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Dr Temperance Brennan stood outside her partners' door. It was 7 o'clock on a Friday evening and she was going to ask if he fancied going to the diner, her treat.

She knock on the door 4 times, it was her little code to let him know it was her but that still didn't stop him checking the spy hole. When he didn't answer she tried to remember if he had plans for the weekend. He had Parker next week, because they were going to the Zoo and she didn't think the Hockey was on, or was it football she couldn't quite remember. She was racking her brain as the door open and a woman in her mid 50's stood.

"Em.. Is Booth here?" Brennan asked.

"Which Booth" the woman laughed. Must be a private joke Brennan thought. "You must be Seeley's partner Dr Brennan" Brennan just nodded as the woman continued; "I'm Christina Booth. Seeley is in the kitchen making dinner. He keeps going on about this mac and cheese recipe he got from a friend, which he said might even be better than mine, and I just said to him that couldn't be possible. Because when he was younger that is all he would eat for about 3 months, mac 'n' cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He even took it to school and asked the lunch lady to heat it up for him, and then a few months ago he called me and said he had just eaten mac 'n' cheese and that it just might be better than mine but I just said to him Seeley..."

"Chrissie, who is at the door?" An older man came into Brennan's view and she could tell it was Booth's father, they had the same features, the big broad shoulder and the same shaped nose, the eyes were the same but Booth's had more dept to them or maybe that was just because she could read his eyes.

"Well I think it might be Seeley's partner but I'm not sure she hasn't said a word yet, think she may be shy"

"Probably because you haven't let her get a word in Chrissie!"

"And just what are you trying implying, that I talk allot cause I can assure you James Christopher Booth that I don't talk that much!" Christina stated.

"Your in trouble dad, she used your full name" Booth laughed, "What you guys doing out here anyway?" it was then Booth noticed the door open and his partner standing there, looking amused. "Bones? What you doing here?" Booth asked.

"I just came to see if you fancied going to the diner but I can see that you busy so just call me tomorrow and we will go for dinner or something" Brennan had started to walk away but before Booth could say anything.

"Don't be silly darling, you stay for dinner, you can tell me what you think of his famous mac 'n' cheese" his mum laughed, "Seeley you set the table for one more and James you get us both a large glass of wine while Dr Brennan an I get to know each other better."

What have I got myself into this time Brennan though?

"Now darling, red or white wine?" Christina asked

"I'll take red" "She takes red" both Brennan and Booth said at the same time. Christina looked from her son to his partner but neither noticed her looking because their gazes had locked on to each others. She had closed the door and started walking to the living room

"Well what you waiting on Seeley, directions to the kitchen?" Christina laughed said as she broke the spell between the two. "James, those glasses of wine won't get their self, and Dr Brennan you come with me with and let the boys get on with things."

Booth walked in to the kitchen wondering if Bones knew the trouble she had gotten herself in to this time, he could protect her from the lowest scum to psychopaths and gang lenders but the one person he couldn't protect her from was his mum. "Oh God" Booth groaned. He heard footsteps coming to a stop behind him and he turned to look at the older man. "Dad?" he said hoping his dad would understand.

"I know son, believe me, I know" the older Booth said as he patted his son's back. "Come on son at least she doesn't have the baby photos, like the last time." The two laughed at this as they remember. "Now come on help me with these glasses and you can introduce me to your beautiful partner" James lifted the bottle of wine as Booth pick up 4 wine glasses.

"And this is Seeley when he was 2 in the bath. He loved it in the bath, and he once..."

"MUM!" Booth said as he walked in to the living room. Christina looked at Booth from her seat.

"What Booth, it's not like I haven't seen you in the bath before" Brennan said defending his mum. Booth shot a look at Brennan.

"Bones!" Booth exclaimed in a voice a few notes higher than normal. 'This is not happening' Booth thought.

"Well son looks like I was wrong. She must have sneaked that one by me" his dad laughed as he placed the wine of the table and reached to take the glasses from Booth.

"Is there something your not telling me Seeley" Christina questioned.

"No mum, nothing" Booth said, his voice back to normal. "Anyway, mum, dad I would like you to meet my partner Dr Temperance Brennan, Bones this is mum Christina and my dad James"

"Nice to me meet you Temperance" James said as he handed Brennan a glass of wine.

"Nice to meet you to James and please call me Tempe" She said as he handed Christina a glass of wine too.

"Seeley, what did you call Temperance?" His mum asked

"Bones mum, I call her Bones," Booth said not liking where he knew this conversation was heading. It was either he was going to get into trouble for calling her Bones or they were going to bring up Mr Twinkle.

"Well that not very nice" His mum said to him.

Well at least she didn't bring Mr Twinkle in to it, Booth thought.

"She doesn't mind mum" Booth defended himself.

"I used to" Brennan stated


"I did request on several occasions for you to stop calling Bones and you didn't, so I just got used to it, since you weren't going to stop " Brennan smiled all innocently at Booth.

"Gees Bones, thanks, stick me in there why don't you" Booth said as he shot her another glare.

"I don't know what that..." Brennan started but interrupted by the timer on the oven going off.

"So Bones is a nickname he gave you?" Christina asked

"Yeah mum because she works with bones" Booth said he started to walk into the kitchen. "Right you guys go sit at the table and I will bring this through.

"What is it with that boy and nickname?" Christina said. "James do you remember that name he gave to his teddy when he was 4 the one with the star on it?"

James started to laugh, "Yeah he called it..."

"MUM, DAD enough with the stories ok" Booth shouted from the kitchen.

"So what was the teddy called?" Brennan asked

"I heard that Bones" Booth called.

His parents just laughed. "He didn't" he heard Brennan exclaim.

This was going to be an interesting evening after all, Brennan thought, I wonder just how much blackmail material I could get from Booth's mum.

"Christina, so you got anymore stories about Booth" Brennan said she jogged to catch up with them

"Oh I have hundreds; I don't even know where to start" Christina laughed

"The beginning is always a good place to start" Brennan said.

Never mind Bones, what the hell I have gotten myself in to, Booth groaned.

"And then when he 6 he came in to our bedroom and said there was a man in his closet and he needed his night light back, and he had it in his room till he was 9" The 3 adults round the table, broke into giggles. "But wait no it gets better" Christina said waving her hands in the air trying to stop the laughed

"Mum..." Booth groaned, as he carried the mac 'n' cheese to the table. This was going to be a long night.

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