Chapter 7: Deal On A Spy Ring

It was quite a battle between Danny Phantom, Danielle and Valerie to which case, for some time, Valerie was having the upper hand.

"You two may have taken out everybody else on my side" said Valerie as she kept on firing her lasers at the two halfas, "but you'll never take me down!"

"We have to find a way to stop her" said Danielle as she was flying right next to Danny.

"I think I might have a plan" said Danny.

Danny then signaled Danielle to become invisible, to which case only he would be Valerie's target. Valerie then raced toward Danny, with firing various lasers and rockets at him from her hovercraft. The ghost boy then readied his ghost shield, which deflected many lasers that were coming at him. Yet one of the rockets had managed to hit Danny, sending him flying right into a tree, with also some sort of a bee hive Danny thought he could use against Valerie.

"Hey, why not try to play a little game of catch?" asked Danny as he threw the bee hive right at Valerie to which she promptly fired another rocket from her hovercraft destroying the hive, and using smoke to ensure the bees won't be after her.

"Ha, nice try ghost boy" said Valerie, "the Guys in White and Red may all be out, but I'm still here to take you, and your ghost girl sidekick on."

"Want to beat?" asked a voice above Valerie.

As Valerie looked above, it was Danielle who came out of nowhere as she became visible. She fired a large ecto-energy blast at Valerie, which sent her flying right off her hovercraft. The hovercraft on its autopilot managed to race and grab Valerie right before she landed right on the ground. Yet what Valerie also didn't know, was that, that action allowed Tucker who was on the ground to use his PDA to hack into her hovercraft system.

"Are you sure this plan is going to work?" asked Sam to Tucker.

"I'm sure it will" replied Tucker.

"Do we even have a real plan for Valerie?" asked Sam.

"Not really, I just go with the flow" replied Tucker.

While Tucker was doing that, Valerie was heading back right where Danielle was to certainly get some pay back after that surprise attack. She fired more of her lasers from her hovercraft, to which Danielle attempted to prop up a ghost shield of her own like Danny's, yet it was weaker, and one of the lasers managed to penetrate it to which gave poor Danielle quite a shock. Yet she managed to recover from the attack and charge back at Valerie.

"You want some of me?" asked Danielle as she charged at Valerie, "Take some of this then!"

Danielle gave Valerie a good punch, but as she attempted to give her another, Valerie grabbed her fist.

"Nice moves, but unfortunately, it seems you'll not have time for any improvements!" shouted Valerie as she grabbed Danielle and threw her right to the ground.

Valerie then geared up her hovercraft and was about to certainly hit Danielle with everything she got, yet as she was about to do it, something went quite wrong as her hovercraft then suddenly began to malfunction quite similar to what happened with Comrade R's.

"This can't be happening!" cried Valerie as she was desperately trying to do her best.

"Oh, but it is!" replied Danny as he flew right behind her and blasted her off her hovercraft using a mere ecto-energy blast.

"You may have somehow taken out my hovercraft" said Valerie as she was about to take out a hi-tech laser weapon, yet Danielle then fired her own ecto-energy blast.

"And now you got nothing" said Danielle.

"Alright, you two ghosts have got me right where you want me, come on, finish me off then!" shouted Valerie.

"Not exactly" replied Danny, "we have a proposition for you, since you lost the fight, we would like some sort of a truce."

"And what is going to happen to these fine folks?" asked Valerie as she showed the two the unconscious Guys in White and Red.

"Oh, I think we can certainly come up with something" replied Danny.

The scene then changes to where all the unconscious members of the Guys in White and Red, including Comrade R found themselves back in the van which Valerie had showed Danny and Danielle the location.

"What the heck happen here comrade?" asked the head Guys in Red agent of the operation as he noticed he was back in the van.

"Last time I remembered, we were fighting Danny Phantom a ghost girl who looked just like him" replied the head Guys in White agent, "what about you Comrade R, do you remember anything?"

"No, my mind is somehow all a blur" said Comrade R as he woke up.

"Actually, I think we must have really drank too much coffee trying to see if we could lure out the ghost boy" said a another Guys in White agent who was really overshadowed by Danny.

"Yeah comrade" said a Guys in Red agent which Danielle was really overshadowing.

"But what about the data we collected on actually apprehending the American ghost boy?" asked the head Guys in Red agent to which he then began to notice all the data was missing, "No, how is this possible, I swear we had recorded this!"

"The only thing I can conclude here is with these two that we probably drank too much coffee" replied the head Guys in White agent, "and then we dosed off."

"But that's impossible!" added Comrade R as he was beginning to remember some bits of it through his memory.

"Sorry, if we two parties can not agree on one thing, I guess we may no longer have to work together" said the Guys in White agent being overshadowed by Danny.

"Fine, if that's the way you Americans think you want it, have it your way" said Comrade R as he began to fully remember what happened to him, "as of this moment, the Guys in Red and White will no longer work together to track down American ghost boy Danny Phantom, instead we're going to have an old Cold War game on seeing who can the American ghost boy first."

"Then I suppose you folks will please leave Amity Park, ASAP" said the head Guys in White agent, "we would like to do things our way on our turf."

"Fine" grumbled Comrade R as he and other members of the Guys in Red got out of the van and left the scene in a huff.

A few minutes later, Danny, Danielle along with Sam and Tucker were back at the Fenton residence.

"Danny, are you worried what you have just done?" asked Sam as she was worried more about the Guys in Red.

"Hey, look on the bright side" replied Danny, "Valerie's not going to bother us anytime soon, and the Guys in White and Red are back on their old Cold War level."

"Come on, I want to get out" said Danielle as she was about to leave as she changed into her ghost mode.

"Right behind you" said Danny as he quickly followed suit.

The scene then quickly changes to the two halfas flying through Amity Park to which the scene then promptly ends from there.