Itachi stood in front of the mirror looking back at himself

Itachi stood in front of the mirror looking back at himself. His dark black eyes stared back at him with his intense gaze. Deidara poked his head into Itachi's room.

"Itachi, un. Don't you like your hair?" he asked, coming over and inter-twining his fingers in Itachi's dark hair.

Itachi didn't answer.

"Are you bothered by the fact that Konan walked in on us?" said Deidara, looking into the mirror, which was basically staring at Itachi's onyx eyes.

Itachi was traumatized. Konan had just walked right in. Well, she did say she was going to come back soon, but still.

"You know, having a sexual intercourse in the bathroom wasn't smart." said Itachi.

"I wasn't the one who suggested- No, wait, forced it upon us, un."

Itachi smirked. "You didn't try to get away that much."

"You wouldn't know, un! You were too busy trying to get into my-"

"I don't need to hear it." said Itachi pressing his finger to Deidara's lips.

"You obviously try to act like you can resist, but you simply cannot." he purred in Deidara's ear. He wrapped his arms around Deidara's waist.

Deidara's mixed eyes widened. He didn't try to resist Itachi's firm grip.

What good would it do, he thought.

Itachi threw Deidara onto his bed. He kissed Deidara's neck, making Deidara whimper.

He un-butttoned Deidara's fishnet shirt and pulled his pants of in one quick movement of his arms.

Deidara shivered as the cold air collided with his warm heated skin.

Itachi un-buttoned his black Akatsuki coat with red clouds. He threw it to the side and took off his pants.

He shoved three fingers into Deidara's mouth, making him gag.

Deidara glared at Itachi. Itachi's onyx eyes swirled to red.

Deidara looked away.

Itachi pulled his evenly coated fingers out of Deidara's mouth.

He flipped Deidara over with his hand. He placed his fingers at Deidara's entrance.

Deidara felt a sharp growing pain. Itachi scissored around looking for Deidara's spot.

Deidara shivered. Itachi'd found it.

Itachi removed his fingers and placed his member at Deidara's entrance.

He thrust in hard, making Deidara groan.

"Moooove, un."

"As you wish, Dei-chan." said Itachi.

Itachi built up a fast rhythm, making Deidara moan.

Deidara clutched the sheets firmly, gasping and panting as Itachi thrust into him. He felt himself reaching the end of his rope.

He screamed as he came onto the sheets. Itachi groaned as he came inside of Deidara.

They both collapsed onto the bed.

"You didn't t-try to resist." panted Itachi.

"I d-didn't see a-any point to it." gasped Deidara.

Konan shook her head as she heard the loud moaning come to a stop. She'd let them off easy, by not walking in on them this time. Seeing as last time, it was all planned out.