Chapter 12

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Author's Note: The series finally saddened me for Toph ended without someone to love. Thus this story is late as hell...

Warning: This chapter is going to be sad so pull up a blanket and grab some ice cream.

Quickly they ran hearing sirens behind them alerting all of L.H.M. of the escape. Toph started to slow "Katara take Kae" she could feel a large team riding on Komodo Rhinos behind them. Katara hesitantly took Kae "I'll hold them off... This time I'm ready" Toph said giving Katara a good-bye kiss and with a twist of her wrist a huge wall erected inbetween them. Katara turned and ran as fast as she could tears flowing freely from her face. Toph could feel the Komodo Rhinos coming closer she closed her eyelids and began to pray silently. She felt the riders approach her and took her stance. A rush of air and Toph defected an arrow that was shot at her "I dont understand what is so wrong with being a lesbian that you'd happily attack a 14 year old girl" she said sending a rock hurling at the closest enemy. A voice whom she knew all to well replied without hesitation "You gave up your claims to childhood when you admitted to being a lesbian my daughter" she couldn't believe it it was her father. In the blink of an eye she was in her stance again and hit her father head on with a large boulder killing him. The sound of rushing air and Toph smiled to herself.

Katara heard it clearly the sound of arrows, ripping flesh, and blood splashing against rock. She knew instantly her love was killed. Then the sound of an explosion she could tell the wall Toph made was destroyed. She quickened her pace running for the sake of her child. The pain of exhaustion was becoming harder to bear but still she ran. The child she now held in her arms was the last thing she had left to remember Toph and she was not about to let the L.H.M. get it. She finally made it to Ba Sing Se where she knew Aang and Sokka were staying. Making a sort of ramp over the walls she made her way through the city to Aang's house where she burst through the door. "Katara whats wrong" asked Aang worriedly running to her. Katara handed him Kae then turned around "I need you to raise Kae teach her not to hate Lesbians or gays, and when she is old enough tell her of her mothers, me and Toph" she said before running off.

Epilogue: New Beginnings

A young girl approached a grave stone and let out a tear. The war was finally over after 15 long years. The win would have assured a peaceful life for Katara and Toph. L.H.M. had been destroyed and along with it mass homophobia. The suprise to everyone was who had been the deciding player in the war, who else but Kae Bei Fong the girl who lost her parents at just a few weeks old. The young woman knelt down and engraved something on the stone as a bull-horse drawn carriage pulled up and a woman's voice called out "Kae come on its almost dinner time" to which Kae turned around and walked away.

The grave stones reads:

Here lies

Katara Hanabu & Toph Bei Fong

Mothers of Kae Hanabu Fong

Proud Lesbians

The last part was fresh and cut in with the knife for now it was safe to admit it.

The End

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