Hello people of the fan fiction universe. This is Kena and I'm here with an announcement of sorts. You see me and my partner in crime Josiyloff have decided to start a challenge. We're trying to see if we're capable of making one hundred drabbles for a pairing of out choice. Now I'm quite new to this pairing, so I'm hoping I can do it justice.

EDIT: Hi, I'm redoing the drabbles written. Looking over them I've noticed horrid grammatical errors so I'm going to fix it up.

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Occasionally Luxord wondered about things. Things like how cold certain members of the organization really were. Of course with Vexen, it was to be expected. Luxord and his wondering normally centered on a singular blond.

Number XIII if you wanted to know. He was an anomaly to the populace. The boy seemed to be the only one who didn't feign emotions. The other members didn't pay any mind to Roxas. To them, Roxas only signified the end. Because of the small blond, the organization would surely lie in ruin.

It wasn't the boy's fault. Oh no. The blame rested on his somebody. Luxord was fine with the imminent destruction, his world needed to be turned upside down. It would bring about the amusement he sought for. The blue eyed boy was nothing more than the begging to the end.

Luxord he was ready to see the boy through to their demise. Roxas was an untouchable illusion, but Luxord didn't fancy rules. XII would surely turn out to be his biggest crime, the gambler just knew it.

There you have it, the first in this series. I hope you like it, I'm hoping I can actually get to 100 drabbles.

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