A/N: this is my first fanfic. I wrote it one time when I was grounded, and the characters were originally made up with nothing to do with the HSM characters. But I figured it would be much easier doing a story with characters that everyone already knew.

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!! I hate saying that. It makes me sad. I wish I did own the HSM franchise. Boy, whoever came up with that idea sure is rich!

Anyway, on with the story!!

My story is similar to that of Hilary Duffs in A Cinderella Story. Only without the botox addicted stepmother. And my dad isn't dead. He's just useless.

My parents got divorced about 2 years ago. It wasn't as hard for us as people expect. My dad was hardly ever around anyway. He was always on 'business trips' with his secretaries. And then there was that time he had to go to England to watch over the new chain of department stores his company had recently built. He told me he was going to be away for a couple of weeks, 2 months tops he told me. Well I didn't see him for a year and a half. After about 6 months I asked my mum if he was dead. I mean, what do you expect a 7 year old to think?

Anyway, a few weeks after they spilt, my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She past away about two months ago, so naturally I had to move in with my 'fantastic father'. Unfortunately he had moved to California. So I had to pack up my life in little old Auckland, New Zealand (A/N it's a real place! I live there! Google it if you need to! Lol) and move to live with my dad and his new 'Barbie look-alike' wife. Actually I lied about not having the botox addicted step-mother; Katrina – or 'Kat' as she insists I call her – may have a real problem! Oh well! Only kidding, I may not like her much, but I'm not that horrible. She's just very worried about her image.

To be honest, my story's nothing like Hilary's, except for the flash house and me living in the attic. It was my choice I guess, I like making statements. Not the 'Emo' or 'Goth' kind, just the sort that lets people know who I am, and that I don't take any crap.

If it wasn't for my mums will, stating that I had to live with my father until my 18th birthday if I wanted to ever see any of my inheritance, I wouldn't have even moved here. I would have stayed with some friends back in New Zealand. But now I'm stuck here for another 8 months.

Well there you go. The first chapter of my first story. Hope you like it! I will keep typing out the other chapters until… well until I get bored I guess! Lol

Peace! GreaseGurl