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Doodles in Transfiguration

Rose Weasley looked to her left and nudged the boy beside her. With a glare, she mouthed, "Pay attention!" to him and got only a grin back in response. She looked up just in time to see Professor McCullough give them a stern look. She went back to writing notes, vowing to herself that she wouldn't let Scorpius copy hers that night. Not if this was how he spent his class time, doodling in his notebook…


"Hey Rosie—"


"No what?" Scorpius asked. "I haven't even said anything yet."

"No I won't let you copy my Transfiguration notes, if that's what you were going to ask."

"What would I need your note for? I take my own thank you," the blonde said, his Ravenclaw pride offended.

"You were drawing today in class," she said, confused.

"That's how I take notes," he told her, pulling out a blue notebook. Scorpius H. Malfoy was written on the front. Rose snorted.

"Shut it, Rose Kailani Weasley," he grinned back at her. He opened the book and she began to laugh in earnest. There, in Malfoy hieroglyphs, were the day's notes.

"You would make up your own writing system," Rose rolled her eyes with a smile.

"I've got nothing on Albus," Scorpius grinned at the brunette sitting opposite them. The boy looked up.

"I can't help it that I work better with numbers," he shot them a smug look.

"You take notes in numbers?" Rose looked completely bewildered.

"No, I just section them off really well."

"So Scorpius," Rose asked, "What were you going to say a moment ago?"

"Can I borrow you Potions notes?"

"I have got to start hanging out with the girls…"

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