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A/N: This drabble was written for the "Better" theme at iyissekiwa(dot)livejournal(dot)com.

You Better

"No! I want to go, too!"

"Silence, you foolish child," Jaken admonished Rin while Sesshomaru stood placidly in the background. "Now stay here!"

Rin groaned and flopped onto the grass next to Ah-Un, crossing her arms in protest as Sesshomaru and Jaken walked off.

Sesshomaru felt her eyes on his back as he left, and heard her mumble, "You better come back, Lord Sesshomaru. You better."

He knew that her behavior came not from anger, but from a genuine fear that she would never see him again. She had only been with him a few days, and yet she was already so attached.

The foolishness of humans…


Rin was standing before him, much taller, more graceful, now, and yet none of the innocence of her childhood had left her lovely face.

She was leaving him, as he always knew she would, though much later than he had originally envisioned. This was how it should be. So why was there such heaviness in his heart?

"Don't worry, Lord Sesshomaru. I'll come back from time to time."

She made to bow, but emotions overrode any sense of formality. Tearfully she rushed to embrace him. He made no move as she clutched and released him just as quickly.

Embarrassed, Rin went to leave the room, but as she lingered in the doorway Sesshomaru uttered to her something that brought her great comfort. His voice was not a command, but soft and delicate and tinged with the sadness that overcame her.

"You better."