LbN: Badass though the scene with Molly Weasley was, I still think that Tonks killed Bellatrix. The end of DH was just one long typo, Tonks is still alive :D

Echoes of Evil

Tonks walked around to the back of the Burrow. The house was a jumble of noise, every family member being home to be together. The war had ended a week ago, and everyone was basking in the warm glow of relief. Tonks's Auror senses were tingling though. Kingsley had given them all a four hour long briefing on how they shouldn't get complacent just yet, as there would probably be Death Eater retaliation from the ones who got away; and she was listening to an instinct that told her something bad was about to go down. She walked past the large tree in the yard and hit the ground as a spell whizzed by. She looked up at her aunt.

"Knew it was you Auntie," she said, getting up and preparing for a duel. She knew Bellatrix well enough to know that she'd give her a chance to fight back. She moved just in time to dodge Bellatrix's disarming spell and fired the Killing Curse back. She wasn't in the mood for familial formalities…

"Playing to kill, are we little Nymphadora?" Bellatrix chuckled insanely, throwing a Killing Curse of her own.

"It's been twenty four years and you can't figure out that I HATE MY NAME??" Tonks screamed back while rolling to dodge.

"You won't win," Bellatrix grinned. "You just got lucky last time. I'll make it painless, just stand still."

Both witches sent the Killing Curse at each other, and watched as the spells ricocheted off of one another and set some surrounding bushes on fire.

Tonks ran toward her aunt, watching as Bellatrix raised her wand.

"Avada Kedavr—"

Tonks dropped to the ground and sent a silent Killing Curse up at her aunt, just as the last syllable was about to come from the older womans lips. She didn't dare move. This wasn't real; she wasn't seeing Bellatrix Lestrange fall to the ground, dead. It was surely a trap. She lay face down on the ground, head resting on her arms; waiting for her aunt to get up and torture/kill her. It never happened. The pain she was waiting for didn't come. Instead, two strong arms lifted her off the ground and put her arm around their shoulders.

"Come on Dora, let's go."

Even in her semi-catatonic state, Tonks knew Remus's voice when she heard it. She half turned and clung to him, still in shock that she was alive.

"Inside," Remus said gently, "It's over."