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A bit of fluff before the start of danger and another short one!

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Chapter 9: Mother Knows Best

Sora's POV

"So Hikari-chan, how was school?" I asked the young girl as I set a warm bowl of chicken soup in front of her.

"Good, I suppose."

Maybe she was trying to hide it but I could hear the embrassment in her tone. Out the corner of my eye, I could see her rosy colored cheeks darken. I smiled before I began humming a small tune and began cooking dinner.

"Taichi was right, you do have a beautiful voice." Hikari comment suddenly and I stopped chopping the potato. Guilt was slowly building up in my throat but I swallowed it down. Taichi was a sweet boy, but...I just didn't feel the same way. And it hurt me still to this day to remember the kicked puppy look in his eyes when I refused his love. The chair creeked and Hikari's sweet scent invaded my nostrils. I turned my head to the human girl that had captured not only mine, but my entire family's heart. She was so small, so frail, and it terrified me whenever she left the house. The world was a cruel place, to anyone, and she did not deserve to walk the streets alone.

"Thank you," I commented with a small smile. I noticed the bandage on her finger and quickly grabbed her hand, examining it. My face bundled up into a frown, "What happened?"

She blushed suddenly before commenting, "I burned myself while making Tai's lunch. It was a small burn but I didn't wanna scare him."

I smiled and kissed it. "Feel better, dear?"

"Yes," she blushed again, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The door opened suddenly, "Sora-nee, where are you?"

"In here Keru-kun!" I called. Takeru walked into the kitchen a few minutes later, sweat rolling off his skin in waves. A basketball was tucked under his arm and his blonde hair clung to his forehead. He smiled to both of us.

"Sora-nee, Hikari-chan."

"T-takeru-kun," Hikari greeted with a deep blush. He walked over to her, planting a small kiss on her forehead before his eyes landed on the bandged finger.

"You're hurt," his voice was soft and filled with concern. Before she could respond, he kissed her finger, then her hand and her wrist. Fear shot through me when he did. Please don't bite her, Keru. I released a breathe when he kissed her cheek. "Be just a bit more careful next time, okay? Izumi would throw a fit if something terrible happened to her new friend. And Ruki of course."

She nodded. "I-I will."

"Hikari-chan, why don't you go wash your hands? Dinner will be ready soon." I annouced. She nodded before rushing off. Once she was gone and the door closed, I smirked at my brother-in-law. He raised an eyebrow as to wonder what was wrong.


"You're hopelessly in love."

"I am not."

I smiled and kissed his cheek. "A mother always knows Takeru. And this mother knows best."