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Over The Rainbow

SUMMARY: Naruto had always dreamt of being the lead in the school play so he dressed up as a girl to audition. On obtaining the part, he captures the attention of the student director, Sasuke. But how does he react when he finds out his leading lady is really a guy? SasuNaru...

- - - - -

Naruto walked to his English Literature class, clutching his folder to his chest and smiling very happily to himself. He sat down, placing his bag on the floor and picked out three novels and a play, the latter in which he then began to flick to the page that they had left off at last time.

He then adjusted his dress and remembered that he had to try and act the part of a shy girl.

Naruto had never taken any English subjects further than he had to by law, but they really were fascinating subjects. Just like how Art History was taught, it was the background of how the pieces were written and analysing the different texts as to how they came to be created. Very interesting stuff; he was intrigued. He even began to start voicing his own opinions and sticking his hand up more to add contributions despite it being a subject that he was just learning about. English Language was the same; it was fascinating to see how the language was formed over time, and how to use language in more appropriate ways. They even got to write a story as part as the coursework which Naruto hoped he could have an attempt at before he reverted back to his former way of life.

English was enjoyable. He was glad that he discovered it was so.

Nanako hadn't made any friends in any of her classes since she started school, she had probably made some enemies, but she didn't think about it.

She was the lead. Wait.

He was the lead.

It made him feel so warm inside. Smiling, he began to reread the book for a bit as he waited for the rest of the class to settle down. Kakashi waited around at the front, gave him a small smile before proceeding to lecture the class on the analysis of An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestly. It had such a mysterious plot and twists in the story that Naruto was more interested than ever to read more books.

However, as much as he wanted to finish the extra work section within each homework, he knew that he couldn't. He had the work of his own subjects and his new temporary ones and keeping on top of everything was beginning to take its toll. He was working constantly in all his subjects - his own personal obsessions with perfect work never let him leave anything without putting in all the effort.

And he also had rehearsals on top of that.

The cast list appeared on the notice board several days after the auditions - though Naruto already knew he had the part of Dorothy. He just hoped that his friends had made the auditions as well. They looked and the three gave each other high-fives before approaching him and announcing that they would be pleased to work with him. It was a brilliant feeling that everything had turned out exactly how they planned.

Kiba was the Scarecrow.

Shikamaru was the Tinman.

Chouji was the Lion.

The four of them were just happy to be a part in the blonde's project. Later on, they had a mini celebration as the three of them helped Naruto attempt to finish all the work that he had been given. It was a struggle - but what wasn't helping was the fact that Naruto's mind was also elsewhere. He was concentrating on his first rehearsal alone with Sasuke.

It was a surprise for everyone who had attended the rehearsal that day. Sasuke had announced that he was giving private instruction to the performer of Dorothy; something that was unheard of in any other play. Naruto could feel the glares of girls who despised him with their very being. Of course, they thought he was a girl with the opportunity to make her move on the stunning Uchiha without anyone else around, giving her an advantage over everyone else. Of course, girls were prone to all sorts of jealous fits when regarding Sasuke Uchiha.

The rehearsals had been very fun until that point. Everyone had gotten on fairly well and progress was going better than expected. The majority of people had learned the lines and so scripts were not needed so much. Shikamaru was complaining a little on the side by how annoying being a Tinman was but everyone told him to shut up. It was a nice atmosphere, something that Naruto loved about the drama club.

But now it was ruined by Sasuke's need to perfect Dorothy. The harmony with him would probably be non-existent now.

Shikamaru had told him not to worry about it, but Naruto couldn't help it. He was going to be without support. What if he found out? What would happen then? Plus he couldn't help but feel a little edgy about the amount of girls who increased their hatred for him. He could handle it when he was in guy mode with his friends, but dressed up as a girl and being in character - it was strange, maybe some of the typical characteristics of being a girl had formed more clearly now that he as dressing as one for the majority of the day. Temari had also sent him a message telling him not to worry as long as he didn't get felt up, and Hinata encouraged him to use the sessions as a way to improve on the performance.

Naruto sighed. Maybe no one else could feel the same ominous feelings as he was feeling.

Upon hearing the bell in the faint distance, he packed up his things and heard Kakashi request to speak to him. Naruto waited for everyone else to leave the room before moving closer towards the teacher's desk.

"Now Nanako, I know that you have a 'special' situation ongoing at the moment, but if you could attempt to do the extra work attached in this booklet, then I think you have a high chance of passing very highly in the exam".

Naruto took the booklet being offered before him, and he began to flick through as he continued.

"You haven't been doing the extra optional tasks but even without them, I know you have a talent for analysis - and that is very handy. An English Literature - and a Language - qualification could get you very far in life. On top of your other subjects, I think that maybe if you can see Iruka, he'd like to help you get a tutor. Also, we had a look through some other files and thought that if you are interested - at the weekends - there is a club learning French, which you are fairly proficient in already. Why don't you join that and gain another qualification? They may even help you with travel, you could visit the country". Kakashi smiled at him, which made Naruto blush slightly. He was a little confused - why all the help and attention?

"Kakashi, sir, umm, why are you doing so much to push me? I mean, I don't see that as a bad thing, quite the contrary, but I was curious as to why you are trying so hard for me?" Naruto looked at the man, giving a little smile at the end to show his appreciation.

Kakashi sat down on the chair - a rare feat seeing as the man liked to sit on the table so much - and placed the tips of his fingers together in mock thought. Naruto remained stood, clutching his folder and the booklet that Kakashi had given him.

"Because I remember a young scholarship student here who was neglected because of his inferior status. He had the talent to do great things but he couldn't achieve as much as I know he could have had he been given a little push. I want to make sure you achieve as much as you possibly can at this school". Kakashi smiled and then nodded towards him, "Hurry up or you'll be late for class. Give it a think over and let me know next lesson".

"Okay then".

Naruto turned and reached the door of the classroom before stopping and looking back at Kakashi.

"Kakashi - were you that student?"

The grey-haired man grinned at him and replied, "Of course not. I was a horrible student". Naruto gave a little smile before waving towards his teacher and walking off towards the corridor. Kakashi sighed before looking towards a pile of paper on his desk.

"You are one lucky kid to be blessed with that many talents", he muttered under his breath, "And I'll make sure you utilise every ounce of them".

- - - - -

Naruto stood in the theatre, staring all around, wondering what it would be like to sit and watch a performance there. He now had the opportunity to perform on that stage where everyone would be looking at him.

The sensation that was giving him made him feel both nervous and extremely excited. He had watched the rehearsals of some of the other plays secretly before - Kiba and the others had always managed to find a place for him to watch and hide - and it was such an enjoyable atmosphere and a club in general, though he happened to notice that two of the girls there were very bitchy about everyone else behind their backs. But they tended to be the leads so it probably meant to them that they could get away from it. It also didn't help that they were from such high class families. He shook his head and tried to get hid mind away from them before his overactive imagination began to suggest what they may have or will be saying about him.

It was another five or so minutes before Sasuke was due to get there and Naruto knew that the man was not very punctually accurate due to all his commitments, so the blonde jumped on the stage and grabbed one of the mikes. He then thought that even though it had nothing to do with the play, he began to sing a song that he thought was very beautiful. He was glad that none of his friends were around to hear him sing it, as in his own view, it was a little embarrassing that he liked such a song.

Baby I've been here before,
I know this room, I've walked this floor,
I used to live alone before I knew you.

I've seen your flag on the Marble Arch,
Love is not a victory march,
It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah…

Naruto finished the song, and smiled to himself. He sat back down on the stage as if nothing had happened and waited for Sasuke to turn up for the session.

- - - - -

As Naruto saw the door open, he heard a distinct clapping noise coming from the back of the theatre. He stared and then turned fairly red at seeing Sasuke with a slight smirk on his face, clapping.

"You are a good singer - I knew I was right in picking you".

"Umm". Naruto felt very nervous. He did not think that Sasuke would be around to hear him sing, especially a song not related to the actual play. He dropped the microphone which rolled over to Sasuke. He then grabbed it and jumped it on to the stage. He stood next to Naruto and the two of them overlooked the imaginary audience before eventually sitting down, legs hanging off the stage.

"So, why that song?" Sasuke asked him out of the blue.

"No reason, apart from I really like it. How did you hear me anyway? You weren't hiding in the room where you?"

"What? You think I'm some weird stalker now?"

"I have no idea, you could have been - I don't know you that well to be honest". Naruto smirked at the Uchiha, who then actually let out a laugh. Well there was a first time for everything, Naruto thought. It was strange to think the two of them were conversing like they were - the Uchiha was such a lonely, unsociable person. The fact that he was even talking to him was strange in itself. He knew that something bad was going to happen to him tomorrow from the other girls because of it though. Ah well.

"I was on my way down here and I heard you because the microphone was turned up fairly loud. Actually I'm sure the people in detention heard you as well".

Naruto turned very red.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know I turned it on that loud".

"It's fine, its after the lessons are all finished so the majority of people will be at the dormitories far away from this theatre. You have a fine voice anyway - show it off".

Naruto nodded and thanked Sasuke. They sat in silence for a bit, Naruto wondering just how they were going to practice for the rehearsal without any other people around to help. It was then that, again, out of the blue, Sasuke began conversation again.

"You know, I'm not a bad singer myself - I just prefer not to let everyone hear me. I admire everyone in this group for that; the ability to sing in front of other people".


"Yeah. And I know that you don't need singing lessons or anything, but I wanted to practice with you the songs so they are perfect. Your voice is somewhat different from the other girls, but I can't put my finger on why that is".

Naruto swallowed. Yep, its probably coz I'm a guy…

"So, anyway. I don't want this to sound you know, rude, or anything like that. But I also wanted to find time to take a break. You know, get away from everything else. You seem like a nice person, so you'll let me take it easy right? You don't really need any major help with your voice".

Naruto smiled. The infamous Uchiha was human after all.

"Tell you what, coz I wanna hear and its technically practice, why don't you sing a duet with me?" Naruto asked. He then put his hands over his mouth looking fairly annoyed at himself - why did his mouth always say things he didn't want to be heard aloud? Sasuke turned to look at him, and smirked.

"You are an interesting girl, you know that? In fact, I think you are the only girl in this school who hasn't asked me out, left a present in my locker, or randomly flung themselves at me".



"So, what's so special about you?" Stupid mouth…

Sasuke looked at him for a long time, as though he was searching in his face for the answer. Eventually he sighed, shook his head and replied, "I have no idea".

Naruto nodded.

"If it makes you feel any better, there is no one else around here so be yourself".

Sasuke nodded a little, probably not realising that Naruto noticed. "Thanks. Well, anyway, I'll take that offer on a duet. I have an idea for a song".

Sasuke walked towards the piano and found a few music sheets. He wrote down the title of the song, and handed the sheet over to Naruto which made him laugh.

"Good song, good song. I'll do my best".

Sasuke smirked - a modern song was good for the soul and would also loosen up the vocals. Plus the song had been in his head all day and he really felt like singing it. It was strange that this time he would have a partner to sing a song with. They looked at each other as they sang the song which made Naruto feel a little shy about.

I ain't got no money.
I ain't got no car to take you on a date.
I can't even buy you together we'd be the perfect soul mates.
Talk to me girl.

Baby it's alright now you ain't gotta flaunt for me,
We go dutch, you can still touch my love, its free.
We can work without the perks, just you and me,
Thug it out 'til we get it right.

Baby, if you strip, you can get a tip,
Coz I like you just the way you are.

Naruto was watching Sasuke and how relaxed he looked singing the song - without anyone there that could possibly chastise him for what he was doing. Singing and drama was probably not allowed for someone who was the inheritor of a huge corporation, but being a director was a symbol of him being able to handle and boss people around. Still Naruto felt happy because he was probably the first person to ever see the Uchiha sing, and to do it with him.

I'm about to strip and I need it quick,
Can you handle me the way I are?

I don't need the G's or the car keys boy,
I like you just the way you are.

Let me see you strip, you can get a tip,
Coz I like, I like, like…

The pair sang until the end of the song before Naruto collapsed in to a fit of giggles and Sasuke laughed at him. After a few minutes of calming down, Naruto was lying on the floor of the wooden stage, Sasuke was sat next to him. The blonde tapped Sasuke on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Okay, now that we've had some fun; what tips do you have to improve the performance? We should probably get some work in today in the time that we have left shouldn't we?"

"Well, I didn't really think of anything today - I just wanted some time to let loose. I'll sort if out for the rehearsal tomorrow, but we can just sit and relax for the last few minutes".

"Yeah sure".

The two of them were in silence, before this time Naruto interrupted the peace.

"So, why don't you sing more often? You are good".

"Thanks. But I'm not really in to performing. I just wanted to direct it this year because this is the last year I will be able to spare any time". Sasuke sounded annoyed at the notion.

"Well, this play will be a success - you can count on that. But why don't you feel you have the time? I know a friend of mine who works so hard and never has any time for fun activities and he is pretty happy".

"Who is this friend of yours? I'd like to get some tips from him", Sasuke asked, turning to face Naruto.

"Well, I can give you them myself, I know them. He has quick meals during the week but cooks longer at the weekends to make up. He gets up early, even on weekends and plans out a timetable for his work and to make sure he gets enough exercise in. He sleeps for about eight hours a night which is perfectly acceptable. He does the most that he can to succeed as he has a goal and wants to keep to it at all costs. You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you have the proper motivation. What do you want to do?"

"Well, what I want and what I have to do are two very different things".

"Oh. Family eh?"

"Yeah. It's a lot of pressure. I'm sure you understand - I mean, they pressure girls in to marrying so quickly in rich families right?"

"Y-yeah, I totally know where you are coming from". Naruto looked at the floor with a confused, 'umm no' look. He probably didn't sound convincing at all then.

"Anyway, its getting late. We should probably call it a night. I've heard you sing today so I'll write down any pointers I think can help with your voice and then we'll go over them for a bit after the main rehearsal. Oh, and you have to be fitted for the costume tomorrow as well, so I'll find someone to help with that".

"Oh no! It's okay! We don't have to do that yet, I mean what if something happens to me and then I can't play the role?!" Naruto waved his hands and babbled.

"Relax Nanako. Well, maybe we should a few more rehearsals before we get everyone fitted for their costumes. We have to make sure everyone has perfected their lines first".

"Y-yes, that's a better idea". Naruto scratched the back of his head, eyes closed and laughing. Shit…

"Right. I will see you tomorrow. Keep up the good work, and then this play will break all records as being the best ever".

"Yes. See you tomorrow Sasuke".

"Bye Nanako".

Sasuke left the theatre and Naruto remained sat on the stage. Oh shit…

- - - - -

"What am I to do Shika? I have to get fitted for the dress! How am I supposed to do that without my cover being blown?" Naruto paced around the room in his dress and was waving his arms in the air exasperatedly every so often. It was very obvious to everyone in the room that the boy in a dress was flustered - acting very much like the girl he was portraying.

"Relax, we will get Hinata in to do it".

"Yes but this is at rehearsals. Other girls are going to be wondering around, wanting to know how things are going and stuff, you know girls and their love for clothes".

"Well, we will pre-write the fittings. Don't worry, Naruto, everything is going to be okay". Shikamaru watched the nervous blonde as he continued to pace around the dormitory room. Chouji sat on the sofa, attempting to think of a solution, with Kiba biting his nails next to him. Neither of them was being very productive in coming up with a solution, or with calming the blonde down, Shikamaru thought, sighing.

"Phone Temari and ask her the best possible solution", Naruto demanded, standing still with his hands on his hips.

"Look we should not be bothering her - she has other things to do besides helping with this little side quest. She has other important jobs".

"But this is really important Shikamaru! Everything we worked so hard to achieve could disappear so easily with this one little act of theatre procedure that we forgot about!"

There was a knock on the door. Kiba answered it to be followed back to the group by Hinata. She smiled and waved at everyone before standing and observing the clearly nervous group of boys.

"Nanako, you might want to keep your voice down a little because people can hear you outside the door. Not the words you are saying exactly, just that you are kinda drawing attention to yourself. And we are in a boy's dormitory".

Naruto sat down on the sofa and put his head in his hands. Shikamaru whispered the update in to her ear in to which she nodded. This was a fairly bad predicament to think about.

"Relax Nanako, we will think of something. Anyway, you got a letter from your family to read when we get back to our room, and also I suggest you get on with your work. You have a lot of it unfortunately". Hinata thought to the massive pile of papers on Naruto's desk and shuddered a little.

Naruto sighed. "Yes you are right Hinata. I'll see you guys later; thanks for listening to me complain".

"Anytime, Nanako", Shikamaru muttered lazily. He watched as the two left the room and then began to panic somewhat inwardly at the new hurdle. How were they going to get over this one?

- - - - -

"Did you see how much fun they were having together? She's only just got here and she's managing to steal Sasuke's affection from us! What do we do Sakura?!"

"Relax Ino - we will think of something. There has to be some dirt on this girl that we can use to get her kicked out of the production and then we can shine as the stars. We need to spy on them some more and start going through some of the files in the office".

The two girls were sat in their room, pulling on their nightwear and getting ready for bed. The drama club rising stars were very irritated by the events that they witnessed upon spying on Nanako and Sasuke's private rehearsal. They talked and sang a song that had no relevance to the play and were laughing together! The two of them had never seen Sasuke laugh before let alone smile! And it was with this new girl who with blonde hair and wore ridiculous glasses.

Sakura was furious. Ino, though her friend, was a little too stupid for Sasuke to put up with, but she, Sakura, had an excellent family background, superb grades and she excelled at all the tasks she was given. Why had he not scooped her up and eloped with her like she had always dreamed about?

This Nanako Sohma was creating problems - problems she was going to solve with the help of some old fashioned sleuthing and mischief. No one was going to stand in the way of her and Sasuke's relationship.

No one.

- - - - -

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