'How do I put it in a way you would understand?' Yuki thought when Tohru and Kyo didn't come to the hospital after a couple of weeks. 'Very confusing, maybe I should just go into the light and be done with the world.'

At school, Tohru was really excited about the fact that she was finally able to get adjusted to the new situation at school without Yuki around like when she first started kindergarten. She was in pain that Yuki was in coma but was really enthusiastic for being somewhat normal and not completely depressed. Kyo could easily tell that Tohru wasn't completely okay since he knew her very well but he couldn't do anything to help her through since he knew she would only start to cry and wouldn't be able to stop.

"Tohru, why don't we go to the hospital and visit Yuki today? We haven't gone over there in almost two weeks." Kyo suggests knowing that it might be best for me to visit Yuki after so long.

I think about that suggestion for a long time before replying. "I don't know if I can handle it, Kyo. I just don't know if I won't break down like before if I go visit him. I really do want to visit Yuki-kun but I don't think I'll bear it if I see him in a coma again. But I will face my fear and face him one on one again and hope that Yuki-kun will be awake." I say after contemplating my answer.

We get into the hospital and I start to rethink going in to see Yuki-kun. I start to hyperventilate when Kyo suddenly hugs me and I notice that I'm shaking uncontrollably. Kyo is understanding and makes sure that I'm truly okay before he lets go of me. As I walk into Yuki's room and notice something odd; Yuki was still asleep but he shifted positions from when I saw him the two weeks before.

"Kyo! Come in QUICK! Yuki-kun has moved positions; maybe he has regained consciousness and just sleeping." I say so happy that I could barely breathe. Kyo comes in and sees what I saw and was smiling but said,

"It's probably just cause of the nurses that take care of him."

I shrug and continue to look and observe Yuki for awhile longer when I noticed that his fingers moved.

"Hey, Yuki-kun, it's me and Kyo-kun visiting you again. I'm sorry that it's been a long time since we've come over but a lot was going on. I hope you can hear me but if you can't then I just want you to know that we are here in case you want to talk. Please come out as soon as possible so we can hang out once more. School just hasn't been the same with you here since we are the only ones in our science group. We'll come back soon so get better."

Okay so they are now leaving. But what do they mean when they say I have been moving? Of course I have been moving since I'm not dead. Yuki thought in the deep dark abyss that he was swimming in. Well maybe not swimming but floating while thinking if he should go further into the darkness or drift towards the brilliant golden light so far away that makes him feel cold but thrilled at the same time.

Right before he made the most important decision of his mortal life he faintly felt something brush against his arm and realized it was probably Kyo's way of saying goodbye. Kyo probably knows that I want to go somewhere else and wants to make sure to get a silent say in it. Yuki chuckled in his head and made the decision to go into the abyss to feel the intense pain of life once more that he had been avoiding for such a long time.

The pain was so great as Yuki went further into the darkness and as he was moving he began to lose sensation of his arms and legs. When he finally gets to the end of the darkness and only had his head left a splitting migraine prevented him from continuing to move. I have to move through this so I can get to my friends. They are waiting for my awakening and I need to be beside them. So even though his head was in complete and utter pain he moved through it and disappears entirely.

A moving arm catches Tohru's and Kyo's attention and they move swiftly next to Yuki. As his limbs start to move even more they notice he's making noises like when someone starts to wake in the morning. Waiting a few more minutes Kyo sees that Yuki opens his eyes and Tohru starts hugging them both out of pure joy.