Chapter 1

Disclaimer: If I owned Avatar then Aang would be dead and Katara and Toph would be in love.

Authors Note: This chapter was written a year ago so please excuse a bit of errors.

The sweet smell of perfume filled her nose and instantly she new Katara was near. Toph always felt a special connection with her a connection closer than sisters. She had realized that it was love just hours ago, but Toph knew that being a lesbian was forbidden by there customs. She hated to see Katara with Aang even if he was the avatar he didn't deserve her. Toph was walking in the woods thinking about what had happened to turn her into a lesbian, no not a lesbian a bisexual. Maybe it was her over protective father or maybe it was just a natural thing, but in truth she hoped it was just a phase because there was no way such a beautiful woman like Katara could love Toph. She had almost forgotten about Katara being so close when suddenly she called out "Toph where are you?" she yelled. "I'm over here Katara" Toph yelled back.

Katara was running as fast as she could towards Toph, the girl might be strong but Katara still was concerned for her. Katara quickly arrived and stopped "Hey," she whispered, taking a few cautious steps forward. "You okay?" she asked "Yeah, you don't have to worry about me," Toph replied frankly. "I used be in the Earth Rumble tournaments, remember? I can handle myself" she said softly. Katara moved forward and hugged Toph "Toph..." she whispered in Toph's ear "Don't hate me for saying this but..." then at the same time they said "I love you".

Toph was surprised "Wha... What?" she asked not believing the prettiest girl in the Water Nation could love her. Katara smiled "Silly I said I love you didn't you say that back" she said hoping she hadn't just messed everything up. Toph rested her head on Katara's chest her breasts were so soft. Toph used earthbending to make a platform to raise her up so Toph and Katara were at eye level. Toph tenderly kissed her "Katara run away with me please lets just go" she said. Katara backed away "Toph you know it is illegal we couldn't be together in public" she grasped her waist and begun to cry. Toph slowly reapproached her "I don't care as long as I'm with you".