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Over The Rainbow

SUMMARY: Naruto had always dreamt of being the lead in the school play so he dressed up as a girl to audition. On obtaining the part, he captures the attention of the student director, Sasuke. But how does he react when he finds out his leading lady is really a guy? SasuNaru...

- - - - -

Naruto awoke and lay back, relaxed, looking at the ceiling of his bedroom annoyed and further annoyed. Yet again, there was a new school production to be announced and he wanted to be a part of it but YET again, the leading role was a woman. It was always the same – but then again, the drama group was basically all women. But just for once, Naruto wanted to go in and prove that he was worthy enough to join the club despite the numerous times he had been told to leave. The girls were ever so competitive.

It was not like this was any kind of production – this was a proper play; proper theatre. Naruto attended the highest class school Konoha Academy; the prestigious place that only rich people could attend. Naruto had worked hard for a scholarship there with his interests in Art History and so he earned a place through sheer determination and hard work. He had only been at the school for a few months but he was fitting in well, completing his schoolwork for his three subjects Art History, Sociology and Psychology, and making many new friends. His mum was so proud of him; his siblings less so. His father was not there and had not been there for over ten years so he didn't care.

But he had always wanted to take part in the drama production – the programme was run by the students who didn't let less qualified scholarship students in as they were not part of the same wealthy class. His friends Kiba and Chouji were in the plays though – Shikamaru only because he needed the extra credit because of his habit of sleeping in class.

Naruto turned on to his side and stared at himself in the mirror across the other side of the room. His blonde hair spiked up messily from the lack of effort of trying to make it look decent; his eyes were wide and sea blue; he watched his eyes shimmer in the light that bounced off the mirror; he wasn't ugly apart from the scars on his face that made him look like some kind of woodland creature and he was normal build even if he was a little short for his age.

But otherwise, what was wrong with him?

The alarm went off; it was now officially time to get up despite waking up an hour prior. The blonde teen got up from his bed and walked downstairs in to the kitchen to get himself some food. It was officially his last day at home with his mum and siblings before moving back to the dormitories at Konoha Academy; to start the new semester. Yet again, it was a half day so he didn't have classes until after midday but he got up early enough so he could start packing.

As he placed some bread to toast under the grill, he heard someone enter the room.

"Morning", Naruto said without looking.

"Yo munchkin", was the response. The comment meant that it was his older brother, Perry who had also returned from his two month gap holiday before he started his new year at university. What Perry was doing up, Naruto had no idea.

"Are you ever going to stop calling me that? How long has it been now? Since I was born you've been calling me that; you don't have stupid pet names for Kimi, Mylssa, Aisha or Kotaro anything else. Just me, why?"

"Because you were my first sibling and you always will be".

"Thanks for the sentimentality".


Naruto ate his breakfast whilst watching his older brother scratch his head and make some cereal. The guy looked more of a mess every time he saw him; his black hair was all over the place – not unlike his own – and he desperately needed to shave and shower. Then again, this was the first time he had woken up in over twenty hours from a fourteen hour flight.

The silence was interrupted by a "Good morning brothers" from their younger sister Kimi, who walked in wearing a bra and a pair of shorts.

"Put some clothes on you slut".

"Hey watch it Perry, you may have just got back but it doesn't mean I won't hesitate to stab you with my fork".

"Threats are unnecessary Kimi; you know I will continue anyway, you slag".

"Naruto make him stop".

Naruto stopped chewing endlessly to quickly comment, "Family banter is good in the morning", before continuing to munch his toast and leave the room. Still hearing the other two in the kitchen, Naruto walked down the hall to the stairs where he passed a dead-walking Kotaro who hated waking up and eventually walked past Mylssa and Aisha who shared a room and were refusing to get out of bed. Eventually Naruto reached the safe haven of the bathroom and began to get ready for a new semester at school. He showered and changed in to his smartest set of travelling clothes; a black shirt over an orange top with black trousers. He laced up his Vans with white and orange laces and set to packing up the minor few belongings he took from the dorms with him.

It was amazing how things managed to scatter in such a small space of time. Eventually after finding his last manga book under his bed and shoving everything perhaps a little too snugly in to his suitcase, he began to clear up his old bedroom before a voice in the doorway told him to stop.

"Come on Naruto, please leave as it is. It will be clean by the time you get back but I would like to have a little sense you were here at all this holiday", his mother spoke. She looked tired but happy as she stared at her second oldest son. "I haven't had much time to see you and I'm sorry but I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your brothers and sisters – they won't admit it, but they do miss you as much as I do".

"Mum, don't worry; you're a nurse, I'm glad your able to help so many people. And anyways, I'm going to graduate with Honours, get a great, high paying job and I will treat you to the things you deserve – it's a promise"; Naruto stated, giving his mother a warm hug.

"You know you don't have to do that – having you kids is enough".

"Why don't you find a nice guy to help out whilst I'm not here mum".

"I'm waiting for your father to come back, Naruto".

Naruto scowled at the wall. He hated his father.

"Sure okay then mum. Well, I guess not cleaning up gives me a chance to catch you up on the important things".

Naruto told his mum about his new friends he had made; Shikamaru, the lazy genius who slept way too much for his own good; Chouji, the loyal, food-loving guy with a great sense of humour and Kiba; the animal-friendly, psychotic, wild guy who loved to have fun. He told him mum that his studies were going well – which they were – and he told her about his dream to be in the production.

"Well, I'm glad your having fun and you've made some new friends at this new school – I remember how nervous you were when you got there but this is good. This is really good; but I'm sorry about the production. Do your best Naruto, remember, that's all and you will do fine".

Naruto smiled sadly and then left the room. No one really believed that he could ever do well in the play, singing, dancing and acting. But then again, he never did show anyone – not even his drama best friends.

Before long, it was time for Naruto to leave with his suitcase and to head back over to the Academy.

"We'll see you soon munchkin okay?"

"Yeah Perry".

"See ya Naruto".

"Bye Kotaro".

"Love you lots, Naruto".

"Love you too Kimi".

"Bye-bye, visit soon".

"I will Mylssa".

"Good luck Naru".

"Thanks Aisha".

"I love you so much. Remember, study hard, have fun and don't be afraid to do anything you want to".

"I love you too mum".

Naruto hugged all his family members before walking down the drive of their small semi-detached house and in to the taxi that awaited on the road. He waved as he the car accelerated and drove away.

- - - - -

Naruto stared up at the massive building in front of him as he heard the taxi behind him drive away. Suitcase in hand, Naruto took a deep breath and climbed up the front steps to Konoha Academy. He had some time to waste as Chouji, Kiba nor Shikamaru would be back until a few hours later, so Naruto decided to dump his suitcase in his room without unpacking and go for a walk. He walked up to his dorm; down the dimly lit, lavishly decorated halls until he reached the second floor room 2K; he used his key-card and opened the door to see it had been cleaned in his absence. Naruto shared a room with Kiba who was so unlikely to clean it was not even a possibility in Naruto's mind. he checked his cabinets and all his items were present and moved on to the safe hidden behind the painting of a famous Konoha aristocrat. He unlocked it and checked that everything of his was present. Satisfied, he locked the safe back up, took the essentials out of his suitcase – wallet, phone, mp3 player – and began his walk around the academy.

The school was indeed one of the biggest buildings he had ever been to; with Gothic styled architecture – pointed arches, flying buttresses, stained glass windows, high towers and tall spires; it was a truly remarkable place. The school was well kept, flowers growing beautifully in all the courtyards; trimmed and perfect with no litter or graffiti like previous schools Naruto had attended. Designed sometime in the 15th century, Naruto was blown away by the precision of detail. Being an Art History student, he enjoyed marvelling the architecture and decided he was in the mood to visit the student and school art galleries.

Not being an art student and also being a scholarship student; Naruto was not allowed to submit his own art pieces. Chouji decided to help out his friend and placed the works of art using his name under anonymity; works had to be registered to a student but artists could remain anonymous. It was usually an unwritten rule that if it was an anonymous piece, that a scholarship student had produced the work. Naruto's pieces attracted a lot of attention as being some of the most controversial pieces to have ever been placed – art was about freedom of expression so Naruto chose to do a graffiti themed painting using collage and photo montage techniques he had learnt about from his lessons on the art movement of Dada. It gained quite a lot of attention and slander, but art was always appreciated differently by everyone.

Upon reaching the gallery, the room appeared to be empty. It was a long wide room; paintings hung in ordered rows and sculptures remained standing in the middle of the room. Naruto gently walked around, looking at the pieces and whispering his own opinion to himself. As he travelled further down, painting after painting, Naruto noticed that someone else was also in the room, back at the school as early as he was. Naruto tried to find out who it was without being too obvious to see Sasuke Uchiha staring at one of his own pieces of work.

Sasuke Uchiha. Prodigy of the wealthy Uchiha family and the most popular guy in the entire school. The other guys looked up to him as girls wanted to be with him; but the cold pale haired teen had never shown any attention in anyone. With hair dark as night and skin as white as paper, Sasuke could pierce you with his cold black eyes and freeze your heart with his rigid expressions – never once had he seen the prodigy smile at anything. President of the School Council, Captain of the competitive and talented Konoha Academy lacrosse team that Chouji was the goalkeeper of, and also member of the School Arts Committee meant that Sasuke was in charge of almost every aspect of the school.

There was something about Sasuke that made Naruto feel sorry for him instead of idolising him. Kiba thought he was a cold bastard though his jealousy was obvious; Chouji was sort of friends with the raven and Shikamaru couldn't care less about anything extra curricular which was what made Sasuke so popular – as well as his good looks – but Naruto had never told anyone about this feeling he had for the raven. He felt sorry for Sasuke for having all the pressure and have everyone admire him all the time; it must get tiring to place on an image of being perfect for a top school like Konoha Academy. Naruto as a disadvantaged scholarship student meant he didn't have to live up to any expectations and anything he did that was remotely good was praised and if he did not so well, it was to be expected of someone of lower class.

Naruto was just happy being an average student. An average student who desperately wanted to act.

Naruto casually watched as Sasuke left his own artwork and moved on to another. He watched Sasuke for several more seconds before returning to look at the piece before him; a copy of Alexander Cabanel's Birth of Venus 1863. for another hour, Naruto travelled around the student and school art galleries, admiring pieces of art before he decided to move on and check the drama notice board.

As he walked he wondered what Sasuke was doing all alone looking at art when he could have been at home.

Before long, Naruto had reached the drama notice board and spotted the notice about the upcoming performance. It was The Wizard of Oz. Auditions were the coming Friday. Naruto sighed. He would probably turn up anyway, even if it was to watch.

Then something caught Naruto's eye. The Director of the play was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. It interested Naruto more than it should have but after staring at the name until it started to move around on the yellow piece of paper, Naruto made his way back up to the dorms – but not before stopping off at the Art Gallery shop and purchasing a new organiser; it had images of paintings he recognised on.

Returning to his dorm, he found a disgruntled Kiba kick his suitcase and raised an eyebrow.

"Naruto! How are you mate? I haven't seen you in a few weeks!"

"I've been fine Kiba. How was holidaying with the family?"

"Great – went scuba diving again. saw some beautiful dolphins and all sorts of sea life. It was amazing; but then again it never ceases to be. How was your holiday? Do anything interesting?"

"Not really. Caught up with the family".

"That must have taken the entire fucking holiday man! You have about a million brothers and sisters!"

"I have five – it's not that many".

"Dude, I have one – and he's a pain in the ass. I can't believe how big your family is".

"Well, I can't believe how small your family is then. And I don't just mean in numbers", Naruto glanced down at Kiba's crotch and stuck his tongue out, grinning.

"You cheeky bastard!" Kiba exclaimed, smacking the blonde before giving him a hug. Kiba was a rather strong guy; well built and with a mass of brown scruffy hair. His eyes were animalistic and he had red birthmarks down his face that for some reason he loved. His whole family had them so it was a family characteristic. Kiba was a loud, wild guy and Naruto loved sharing a room with a guy so unpredictable.

"Well, have you heard about the play? I'm going to try out for the Scarecrow I think. Or the lion. Fuck being the Tinman he looks like a retard".

Kiba stopped talking when he noticed Naruto's instant sadness to talking about the play. He shuffled slightly and then clapped Naruto on the shoulder.

"Cheer up man – we'll get you in the play".

"I'm scholarship, I can't".

"Man, it sucks for you guys to be so disadvantaged. They just don't want people as smart as you guys to make us wealthy morons look bad", Kiba said. Naruto shrugged in response and lied down on his bed in the large dorm room.

"Well, we'll think of something for you to get in – even if its just lights. I'll pull some strings; see if I can get you a part".

"But I don't just want to be any part; I want to be a main part. I'd love to be the lead in a play".

"The lead is a woman".

"As it always is".

"So, you can only be the main part if you were a woman".

"They never do any plays where a guy is the main role. It aggravates me. I could have a chance if it was a male lead. And then it would be... what are you doing?"

Kiba was running around in circles and jumping up and down. Naruto looked on worriedly before Kiba calmed down enough to tell him what he was so enthusiastic about.

"I've got the best idea to get you in the play – and to get you a good role. Shikamaru and Chouji would love to help in this!"

"What is it?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"We're going to audition you as a girl!"

- - - - -

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