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For those of you who do not know me I love Teen Titans and South Park. I love to write stories about them but hate to get flames so please don't flame me. However I love to get reviews.

About the story:

I don't really like stories were the boys are teens so in this story they are kids like they are on the show. This is also a non-slash just like my other SP story "Invisible". Personally I like some slash stories but this story is not a slash. I also will not use any strong language because cursing isn't really my thing.

Anyway enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own South Park but I do own this story.


Chapter 1

On an average Saturday afternoon Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman were sitting at the edge of a river just outside of South Park. Kenny and Cartman were skipping rocks in the clear water while Stan and Kyle talked happily to each other.

When Kenny ran out of things to throw in the water he said, "Hey you guys, have we ever gone farther down this river?".

"I don't think so," said Stan.

"Yeah we always just hang around here," said Kyle.

"Well let's go check it out," Kenny suggested.

"I'll race you ass holes!" said Cartman and he stated to run along the river bank.

"Like you can beat us fatass!" Kyle called after him.

The three boys chased after Cartman easily catching up to him. They all ran farther and farther down the river and away from South Park. They didn't notice how the river current was starting to get stronger as they went.

Suddenly they realized that they could go no further because there was steep cliff. Stan made it there first and stopped to catch his breath. Then Kyle and Kenny came with Cartman dragging behind. He was more out of breath than any of them.

"I...let...you guys...win," Cartman said between pants.

"Sure you did," Kyle said sarcastically.

"Whoa dude this cliff it really high," Stan said standing at the edge and looking down at the river rapids below. A huge nearby waterfall was roaring.

Kyle looked surprised when he saw how dangerously close to the edge Stan was standing.

"Careful Stan you could fall!" Kyle said quickly and went over to pull him away from the edge.

Suddenly there was a loud 'crack'. Stan had just enough time to turn around and look at Kyle with scared look on his face before the edge of the cliff crumbled. Stan yelled out in fear as he fell off the cliff. Reacting fast Kyle dived to the ground on his stomach. Almost also falling off the side of the cliff Kyle reached down for Stan and managed to catch his gloved fingertips.

The force of Stan's weight cause Kyle to start to slide to the edge. When he saw this Kenny grabbed Kyle's ankles and stated to pull. Cartman did the same by holding on to Kenny's shoulders.

Kyle gripped Stan's hand with both hands as he tried with all his might to pull Stan up. As Kyle (with Cartman and Kenny's help) started to pull Stan up his hands started to slip out of his red glove.

"Hang on Stan!" said Kyle.

Although he wanted to listen gravity wouldn't allow it. Stan's hand completely slipped out of his gloves and he fell.

"STAN!" Kyle yelled after his best friend as Stan fell screaming into the water. Kyle quickly stood up and shoved Stan's glove into his pocket. He bolted over to the other side of the cliff and looked around wildy for his friend.

He spotted Stan in the water struggling to swim in the heavy rapids. The water was quickly pushing him to the waterfall. Kyle turned to looked at his friends. "We have to help him!".

"How?!" Kenny said panicking.

Kyle gave them a frustrated look and looked back down at Stan. He could only watch in horror as Stan fell down the waterfall.

"NO!" Kyle yelled.

Cliffy! I hope it wasn't hard to understand. I had to use a lot of details.