The first night in the castle, Remus went over the conversation with Harry and Ginny. Actually, he really went over all that he had heard about Harry's life, and his reaction to it.

He was beginning to feel as though he was being too forgiving of Dumbledore.


By the time they had finished explaining everything, even including more information about Harry's childhood than anyone had been told before, Remus was furious. "How dare Dumbledore leave you with those vile, cruel people? He knew that I would have raised you, hell; the Weasleys would have been more than happy to raise you. Yet he left you with THEM! Dumbledore is lucky if I don't floo into his office on the next full moon."

Harry sighed at his ranting. "Moony, I know that you are upset, but I can handle Dumbledore myself."

Remus looked disappointed but muttered, "Alright."

--End Flashback--

Yep, definitely way too forgiving, nobody messes with my pack and gets away with it, especially if the one that they hurt is my cub.

Remus' pack used to consist of his brothers, the Marauders. These days it contained his mate (Tonks), his cub (Harry), and his cub's mate.

Remus was a marauder. James and Sirius weren't the only troublemakers. Remus just wasn't caught at it. In fact, James and Sirius often said, "Remus is the quiet one in our group…and it's the quiet ones who are the scariest because you never truly know just how devious they are."

Oh, yes, Remus was going to see Dumbledore get what's coming to him.

An evil smirk spread across the Marauder's face. Revenge is sweet.

- - -

Two weeks later…

Harry and Neville were learning to fight with broadswords. Neville, as any pureblood would, had lessons on this as a boy; but due to his clumsy nature, the lessons were quickly given up.

Augusta Longbottom, Neville's gran, was a very formidable witch. While Neville's Uncle Algie was attempting to teach him, Augusta would berate Neville for not learning fast enough.

Harry surmised that Neville did poorly in potions because Professor Snape's insults were a constant reminder of how he would never be "good enough" for his grandmother.

Harry and Neville were surprisingly enough, evenly matched. Harry seemed to instinctively know how to fight, and Neville's previous experience was in his favor.

The exercise program that Tonks had set up for them was already showing results. Neville was no longer pudgy looking, and Harry wasn't scrawny any more.

"Move your feet, Harry!" Remus called out.

The boys were moving in a circle, every so often testing out the other's defenses.

Suddenly Harry dropped into a crouch, as Neville's sword swung over his head. Harry took advantage of his new position, and swung his sword at Neville's legs.

Neville was too quick though. He smoothly jumped over the sword, and brought his sword down towards Harry.

Harry stood at the same time, and brought his sword up where it met Neville's with a loud clang.

The two sparred for another twenty minutes, then Remus finally called a halt to the day's training.

"Good job boys. Now, I want you to both stretch, then hit the showers."

"'Kay, Remus," the boys said in unison.

Harry showered quickly. He wanted to start looking at the information that Professor Dumbledore had sent him.

Despite Dumbledore's promptness in sending the information, and catering to Harry's feelings; Harry was not inclined to forgive the old man just yet.

They had been corresponding ever since Harry and Ginny received the information. Dumbledore was now keeping them informed on everything that the Order and the Death Eaters were up to.

After he finished showering, Harry hurried to his office where he met Ginny.

"Hello, Love," he said, kissing her. "What do you want to start with?"

Ginny smiled up at her husband from her seat on the couch. "I suppose we should start with the beginning."

The first thing that they looked at was a summary of Tom's childhood and school days. It was Tom's curiosity about Horcruxes during his days at Hogwarts that captured their attention.

"Do you suppose he managed to make one," Ginny asked, her voice shaking.

Harry looked grim. "If I were a betting man, then I would bet that he had made several."

"Several! Harry, you can't be serious. Why would he make several, when one would keep him alive?"

Harry sighed. "Insurance. Think about Tom as an evil Mad-Eye, and you'll understand. If one was destroyed, he would still be safe because the others would still tie him to life."

He pulled Ginny into his arms. What he was about to say would be hard on her. "Ginny, I think that the diary was one of them."

"What?! No, it couldn't be," she said in fear, tears trickling down her face.

"It had to be, Gin. If it was just a memory, then he would not have been able to possess you, or attempt to steal your life force to gain a body. I'm sorry, Love. It must have been a horcrux."

Ginny burst into tears. She pressed her eyes against Harry's chest, and wound her arms around his neck.

Harry held his sobbing wife for the next two hours, while she cried. She finally fell asleep, exhausted from remembering the past.

Harry gently lifted Ginny into his arms, and carried her to their tower bedroom.

As he got ready for bed, he thought about how she would feel tomorrow. Well, I'd better get a lot of sleep tonight. She going to need to let off some steam tomorrow, which means that we'll be dueling for hours; and I'll probably get my butt handed back to me after she curses it off.

- - -

Remus was a patient man. In fact, it was this quality in him that made it impossible for any of his "victims" to realize that he was the one who got to them. Since no one ever realized that it was him, they were never able to get revenge on him.

Today his patience was going to pay off.

- - -

Albus Dumbledore entered his office completely unsuspecting of what was about to happen.

He sat at his desk and read his copy of The Daily Prophet. He muttered comments about the articles as he read.

He was part way through the paper, when his breakfast appeared on his desk.

He ate a few bites of egg, then reached for his traditional morning drink, Mountain Dew. (Yes, Dumbledore was very fond of muggle sodas as well as candy.)

He took a long drink of the sweet beverage, and continued reading.

He didn't notice anything odd, until around mid-morning. In fact he wasn't even the one to notice anything. Minerva did.

She flooed to his office to discuss who he planned to hire as a new defense teacher.

She screamed the moment she saw him.

"Minerva, what in Merlin's name are you screaming about?" he asked concerned.

She couldn't speak. She pointed at him.

He finally realized that something must be off with his appearance, and he conjured a mirror.

"AAHHH…" he screamed in horror.

His beard was GONE.

"No…no…Not happening…can't be…who did…I'll kill…send them Devil's Snare…oh, yes…die, must die."

Minerva suddenly burst out laughing. Someone had finally managed to prank Dumbledore, the only question was, "How?"

After Minerva apologized profusely for laughing, the pair made their way down to the kitchen to question the house elves.

They didn't know anything. They had prepared the food as usual, and no one had tampered with it in any way.

Remus' revenge was perfect. No one would ever know that he had snuck into the kitchens the night before, using Harry's cloak and map. While the elves were sleeping, the Marauder washed Dumbledore's favorite ruby encrusted goblet.

Of course, instead of using soap, he had (while wearing dragon-hide gloves) used a potion that James had invented. They had never used it before, because they needed to use the 'Marauder's Map' to set up the prank they had intended it for. Peter got caught by Filch the day before the set-up, and it was confiscated.

Remus had kept the recipe for years. He somehow knew that he would find a use for it eventually.

Oh yes, revenge is sweet.

- - -

On July 31st, everyone sat down to breakfast in a good mood, because it was Harry's birthday. Fred and George were to take the day off to "help celebrate".

Unfortunately, the good mood only lasted until the twins arrived with "The Daily Prophet".

- - -

Death Eaters Attack the Order of the Phoenix: Dumbledore Is Dead!

Late yesterday evening there was an attack on the headquarters of a secret organization to fight You-know-who and his followers. It was known as The Order of the Phoenix, and was created by Albus Dumbledore.

Casualties of the attack include: Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Arthur Weasley, Mundungus Fletcher, Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Augusta Longbottom, Charles Weasley, and Fleur Delacour.

Five Death Eaters died in the attack, and another four were captured. Those among the dead include: Walden Macnair, Bellatrix Lestrange, Aldebert Winslow, Vincent Crabbe Sr., and Dolores Umbridge. Aurors captured Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Abigail Goyle, and Gregory Goyle Sr.

Let us hope that the Ministry has learned from previous mistakes, and will ensure that there will be no more Azkaban break-outs.

We here, at "The Daily Prophet", would like to extend our condolences and thanks to the families of those we lost in the attack. They are true heroes and we honor them for their sacrifices to help rid the world of evil.

By: Aurora Clearwater

- - -


Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is famous for his defeat of Grindelwald in 1945, and for opposing You-know-who during the first war. Among his friends and students, he was known for his love of lemon drops and his enjoyment of school pranks. He is survived by his brother, Aberforth, and his long-time fiancée Minerva McGonagall. May his bowl never run out of lemon drops, and his eyes always twinkle. As he often said, "To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

By: Helena Zabini

- - -

Severus Tobias Snape

Severus Snape was born to a witch mother and a muggle father. He was once a Death Eater, but, after realizing their true nature, sought atonement for his sins. He entered into an Unbreakable Vow with Albus Dumbledore, swearing that he would serve the light for now and forever. He spied on You-know-who for one year during the first war, and spied, for fifteen years, on those Death Eaters that escaped prosecution. In his death, he can finally know freedom. He is survived by his godson, Draco Malfoy. He left a message for "The Daily Prophet" at Gringotts, requesting that in his obituary we include the following message for him. "Lily Evans was my only true friend; and it is because of my love for her that I changed my ways. I wish to tell her son that I am his servant in this life and the next. All that I am, all that I own, is his. My loyalty is to him and him alone."

By: Lorelai Vance

- - -

Arthur Weasley

A true friend to Muggles, Arthur represented all that is good in our world. He created laws to help magical-muggle relations, and fought tirelessly for werewolf rights. He is survived by Molly, his wife of thirty years; his sons: William, Percival, Frederick, George, and Ronald; by his daughter, Ginevra; and by Harry Potter, who he loved as a seventh son. He is joining his son Charles on the "Next Great Adventure".

By: Aurora Clearwater

- - -

Charles Weasley

Charles, better known as Charlie, was best known for his Quidditch skills and for a love of dragons. He was such a good Seeker that, according to rumors, the only person to ever beat him to the snitch was Harry Potter. Loved by many, and friend to all; he will be missed. He is survived by his mother, Molly; his brothers: William, Percival, Frederick, George, and Ronald; and by his sister Ginevra. His smile will be remembered by all who saw it, and his heart shall change the world, even from the great beyond.

By: Aurora Clearwater

- - -

Fleur Delacour

She was the Triwizard champion for Beauxbatons Academy in France, and was known, not only for her beauty, but for her cheerful friendliness. She is survived by her parents, Monsieur and Madam Jacque and Aurélie Delacour; her sister, Gabrielle; and her fiancé William Weasley. She stepped in front of a cutting curse that was meant for her future mother-in-law, Molly. Her love knew no bounds.

By: Aurora Clearwater

- - -

Augusta Longbottom

She had a long and happy life, and leaves us now to join her husband, Bertram, in Heaven. She is survived by her son and his wife, Frank and Alice; by her grandson, Neville; and by her husband's brother and his wife, Algenon and Enid. Frank and Alice reside in the Dai Llewellyn Ward of St. Mungos. They were tortured to insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange. During the battle that ended her life, Augusta meted out justice on the witch that harmed her family. She now lies in peace.

By: Lorelai Vance

- - -

Mundungus Fletcher

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody told this reporter, "'Dung might have been a petty thief, but he was one of us. He fought for the light, and for that he has my respect." The owners of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, Frederick and George Weasley said this, "He'd take candy from a baby to sell for 5 knuts, but he had a bloody good sense of humor." Mundungus has no living relatives, and will be remembered by the Aurors who arrested him monthly, and the Order he served.

By: Rita Skeeter

- - -

Harry slowly lowered the paper to gaze at his friends. Tears were running down everyone's faces.

"That's it then," Harry said, "Voldemort has little to no opposition left. With Dumbledore gone, this is the only safe place left. That means that there will be killings nearly every day."

"By the time we find and destroy all of the Horcruxes, there will be hardly anyone left alive. It will be a massacre," Ginny said through her tears.

"If only we could rewind time," Neville said, crying into Luna's shoulder.

Her head was bent down to rest her cheek against his hair; but, at his words, her head shot up. "That's it!" she cried out. "We'll rewind time."

Hermione looked skeptical. "Luna, time-turners only go back an hour at a time. It's impossible to rewind time far enough to make a difference."

"No, it's not impossible. I'll show you." Luna led everyone into the library. "Rewinding Time!" she called out. A slim volume left one of the shelves near the ceiling, and flew down into her hand.

The cover was blank except for a name near the bottom, 'Theobald Gryffindor'. It seemed to be a journal.

Luna carefully opened it, so as not to crack the spine. She said, as she flipped through the pages, "The first two years worth of entries detail a war between Theobald, and Engelbert Hawkscrest. Theobald details the battles, and writes about how they were losing. In the final battle, Englebert murdered Theobald's fiancé, Petronilla. Theobald barely escaped with his life, but his knights were slaughtered. In his grief and fear for the future, Theobald, a brilliant Arithmancer, created a spell to rewind time. In fear that rewinding time would also erase his memory, he brought his journal with him. It was the only thing he could take. His brother, Asperling, went with him, bringing his own journal. They woke up twenty years earlier, as young men. They had no memories of their future lives, but because of the journals they were able to change the future. According to this spell, you need only focus on a specific date and time while chanting the spell, and hold on tightly to whatever you intend to bring with you."

Everyone stared at Luna in awe. If that were true, then they could save people. They could begin training earlier, and have more time to find and destroy the Horcruxes.

Harry looked at his friends, and, not for the first time, proved that he was a born leader. There was a determined glint in his eyes. "Hermione, you make copies of 'The Daily Prophet'. Then we'll all write letters to our past selves to take with us. Each person will fill an envelope with a letter and the articles. We'll have to compare letters to make sure that we don't reveal something that we shouldn't. For example, I will not tell myself that I must date Ginny; I will tell myself to get to know her. I will also tell myself the prophecy and to NOT trust Dumbledore's plans. I will take a leaf out of Mad-Eye's book, and only eat or drink whatever I KNOW Dumbledore hasn't spiked. Dobby should help with that. We should rewind time to immediately after I destroyed the diary in the Chamber of Secrets."

Ginny shivered a little, but agreed with him. That would be the best time to rewind to.

- - -


This is a letter from your future self. Suffice it to say, the future is grim, which is why I rewound time. Nine friends rewound time with me. They are: Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna Lovegood, Fred, George, Remus Lupin (a friend of Dad's), and Nymphadora Tonks (Never call her anything but "Tonks" unless you want to spend the rest of your life as a goat. She is also Remus' future girlfriend.).

DON'T trust Dumbledore. He has good intentions but he really screwed up this time. Don't eat or drink anything he gives you, or anything in the Great Hall unless you know it is safe as in my timeline he spiked your food with a love potion (I will not reveal why he did so; it was just a bad decision on his part).

Later today you will see Lucius Malfoy and Dobby. Dobby is to Malfoy what you are to the Dursleys. You're going to free Dobby. When you do, bind him to you as your elf. Ask him to pretend to be a "free" elf, and have him ask Dumbledore for a job at Hogwarts. Dumbledore will agree and Dobby can guarantee that your food and drink are untainted.

Voldemort found you when you were a baby because Mum and Dad were betrayed by a friend. You were under the Fidelius Charm. That is when a secret is stored within a living soul. The Secret Keeper is the only one who could say what the secret is. Even if someone else knew it, they could tell no one. Everyone believed that Dad's best friend, Sirius Black was the Secret Keeper. But Sirius believed that he was too obvious, and he should instead be a decoy for Voldemort to go after, thereby keeping the true Secret Keeper safe. The true Secret Keeper was, unfortunately, Voldemort's spy. His name was Peter Pettigrew, and is an unregistered rat animagus. Everyone in your time now believes that Sirius killed him during a confrontation the day after Voldemort disappeared. This is not true. Sirius did intend to murder the man who betrayed his best friend, but Pettigrew faked his death. He accused Sirius of betraying your parents, cut off a finger then blew a hole in the street and escaped into the sewers. He now lives as Scabbers.

Sirius is in Azkaban, the wizard prison, right now, and never got a trial. He is also your godfather; if he is freed, he will have the right to remove you from the Dursleys.

Tell Dumbledore your suspicions. Tell him that it's a little odd that all that was left of Pettigrew was a finger, when in a normal explosion lots of body parts would be found. Then show him Scabbers' missing toe. Tell him that after you saw McGonagall transform into a cat the first time, you researched animagi. The Ministry of Magic has a list of all known animagi. People are supposed to tell the Ministry when they begin the animagi process, but there is no way to be certain that everyone did. Pettigrew kept it a secret and that is why no one has suspected him before. Ask Dumbledore to perform the spell that forcibly returns an animagus to human form. This will not do anything to a real rat.

To make Dumbledore believe you about Scabbers, bring Fred, George and the 'Marauders Map' along (they have it and can tell you what it does). Incidentally, Dad is one of the creators of the map; he is Prongs.

Contact Remus Lupin (he rewound time with you), and show him this letter. He can help teach you defense. Also, ask Remus about the Marauders, specifically Dad.

Buy a wand holster, it could save your life; and never go anywhere without your wand.

No matter what you think, Snape is on your side. He was friends with Mum, and when he found out that Voldemort was going after us, he turned his back on the Death Eater life (DEs are Voldemort's followers, and yes, Snape was one once). Ask him what Mum was like in school, and always show him respect. Study Potions as though your life depended on it, it will help earn his respect. If necessary, remind him that you are not Dad (ask Remus about this).

Get Percy to lighten up. And, if in your fourth year, Mad-Eye Moody comes to teach at Hogwarts, make sure that he didn't attack his dustbins. If he did, then you need to show Dumbledore the 'Marauders Map', as his name will not show up on it. Suggest that the impersonator used Polyjuice. Be sure to find out IMMEDIATELY. It is life-and-death.

Watch out for Dolores Umbridge (she works at the Ministry of Magic). She is evil and will try to get you expelled. Check her left forearm for the Dark Mark (Voldemort's sign). If you don't get rid of her, chances are that she will try to interfere at Hogwarts, and cause a lot of problems for you.

Rita Skeeter, a reporter for the Daily Prophet, is an unregistered beetle animagus. Don't turn her in, or even tell her that you know. Instead offer her a deal: she only writes the truth about you, and she will be the only reporter you ever talk to. Get her to investigate Fudge. He's truly incompetent. See if you can't replace him with someone like Madam Bones (Susan's aunt).

The reason Voldemort went after you is this. There is a prophecy made about you, Voldemort, and a girl: The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, Born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark the him as his equal, But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...This Power shall be his love…She will be one of seven, yet the only one…Faithful when others doubt, Faithful when faith is torture…She shall be the only one to know his pain…Bound by their love, Their love will save all…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies. Mum and Dad defied Voldemort three times. You were born on July 31. He marked you with your scar. Your power is obviously a girl. You can figure out who she is for yourself. Also, the reason Voldemort is still alive is because he created several Horcruxes. The diary is one. When a person murders someone else, their soul splits, that piece can be captured in an object using a spell. That is a Horcrux. He probably has several, possibly six according to the Dumbledore of my time. They are probably valuable objects, as he wouldn't want them to be accidentally destroyed.

You need to start learning about Voldemort's life in order to know how to defeat him.

Start training! Remus can help, for that matter, so can Snape. Snape can teach you Occlumency and Legilimency, just be sure to remind him that you are not James Potter. If necessary, stick some memories of the Dursleys in a pensieve and shove his nose in it. Learn about the magical government, how to become an animagus, apparate (even though it's illegal until you are of age, it could save your life to be able to get out of somewhere fast), martial arts (see Tonks), fencing (ask Remus. Use Gryffindor's sword, as his heir you own it), and how to conjure a Patronus. When you train it is imperative that you train with the friends that I already mentioned. Also for third year, you must take Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Also, you have THREE vaults in Gringotts: your trust fund vault, the Potter Family vault, and Gryffindor's vault. Go there this summer. Mum and Dad left a letter for you. Talk to Griphook about your properties, and your vaults.

Voldemort will try to use your scar connection as a way to trick you, or possess you. Don't believe any visions that he sends you.

Voldemort wants to know the prophecy; so, go to the Ministry of Magic and get their copy of it, and smash it. It's a fake anyway. Tell Dumbledore after it's done so that he won't needlessly send people to guard it.

Well, I guess that's it.


PS. Get to know Ginny. She's really amazing.

- - -


This is a letter from your future self. Befriend Harry, and learn everything that Harry's future self tells him to learn.

Right now you are probably wondering how you got a letter from yourself. Well, you rewound time along with Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Neville, Luna, Remus Lupin, and Tonks (Harry will be able to explain the last two names).

You must trust Harry, otherwise Dad and Charlie will die. DO NOT trust Dumbledore. He has good intentions, but he is a manipulative old man.

Learn as much as you can, it is vital. Help Fred and George create joke products, because many can be used in the war with Voldemort. Yes, there will be more fighting. You can eliminate a lot of casualties if you and your friends follow these letters.


- - -

Everyone else's letters went pretty much the same way as Harry and Ginny's. By midnight the ten friends were ready to say the spell.

They sat in a circle in the entrance hall, holding their envelopes tightly. The circle went clockwise from Harry at the north: Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Fred, George, Remus, and Tonks.

As the clock rang the twelfth time, they chanted, "Redeo Proficiscor, Reverto Muto Vita, Recedo Pro Denuo Aetas." Each person focused on the day that Harry saved Ginny. Harry and Ginny focused on the exact moment that she woke up in the Chamber, when Harry sank to his knees in front of her.

The room spun around them, as they kept chanting. They were slowly forgetting every thing that had happened over the past three years. All they knew was that they must hold onto their envelopes; everything depended on them.

As the air blurred and continued spinning around them, they began to be pulled apart. Soon all Harry could see was gray, endless grey spinning around him. Suddenly he stopped, and his vision went black.

Redeo: go back

Proficiscor: to start forward

Reverto: return

Muto: to change

Vita: life

Recedo: go back

Pro: for

Denuo: afresh or anew

Aetas: time

To Be Continued…


Harry Potter and the Secrets He's Kept