Chapter 1:Nightmare and I miss you…

Link's dream…

"Link...I...See you later…" said a beautiful, red hair, The Twilight Princess is bidden farewell to her friend, The Hero of Time and his world. As she says good-bye to her friend, one of her tears rolls off her cheek and float in the air. She pushes it off toward the mirror of Twilight. It hit the mirror and starts to shatter, Midna rush up the stair, to go home. She only smiles to the blonde hero.

Link was shock, he rush to Midna but it was too late, she already departs into the Twilight Realm.

"Midna, why did you do you that?" Link thought. Just than the ground start to break and he fell in.

"AAAHHHH!" Link screams as he fall into darkness.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!! Midna!!!" yelled Link as woke up for his dream. He was hot, cover in sweat, breathing heavy. Link been having nightmares about Midna since 6 months ago and he live in the Brawlers Mansion ever since. R.O.B ran and own the place ever since Tabuu was defeated. Link love spending time with his new friends, but he wanted to be with Midna. Link ran his left hand in his blonde hair.

"Was it all a nightmare?" he thought. Just then his door slide open as all of the Brawlers enter the room. They were holding their fists and weapon in the air. They were wearing nightclothes and the girls have robe on to cover nightgown. Only people like Meta Knight, Pokemon, Donkey Kong wear their normal clothes they everyday.

"Are you okay, Link?" Pit asked. "We all hear you scream."

"I'm fine, I just had a dream that all." Link assured. With that everybody lower there fists and weapon. They all look around to see at no villains, just Link. It been 2 months since they move in and Link be having a lot of nightmares.

"Hey-a, Link, are sure you okay?" asked Mario in his Italian voice. "You been haven't be sleeping ever since we came here."

"I'd said I'm fine. I've been having dream like this for six months." Link replied.

"Well, if you ask me, if more like you been having nightmares and this one seem like it the worst one yet!" Marth stated. What he say was true, Link never screamed that loud. Zelda push her way through her friends to be in front of everybody.

"That's all the questions for tonight, okay everybody? Please, go back to bed." she said. Zelda is the only person who know about Midna and Link always talk to her because they didn't tell anybody about her

"One more question, who's Midna?" asked Sonic. Link didn't answer, but look at him with an anger face.

"Whoa!" as everybody, but Zelda, got kick out of Link's room they were on top of each other.

"Goodnight!" Link exclaimed as the door slide close.

"Nice going, Sonic. Thanks to you I'm getting crush by the King of the Jungle and whole lot of other people!" Falco said in a pissed off tone. Donkey Kong was right on top of him.

In Link's room…

"Are you going be okay….Hero?" Zelda asked in a sweet voice.

"Yeah, I think so." Link replied in a low voice. "I just miss her...a lot."

"Yes, but try to get some sleep and be happy, okay?" Zelda smiled. She walks over to Link and gave him hug and he returns it. Zelda hear a "Thank you Princess" from Link, she could feel his hot breath on her ear. She pulled away and walks the door. As it slide open and everybody fell in, it was clear to tell they were listening to their conversation.

"Hiya" Ness said, nervously.

In the Twilight Realm…

Midna couldn't sleep, she been thinking of Link for 6 month, ever since she last saw him.

"Link how are you doing?" she thought. It was 2 o'clock when she fell asleep. In the morning she got herself ready for the day. The day pass in the afternoon Midna was in the throne room. Just than one her servant enter and bow down to his ruler.

"Princess Midna someone want to see you, shall I let him in?" he said

"Yes, let him in." she commanded and with that the servant bow once more and left to get the man.

"The man I want to see is Link...I miss you." Midna thought. "I wonder who is this person and what does he want from me."

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