid. I sat down and the day began as usual with English first followed by Japanese then lunch came after a long and tiresome two and a half hours. Kyo was again by himself and didn't want company while eating but I didn't give him much of a choice when I just sat down next to him. He tried to move but I cornered him in the hallway and made him tell me why he tried to avoid so many people with the exception of talking and hanging out with me.

"Tohru, tell me this, do you ever have a feeling that you have a secret that you must hide it from everyone and not make any friends what-so-ever? Because that's my exact problem, I can't let anyone find out about my secret or else they will find themselves in much more trouble than what would happen if I didn't befriend them in the first place." He sighed and walked over towards me and I take a step back. "The fact that I became your friend is simply because you were the only one to actually talk to me and try to be my friend before the you even knew how I acted or my name. Not to mention the fact that you ended up making me eat a breakfast in your apartment with you and your mom. I felt that if you could just be a normal friend to me that would be fine but that will never happen at this rate. In no time at all, you will discover my terrible secret and then you will be forced to forget me entirely; that's something that I don't ever want to happen to you. That is why I think it will be for the best if you just stop being my friend now so you won't get hurt later." Kyo turned and started to walk away and ran to follow him but I tripped and fell down bringing him with me. For a moment I thought that I crushed him to pieces but then I saw that he transformed into a cat, a bright orange cat that I could hold in my arms.

"Kyo-kun, why are you a cat and where did you get this awesome ability?" But when I looked down again I found him running away like a frightened kitty and I chased after him with no luck. I returned to the classroom and decided that if Kyo wanted to talk to me that he would on his own time and I wouldn't force him to say anything at all. He didn't come to school for the next couple of weeks so I decided that I would head to his dojo and visit him. When I had arrived I saw that the one who didn't come to school along with someone who was watching over him like a father would have looked over his son.

"Kyo, we have a guest so I'll be right back. Don't you dare stop meditating just because I left you alone. You need to make yourself more disciplined."

"Yes, Shishou I will."

With that the person named Shishou started walking over to me and greeted me with a smile. "May I help you with something? Or do you want to visit with Kyo, I believe it was Tohru-chan."

"Yes, I wanted to see if Kyo was alright since he had been missing so many days at school I was a little worried about him." I looked over to see Kyo glancing over towards his master and then stood up to end the training for the day. As he walked over towards us he noticed me and just left as fast as he could to get out of the area but he was captured.

"Hey Kyo, you have company so take her to the dining room and I'll make some tea." Kyo nodded and we headed for the dining room.

When we got to the dining room he just stayed quiet and didn't even look at me. I was very certain that he didn't forgive me for figuring out his secret but that didn't excuse him from completely missing a month of school without any notification what-so-ever.

"Could you please leave. I have an idea of what you are going to say and the fact that you know my secret doesn't help. I can't go back in case that happens again so don't waste your breathe."

"Kyo I just want to know the reason. That's it, as soon as you give me a good and justifiable reason I won't bug you or visit you anymore. Just give me a reason for not coming to school for a month."I say with a sincere look ready to leave as soon as he tells me.

He shifts in his seat while Shishou came in and served the tea and left. After drinking our tea, I just stood up when he suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Wait. The reason why I can't go back to school is that it would just be more painful for us to be friends and have my secret slip up again and have you not remembering a thing. That is the only way to keep you from staying sad and alone completely at school and at home. But we can still play together and I'll visit your house to have breakfast and dinner some days. Please don't think that I'll let you stay that sad and just abandon you when we just became friends; I may even return to school in a couple of months. So don't think that you can just say we will never see each other because I will make sure that we do." I smiled and nodded at him and left.

When I got to the end of the street, I found myself crying and lost; I tried to go back to Kyo-kun's house but I couldn't get there. Just then I found a boy in a hat and I followed him. He guided me back to my apartment and gave me the hat that he was wearing as a souvenir. About ten minutes later, Kyo came over to give me back my jacket and bag when he asked where I got the hat. When I told him the story he said he was going to go back to school.

In class the next day our class had a new transfer student, his name was Yuki Sohma. Sohma, wait a minute was that the same last name that Kyo has.

"Kyo, could I have a minute?" Yuki asked Kyo during lunch. Kyo nodded and headed towards the roof.

"What do you want, RAT? I thought that you wouldn't come near me at all until you admit that the CAT is way better than the rat. Though can we make this quick, Tohru will try to follow us and it would be bad if she knew even more about the secret."

"What do you mean "secret"? She saw you transform into a cat then you erased her memories?"

"No, but she doesn't know why I transformed into a cat. She promised that she wouldn't tell a soul about me being a cat. Anyway she is my friend so I must thank you for guiding her home yesterday, we should at least keep her from harming herself."

I walk onto the roof when I saw that they had started to fight. I ran to stop them when I accidentally hugged them and they transformed into animals. Just then and there did my personal dream that was actually reality all began.