A/N: This isn't exactly a fan fiction but more like "impact of the movie on my life" fiction. I thought I'd post it here anyway so that you guys could comment on it if you want to.

No Power

One line kept me questioning

Refusing to subjugate my entire mind to your control

I bet you didn't think Jim Henson had that ability

To lock sanity within a person's mind

Underneath the guise of fantasy

But he did, along with Frank Oz, Brian Henson,

David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, and all the others

One line to keep me sane,

Keeping apart forever the worlds of my creating

From you control, from your power

You took the power of my life away from me

Never allowing me the freedom to express

Except in the worlds I created

Where the words kept your power at bay

The right words, given to me in ignorance

That set loose a tsunami within my mind

A world where freedom did not mean slavery

A world where love did not mean guilt and shame

A world where knowledge did not mean ignorance

A world where you did not exist

I realize it now, in a way I never could before:

The power of the words to set free

The power of the goblins to show the way

You made me believe I had no power

But the Goblin King showed me otherwise

Just as the Henson made me believe in something real

Tangible proof that I was not insane

As you had led me to believe

Because of my dreamer's heart and soul

Proof that reality may be black and white

But what are black and white, but shades of grey?

It's clear now, the way things were

The way things ought to be
The way things should never return to

Reality should never include fear - you said so yourselves

But the reality you gave me was nothing but fear

And shame, and guilt, and anger

Deceit, perhaps, most of all

But in that one moment the Henson gave me

The thought encapsulated in one line

Just six words long, a few syllables at most

Clarity of mind and being

Because in my world, it is not spoken to a king

But a thief, and a scoundrel, and a liar

The words are spoken to a coward wearing Gilgamesh's robes

It was Fate, that the one portion of my mind

Untouched by your greedy, sinful hands

Saved the entirety of my soul

With six words you will never be able to erase

You have no power over how I dress

No power over what I eat

No power over whom I befriend

No power over what I believe

No power over how I feel

And most of all,

At long last I have realized this truth:

You have no power over me

A/N: Now that you've read it I'll explain a little: I grew up in a church that was mega controlling through fear tactics, and went so far as to cause members to doubt their own minds and thoughts. Life is hardly worth living if you can't even trust your own mind. Very recently I left that church (it was really an accident, but the end result was the same). I first saw Labyrinth when I was a toddler and let's just say it stuck.