Red Tide IV: Spies Among Us

Chapter 1: The Recruits

It was quite a long day for a certain Valerie Gray as the school day ended for Casper High School, she was about to head toward back to her apartment where her she and her father now lived. Yet before she could ride her bike home, she was approached by what seemed like two government g-men in white suits.

"Can I please help you two?" asked Valerie to the two government agents.

"We're known as the Guys in White" replied one of the agents, "are you interested in taking down Amity Park's own Danny Phantom for good?"

"Keep talking" replied Valerie.

"How would you like to join us, in a join effort with the Guys in Red and their agent to take down the ghost boy, and any other ghosts that happen to run into us?" asked the second agent.

"Gladly" replied Valerie as she gave an evil grin toward the two Guys in White agents.

The scene then immediately switches to a secret room, in a disclosed location where Valerie is led in by the two Guys in White agents she met earlier. On the other side of the table is a young Russian man to be her Guys in Red counterpart with two Guys in Red agents next to him.

"Alright, what's this all about here, you said I would be able to take down Danny Phantom and any other ghosts who cross our path" said Valerie as she turned to one of the Guys in White agents.

"Don't be so hostile toward us, fellow ghost hunter comrade" said the young Russian man sitting across the table, "I go by the codename by my fellow Comrades, as codename Comrade R, my real name to you my American counterpart isn't that important to reveal. If I do tell you a name, it'll be a simple alias, nothing special about it."

"Enough of this!" cried a voice to which everyone turned around to what seemed like a senior member of the Guys in White at the center of the table, "we are here to discuss how we can defeat a certain Danny Phantom. That is why we have recruited Comrade R, from the Guys in Red to help infiltrate the local Casper High School. We, Valerie have been watching your escapades in attempts to hunt down various ghosts in the past and we welcome you to join us."

"Are you in fellow ghost hunter Comrade?" asked Comrade R.

"I gladly accept" replied Valerie as she gave a grin toward her counterpart.

The scene then switches to immediately the next day where Danny, Sam and Tucker were all heading to Casper High School, not knowing what would lie ahead for them. But on the way there, Danny picked up his ghost sense, as he was about to change into his ghost mode, he noticed there was someone familiar following them behind.

"Er, Danny, I don't think you should use your ghost powers on a cloned cousin of yours" said Sam as Danielle immediately appeared right in front of the three.

"Can I come along with you three to your school, please?" asked Danielle.

"The answer is no" replied Danny, "I don't think you're old enough."

"Oh come on" said Danielle as she floated right in front of the three while they continued their way to Casper High.

"Don't you know the meaning of no?" asked Tucker.

"Yeah, why should even a kid like you even be so excited about going to school anyway?" added Sam.

"Yeah, we're forced to go to school, you should consider yourself lucky" continued Tucker.

But as Danny was about to head off again, his ghost sense caught his attention again. This time, it seemed like a would-be average ghost coming out from the ghost zone making its usual evil laugh as it floated across the street and down a few other blocks.

"Well, looks like I'm going ghost here" said Danny as he changed himself into his ghost mode.

"Come I come along with you?" asked Danielle as she grabbed his shoulder.

"I think you should stay right here" replied Danny as he then sped off after the ghost.

"Aw, no fair!" complained Danielle.

As Danny kept on chasing down the ghost he thought came out from the ghost zone, a rocket from nowhere came knocking him right out of the sky. But he eventually recovered, as he looked to see who fired the rocket, he noticed it was his semi-arch nemesis Valerie Gray in her usual ghost hunting outfit.

"Not you again!" cried Danny, "I don't have time for this!"

"Oh, but we do have time for you ghost boy" said Valerie.

"We, who do you mean we?" asked Danny.

Suddenly another ghost hunter, in some other hi-tech outfit came right on his hovercraft riding right next to Valerie.

"And you would be?" asked Danny to the mysterious ghost hunter.

"You worse nightmare" said the mysterious ghost hunter in what seemed like a Russian accent.

The mysterious ghost hunter then began to fire his lasers at Danny, sending him crashing right down to the ground. Danny eventually recovered from the attack, and charged right at the two. The ghost boy fired several ecto-energy blasts at the two ghost hunters, to which the mysterious ghost hunter propped up a shield along with Valerie doing the same.

"Is that all you got, ghost boy?" laughed Valerie.

It was now Valerie's turn, to which she then fired several other rockets at Danny. He quickly flew out of the area, but as Danny was trying to dodge the rockets, members of the Guys in White, and their counterparts in the Guys in Red were watching on the ground on their test run with Comrade R being in the battle with Valerie.

"The ghost boy seems to still be able to deflect those rockets of hers" said a Guys in White agent operating in a van with his fellow agents, and Guys in Red counterparts.

"I know, not even Comrade R would be able to strike down the American ghost boy here with one easy blow like that" said a Guys in Red agent.

"Tell Comrade R, and his American counterpart to leave the battle scene, I think we should come up with a better plan" said another Guys in Red agent.

"Good call" said a Guys in White agent, "we'll be able to introduce Comrade R into the student population with an alias, but we think we should choose an alias to which would not arouse any suspicion."

"Comrade R doesn't normally do this, but I think for this purpose here in catching the American ghost boy, we may have to pull some extra strings" replied a Guys in Red agent.

Meanwhile, as Danny finished off the oncoming missiles that were targeting him, and was prepared to head back to where his friends were, he was quite well unaware of the grander scheme in store against him.