Really random story. I was just thinking about this and I thought I'd post it. I think about random stuff like this a lot.

Oh, the Irony

"Isn't it ironic?" I asked my friend while waiting in the elevator at the Ministry. He sighed.

"What were you pondering this time?" he asked, exasperated. He was quite used to me randomly bursting out with things.

"I was just thinking that it was ironic that the one who ended up being the reason we were all saved was a Death Eater at the time."

"What?!" he half-yelled. "Harry Potter was never a Death Eater!"

"I wasn't talking about Harry Potter," I said matter-of-factly.

"Who then?"

"Think about it. Who ultimately saved Harry?"

"Lily Potter was never a Death Eater either!" I sighed, resigned to explaining this whole thing now. I never should've mentioned it.

"Not Lily, Snape!"

"Snape didn't save Harry," he argued.

"He asked Voldemort-" he flinched. I was disappointed. It had been a while since Moldy-Voldy had been dead and gone and people still flinched at the name.

I continued. "To spare Lily, therefore giving Lily the chance to give up her life, thereby saving Harry," I explained patiently.

"If Snape had not asked Voldemort-" I didn't even pause when he flinched this time, though inwardly I sighed. "To spare Lily, she couldn't have died for her son, and Harry would have died."

"Oh," he said, "I get it." I could tell he didn't, but I didn't push it. 'Some people would never understand,' I thought to myself. The elevator doors opened, and I got off on my floor.