Sunday's Crossword

By: littledemonpixie

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Author's Note: Okay so this came from me attempting to work the New York Times Crossword in ink the other day… yeah stupid choice I know. So here you have a collection of one shots that link to form a story of a rainy afternoon. Oh the surprises await!! So I guess this authoress is back!!

Central Headquarters

Central City

0956 Local


"Remind again why we are working on a Sunday, Roy?" Hughes grumbled and ran his hands through his hair for the hundredth time so early in the morning. Roy looked up from his cup of coffee.

"That I believe would be an excellent question for the Lieutenant." Hawkeye looked up.

"Sir, these things will not do themselves and had we not been off for the past two weeks we would not be here."

"I can't disobey the Furhur's orders…. Hmmm five letters…" Roy tapped his pen on the desk and then sighed and leaned back to look behind him out the large window. It was still raining.

Riza looked up and shook her head. Of there was any work to be done, it would certainly all be done by her…. And perhaps a couple from Hughes, but mostly her.

Roy leaned back over his desk and hidden among the papers lay a section torn from the morning paper that he picked up in the mess. 15 Down was staring him in the face and his eyes darted to the clue once more.

'15. Always pack extra…'

"Ah ha!! Got it!!" Roy scribbled in the letters and then gave a glance to Riza as his mind floated back.

… The smell of fire and dust floated into the dingy tent that Major Roy Mustang now shared with several other male lower officers. Perhaps the next worst thing to this whole war was the waiting. To an extent he could handle the fighting and he could turn an eye a bit to the injustice but it was this waiting that drove him insane. The sounds of fighting in the distance while everyone else waited. Some read letters, others gazed at now dirty and fading photographs, and Roy well he just sat. He could always go out and see Hawkeye, but why bother her. They weren't such great friends anyhow…

"Ahem! Permission to enter." The female voice sent everyone in the tent on an instant scramble, for pants, boots, shirts, and everything else that could be stuffed under a cot and show some semblance of cleanliness. Roy didn't move, and spoke.

"Permission granted." One boot came from the tent flap followed by another and then finally the thin form of Riza Hawkeye was fully in the tent. To be honest she looked very masculine in the ill fitting uniform, that barely hinted she had anymore chest then a man and that short haircut, nearly made Mustang's toes curl. It was too masculine for her, what would she look like with long flowing golden…wait! Hold it!! Roy had to shake his head. He hardly knew this woman. And since that was the case it was hardly possible for him to think of her in such a manner, besides they were are war.

"At ease. What can we do for you?"

"Actually sir I had a small favor to ask." Riza still remained at attention with her eyes facing and boring holes in the back of the canvas tent. Roy looked a little puzzled.

"It appears that on the last chance for leave I managed to pack everything, but the proper quantities were…"

"Get to the point please." Roy stated flatly. Riza nodded.

"Yes of course sir." Riza looked around at the other male officers in the tent. Roy looked at her and then laid down on his cot and closed his eyes.

"If you just take what it is you want then we can return to waiting." He was getting slightly annoyed with her now. For being so head strong she sure turned shy quicker then anyone he could think of. He heard her rustle around in his duffle and then stand.

"Thank you sir." Roy opened one eye and gave a nod to her a salute and she hurried out of the tent with a small bundle.

The moment she was gone everyone's attention turned to Mustang.

"What did she take sir?"

"Have you be fraternizing again Roy?"

"Oh you know he has! But why her? She's such a hard ass!"

"Yeah why not one of the nurses two tents down! Becky is quite the…"

"Enough." Roy snapped and shook his head and drug his bag in front of him and began making a check list. Everyone slowly gathered around as he did so.

Finally when his hand touched the bottom of the heavy bag, he let out a laugh.

"I don't believe it!"


"Yeah! Let us in on the joke!"

"She came all this way and she took those?"

"Took what sir!!"

"My socks."

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