Cassie hid in the shade. She was actually perfectly in plain sight, but because she was so small and everyone else was so busy she knew no one would notice her, except Riddick.

Riddick began another game with a weasel like man named Paris. He began to move around him. Paris looked down just in time to see his shadow moved. Perfect, no one saw him, but it was just enough to scare the guy. Small rocks trickled down a dirt rampart. Paris knew that that meant they had just been climbed by someone. Who ever this person was causing his to fear them so, he did not like them. He called out for them to stop. They were testing his patience, but there was no response.

"Fine, then." Paris grumbled getting down to go find Jack. It had to of been him. Paris was done with being fucked with. Finally he found Jack.

While Paris went after Jack, Riddick climbed up to where Paris had been and found himself a nice drink. Cassie ran over to him. She didn't climbed up to where he was though. She saw no point to it knowing that they would be on the move again.

"What now?" She asked. "What's the point to all of this."

"Patience." He replied. "I'm just seeing who all is here. It's best to know your enemy before you attack."

Cassie thought of his words when suddenly she heard a gun shot go off barely 20 paces away. The sound rang through her ears. Her head snapped in the direction of the sound. Riddick was still as come as ever. A man had just shot another man. From bits of their conversation she could hear, Cassie pieced things together that the man had thought that the other man was Riddick.

'Nice try.' She thought as she slightly laughed.

If all of them, or even just one of them would look up, surely they would see Riddick lounging away drinking his drink as he watched them all.