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Standing in the line to check in, I found myself looking around. Searching for familiar faces. Secretly hoping someone, or rather, Troy would run in like they did in movies and tell me not to leave. I wished he would wrap me in his arms and tell me he loved me and that he would never let me go. I figured the past 8 months had been like a movie, so why would this be any different?

I knew in my heart that I didn't want to leave. But I have 17 ½ years of my life waiting for me back home. Well I could hardly call it home. My mum was gone. All of my friends would be planning their OE's or University, all of which would start in a few months. I couldn't complete my last year of school 'cos I hadn't been there for half of it. Why was I here? When I could be with my Dad and Kat and all my new friends. And Troy. The guys whose hugs could make all of my troubles melt away. The guys whose smile captured my heart every time I saw it. The guys whose kiss made me feel like the most precious girl in the world. Why was I leaving it all behind?

'Cos he was Troy Bolton. Like my letter had said, we would be separated anyway. With him going to the University of Albuquerque and concentrating on his basketball. And me? I still had no idea what I was going to do. I hadn't been accepted to the U of A, so I would only end up working in a diner while he was out partying with his mates, sleeping with other girls-

"Excuse me ma'am? Can I help you?"

"Yes. Yes you most certainly can."


You would think in a moment like this, the traffic would magically disappear, or at least part like the red sea and let you drive through with no problems. Of course, today, that wasn't going to happen. It was only a ten minute drive to her house from mine, but somehow I'd got every single red light and pedestrian, not to mention it seemed like every single car Albuquerque felt the need to drive in front of me, really, really, really slowly. I'd be lucky if I caught Gabriella before she left for the airport.


I was going back. Nothing could stop me now.

"Im terribly sorry ma'am, but all flights to New Zealand have been delayed. There are some horrible storms headed that way"

"Oh. Uh… how long are they delayed for?"

"48 hours"

"48 hours?! Hours. Not minutes?!"

"No ma'am. Hours."

You've got to be kidding me?! What does the universe have against me?!

"Im terribly sorry ma'am. We are offering full refunds on tickets"

"What are my other options?"

The attendant gestured her hand towards the rows of chairs occupied by sleeping tourists.

You have got to be shitting me?!


"Just gimme a minute to think. Please."

Maybe this was a sign. Maybe I was meant to stay here. Who am I kidding anyway? I have no life left in New Zealand. My life is here now. But New Zealand is home–

"ma'am. Im sorry, but there are other customers waiting…"

"Um… ok I'll-"


I ran up the front steps of Gabriella's house. Correction, Gabriella's old house. Flinging the front door open, I ran through the house searching for any sign of life.

"Troy?! What are you doing here?!" cried a very surprised Kat

"Is she here?"

"No, Troy… she's gone"

"What time is her flight?"


"Gabriella's flight. What time does it leave?"

Kat began frantically searching for the piece of paper that contained the information of Gabriella's flight.


I looked up and saw Stephen standing at the bottom of the stairs. I could see a look of sadness in his eyes. Like the light was missing. I guessed I had the same look in my eyes. The only way that light could return was to have Gabriella back in our lives.

I looked down at my watch. Shit. It was 10.00 already. There was only a small chance that I would make it.

Stephen walked past me, and out the front door. Then he turned to me and asked, "are you coming or what?"

"Troy!" I turned to look at kat, "take this. She got in"

I looked at the letter Kat had handed me. Gabriella got into the U of A.

"If that aint a sign, I don't know what is" I muttered to myself as I ran out the door after Stephen


Sitting in one of the many chairs at the airport terminal, I began to reminisce about my past 8 months in Albuquerque. If my life really was a movie, like I had began to suspect it was, right now I would be seeing slow motion flashbacks. The first would be when I first met Troy at the CD store. When I fist saw his gorgeous smile. His amazing eyes. And when I first heard that voice of his.

Next would be when I saw him again at the country club. Then my day at the mall with my new best friends. When he kissed me for the first time in front of the entire school… when we had the water fight in his backyard… the clips would go on, highlighting the amazing times I'd had with Troy, until it got to the point where I broke up with him. According to the gang, I broke his heart that day. Whether that was true or not, I know for a fact I broke my heart.


Apparently Stephen was a race car driver in a previous life!

We were currently speeding down the highway towards the airport

"Why didn't you try and stop her?"

"I thought this way would be more fun" I said sarcastically

Stephen stepped on the gas and wove his way around several cars, narrowly missing a truck

"She didn't tell me she was going!" I yelled holding onto the dashboard

"Why the bloody hell not?!"

"She thought I'd stop her"

"Of course you would! You love her!"

When we got to the airport Stephen barely stopped the car before I was flying out of the car

"Good luck Troy! I'll see you at home!"


I felt like crying. My life. Had turned. To shit.

"This sucks" I muttered as I lent forward in my seat, covering my face with my hands


God. Now I'm even hearing his voice!


Everyone around me had turned to the direction the voice was coming from, and then began searching for the mysterious Gabriella

I looked up to see Troy flying through the terminal, searching for someone

"Troy?" I asked as I stood up

"Brie! You can't go!" he cried as he got closer

"Troy I-"

"No listen! You can't leave me. You can't leave your parents. Or the gang. We love you too much!"


"Brie, please just listen" he said as he held my hands in his

"I know why you didn't tell me. I understand. And I'm not mad. But if you really felt that strongly about leaving, then I wouldn't have stopped you. I would have wanted to, but I wouldn't have"

I laughed slightly, "Yes you would have"

He laughed too, "Ok so I would have. But can you blame me? Your life is here now. With the people who love you. Especially me"


"If you need a sign then look at this"

He let go of one of my hands and pulled a slip of paper from his back pocket. Holding it in front of me, he said "you got in Brie. It's a sign that were meant to go to U of A together"

I turned and picked up the piece of paper that was sitting on my bag. I held it in front of him

"I got a refund on my ticket"

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"You got a refund?"

"Yeah I did"

"So you're staying?"

"I'm staying"

Troy let out a whoop of excitement before enveloping me in a hug, and spinning me around

There was a congratulatory cheer from the crowd who had been watching us

"How's that for a movie ending?" Troy whispered as he put me back on the ground

"You're missing something" I said as I pulled his head down to mine

"I love you" he whispered as he pulled away

"I love you too" I said, giggling slightly

"Come on. Let's go" he said as he grabbed my suitcase and then began pulling me out of the terminal. Troy hailed a taxi and ushered me into it

Finally inside and on our way home, I turned to look at Troy. I ran my hand across his cheek bone, my fingers brushing over a graze

"What happened?"

"I uh… got into a small fight…" he chuckled nervously

"With who…?"

"Um… Justin…"

"What? Why?! Troy I told you we aren't dating!"

"Yeah I know that"

"Then what happened?"

"He told me that you were going back"

"And so you got into a fight with him?" I asked, completely astounded

"Uh… yeah" he said turning away

"Oh god. Hes gonna hate me now" I said laughing slightly

"Nah he won't" he said looking at me

"And how do you know?"

"We 'made up'. Wow that sounds gay"

I laughed

"You made up? Seriously Troy"

"We did. Honestly!" he laughed, "call him and ask him if you want!"

"No its fine. I'll believe you" I said not completely believing him

"Come here" he whispered as he pulled my towards him for more kisses

"Troooooy!" I mumbled when we pulled into my driveway

"Not yet" he said as he pulled me back to him

"The taxi man wants his money!"

"I don't have the money"

"You're the knight in shining armour. Get paying" I laughed as I got out, and took my suitcase out of the boot

"Gabriella! Your back! I mean, you didn't leave!"

"Yeah Kat, I didn't go" I laughed as I saw Kat and my Dad running out of the house to greet me

"Thank you Troy. Finally, she listens to someone!" Dad said as he pulled me into a hug

Suddenly, Troy's phone rang

"Hello? Yeah man, she's back. Yeah we're at her house. Sweet as man. We'll wait for you here"

"Who was that?"

"The gang. They're on their way"

I laughed again as I began to take my suitcase inside

"Wow its empty in here" Troy mumbled as we entered my room

"Good thing we didn't send your stuff then I guess" Dad said as he hugged me once again

"Yeah, thanks Dad"

"Good thing your beds still here" Troy said as he flopped down onto my bed, pulling me down with him

Then my phone rang

"I thought fairytales are meant to have happy endings" I giggled as I picked up my phone


"Hey Ella. In guessing Troy got to you in time then?"

"Yeah he did…"

"Did he tell you we made up? Wow that sounds gay!"

"Yeah he told me… and I didn't believe him…"

"Well you should have cos it's true" I could hear him laughing slightly

"Hey you should come round. The gangs coming over as well, so we can all catch up… and maybe sort out the shit between you and the gang" I laughed

"Yeah I'll be round soon then"

"you invited Justin around?"

"Yeah. I figure if you can make up with him, then why cant the rest of the gang?"

"Good point"


"GABI!! God take your time Troy!" Sharpay yelled as ran through the doorway

"Hey! At least I stopped her!" I said standing up, narrowly missing the gang flying onto the bed for a group hug

"You're coming back to school aren't you?" Zeke asked

"Yeah. I'll re-enrol on Monday"

"You better" I said as I jumped on the bed to join the hug

"Ella? You in here?"

"Is that… Justin?" Taylor said sitting up

"Yeah I told him to come over…"

"Hey Gabs… and the gang" Justin said as he nodded his head towards everyone piled on the bed

"Hey man" I said as I stood up, putting my hand out for Justin to shake

"Hey. Good to see your back Gabs"

"Yeah it is!" she said as she gave him a hug. Then she turned to look at me, "I'm not dating him by the way"

"Alright, alright I get the hint" I laughed

"So are you two seriously friends again?" Chad asked me and Justin

"Yeah I guess we are" I said as Gabriella turned to hug me again

"Alright then. Any friend of Troy's is a friend of ours. Get into the group hug!!" Sharpay cried as she grabbed Justin's hand, pulling him onto the bed

"Wha-?" he asked, laughing

Gabriella looked up at me

"I guess i got My Own Cinderella Story"

"I guess you did" I laughed as I planted a smacking kiss on her lips, before pushing her onto the bed into the pile of bodies

I guess every story does have a happy ending

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