Josiy, this one's dedicated to you cause you are awesome. And for an odd reason call me your waffle. Have I told you you're weird? I love you anyways though.

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46. Waffle

Roxas had to stop dead in his tracks when he walked into the kitchen one morning. His lips twitched threatening to break into a grin. He managed to keep the urge under wraps though, that was out of character for him. Roxas wasn't sure if he was still dreaming or had possibly walked into another dimension.

Zexion wouldn't have appreciated the smell that had overcome the immediate area. He eyed the blond Gambler swearing and moving this way and that. "What are you doing?" Roxas asked stepping into the war zone. The kitchen was a complete and utter mess.

Luxord froze, looking over his shoulder. Sure enough the Brit was donning a bright pink apron, and what looked like cake batter on his face. "Nothing." He lied automatically.

"Right." Roxas shook his head, walking over to the man. He stood on his toes licking off the batter from Luxord's cheek. "What's for breakfast?"

"I'll tell you what isn't, waffles."

"How do you screw up waffles?"

"...Batter catches on fire, did you know that?"