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Summary: Bella and Edward have a contest between each other – who can make the other orgasm first every time they have sex. BXE More than just smut, an actual story not a one-shot.

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Sex and Vampires

It's not like having a vampire as a fiancé (for lack of a better word) was a bad thing. It had its advantages; ok it had a lot of advantages. But there were some disadvantages, like the fact that he was extremely good at everything, and I mean everything, that he does. It was embarrassing when we got intimate with each other, because I'm always the first one to finish. It's like he has a cheat sheet implanted in his brain that tells him what to do and when to do it, it's aggravating especially since we were both virgins when he decided to drop all of the boundaries.

I banged my head on the steering wheel to my new car – another disadvantage of having a vampire as a fiancé (still for lack of better word). He was over protective, not just over protective, obsessively protective, you would think after he realized that I'm not as breakable as he thought he would trust me more, but if anything he's became more protective. He bought me a car that has missile proof windows, because we all get attack by missiles on daily basis.

I pulled myself out of the huge tank that was disguised as my new car and walked the short distance to the Cullens' house. They were out hiking for the weekend. Edward stayed behind to keep an eye out on me and to celebrate our new found intimacy. We had the whole house to ourselves for the weekend, of course Charlie didn't know about this. Alice, much to Esme's distaste, told Charlie that I was going to stay the weekend with her.

Edward opened the door immediately before my fist even had a chance to hover over the door. He smiled at me brightly, his topaz eyes shining. I smiled back at him, everything that I was complaining about before melted away. He was so beautiful as he held out his hand. I took it graciously, willing to do whatever he wanted.

"I like that top on you." Edward complimented. I looked down and blush. It was a simple white tank top that Alice bought for me.

"Thank you." I smiled up at him. "Alice got it for me."

"Did she?" He asked his eyes still shining. "Did you bring anything or are you going to stay in that dress the whole time." He shot me one of his famous crooked smiles.

"Um…" I had to think about it for a second. "Yeah, it's in the trunk, I was afraid to lug it to the front door in case you thought that it was too heavy for me and got angry."

He ignored my latter remark as he stepped aside and went to get the bag from the trunk of the car. I didn't want to tell him (out of embarrassment) that I couldn't lift the trunk to my new car. It was one of the very few days that the sun was out from hiding so like always his skin sparkled like millions of diamonds were implanted in it. I took a stab at my self esteem as I stare at him as he easily lift the ten pound trunk door open and pulled out my bag without any effort. He closed the trunk with little effort as he carried my bag over his shoulder to the front door.

He grabbed my hand with his free hand as he walked me into his empty house. With a house as big as this, it was haunting to know that Edward and I were the only ones in here for the whole weekend. He smiled at me as he turned me around in the middle of the media room, his lips quickly connecting to mine. He wasted no time to pick up where he left off last night. I could feel my knees grow weak as he opened his mouth and ran it over my bottom lip.

I was the one to pull away. My breath was heavy and came out in gasps. He smiled at me before he trailed kisses down my jaw to my ear. I was almost positive that if he kept this up, my knees would collapse and I'd fall to the floor. His cold breath was hard to ignore as it hit my ear. Shivers ran my back and I quickly grabbed onto Edward so if I my knees did give out, I wouldn't hit the floor immediately.

Edward chuckled lightly.

I rolled my eyes. This is exactly what I was talking about – he's too good. He could just stare at me and that would be enough. He has no idea – ok maybe he does – what he does to me. It's like having a professional musician in a band filled with beginners, he out shows them all and they're left breathless and embarrassed.

"We should get you to bed." Edward whispered in my ear. I glanced at the clock.

"But it's only five o'clock." I told him pulling away from me. I wasn't even remotely tired.

"I know." He smiled at me.

My eyes widened when I realized what he was getting at. My mouth made that 'oh' sound before I followed blindly behind him. He made sure to grab my hand so I wouldn't wander off as he led me through the twists and turns of his house and into his room where his-our bed laid in the middle. He got the bed especially for me, so we can do things like this – not that we used the bed very much, we usually didn't make it that far.

I sat on the edge bed and watched him curiously as he walked toward me, taking off his shirt as with each step. He made his movements slow – he says not to scare me but I think it's because he thinks it's sexy when I watch him strip for me. He smiled at me as he captured my lips in another (literal) breath taking kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pushed my back onto the bed so he was lying on top of me, I smiled against his lips.

His hands went up my shirt, his cold hands freezing against my hot skin. His tongue grazed my bottom lip again; I opened my mouth timidly, accepting his tongue. He quickly pushed it in my mouth and rubbed it against my tongue. I blushed as I pushed him closer to me. His thumb ran over the fabric of my bra, making back arch involuntarily.

Edward pulled me to sitting position his lips never leaving mine. He finally pulled away quickly and grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head. I took advantage of this moment to catch my breath. Edward put his lips onto my neck when my shirt was over my head, I continued to try and catch my breath as he licked and nipped at my neck. His cold hands worked on the back of my bra trying to unclasp the clasps.

"I hate these stupid things," Edward whispered against my neck when he finally got the first one unclasped. I smiled to myself as he worked on the second and last clasp. Maybe Edward wasn't good at everything. He had trouble with female attires, namely my bra. He finally unclasped the second clasp and my bra sprang forward, the straps fell down to my elbows, exposing the tops of my breasts.

He looked up at me and smiled triumphantly. I rolled my eyes but smiled back. He was really cute when he did little things like that. He moved away from my neck and wrapped his lips around my nipples. I fell back onto the bed. He was quickly making up for not being able to unclasp my bra. His hands ran down my stomach and grabbed at the waist band of my blue jeans. He tugged at them before unbuttoning it.

I hid my face behind my hands, blushing hard as he unzipped my pants for me. I could feel that familiar tingle as he pulled at my waistband letting my pants fall over my bottom to my knees. I continued to hide behind my hands as I focused on trying to breathe. I separated my fingers and looked for Edward he wasn't in front of me anymore. I pulled myself onto my elbows and looked around the room for him; he was nowhere to be seen.

"Edward." I asked the empty room. "Where are you?"

A low chuckle came from behind me. I screamed as I turned around and saw Edward on the other side of the bed in his silk red boxers, his head propped up on his hand. He gave me a dramatic wink before pointing at me and then motioning with his 

fingers to come and lay next to him. I rolled my eyes childishly before awkwardly crawling across the bed towards him, my hand holding my breasts. He rolled his eyes as he watched me.

"You act like I've never seen you naked before." His voice was aggravated. I continued to crawl awkwardly towards him, ignoring his remark. He rolled his eyes again before reaching for me and pulling me on top of him. I let out a low yelp as I laid across his chest, my nipples touching his.

"I would have made it." I mumbled into his neck before kissing it.

"Yes but by then I would have been asleep." Edward remarked sarcastically. I frowned at his remark and pulled away.

He smiled at me before kissing my frown. I didn't change it – no matter how hard it was. He kissed it again as his hands crawled under the waistband to my panties.

"You know these are my favorite on you…" Edward told me. I blushed. I did know that, that's why I wore them today. He kissed my lips again as he pulled my panties' waistline over my bottom. I didn't even know notice they were gone until he was holding them in his right hand. I frowned at him before scrunching my eyebrows together. He smiled at me. "I'm saving these for later." He finally informed me.

I blushed and buried my head into his chest. That was the most awkward, embarrassing, and slightly erotic thing he's ever done. I kissed his chest when he flipped me over so he was on top of me. He kissed my lips lightly before I felt him at my entrance. I wasn't sure how he removed his boxers in the mere second that it took him to flip me over, but he did it. Then again as I thought about it he did a lot of things that confused and somewhat scared me.

He thrust into me quickly, I could feel my back arch violently and I nearly rammed my head into his chest. His pace was increasingly slow (for him) and he was gentle as he thrust in and out of me. My nails dug into his back as the pleasure ran through my body. He continued to thrust in out of me as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. I was going to orgasm first this time…again. I could already feel my stomach tighten as I wrapped tightly around him.

"Edward," I whispered into his ear. He growled lightly. I ran my fingers through his hair and moved my head up to kiss nibble at his ear. "Please come for me Edward." I begged not wanting to be yet again the first to orgasm.

And as if God himself was listening to my words, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen came. I was europhic as his body started to shake and he let out a noise I've never heard him make in my life. He unwillingly released into me. And I couldn't help but smile as I mentally danced as he held himself over me. His hand hung as he recovered from his orgasm When he finally recovered he gave me a mocking glare.

I moved my hands from his hair and held them up pretending to be innocent.

"You did that on purpose." He growled.

I shook my head. "I didn't think it would work." I said giddy. I couldn't hold my excitement. He growled at me before kissing me his thrusts starting again. He was the only person that could recover so freaking quickly. I moaned loudly as I felt that familiar feeling build up again and I grabbed onto his back.

"Oh god!" I screamed as soon as he released my lips. My back started to arch and my body shook as I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I tightened my grip around Edward and tried not combust with the pleasure that I was feeling. My back arched violently and I pushed myself against him as my body shook with my release.

When it was over, I fell onto the bed, my breath coming out in loud gasps. Edward kissed my forehead and pulled out of me. I continued to try to catch my breath as I lay on his bed, my heart pounding.

"You know what this means, don't you Bella?" Edward whispered threateningly in my ear.

I shook my head.

"War." He told me pulling away from my ear so I could stare at him.

"What kind of war?" I asked fear gripping my body.

He smiled. "You'll just have to find out, now won't you?" He kissed my forehead again.

I frowned at him. "I'm scared." I told him.

His smile grew. "You should be."

End Chapter.

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