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Chapter 15: The Final Confront

Midna was still in the throne room, as Xaldin nape at her neck. Midna shed a tear from her eyes. She had enough this, so she pushes Xaldin off of her.

"GET OFF!" Midna yelled.

Xaldin stood there, unfazed, and grinning. He enjoyed her reaction, she try to push him back. But he will come back playing harder.

"Now, now, Midna, calm yourself. You don't want anything to happen to Rikku." Xaldin threaten.

"LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!!" Midna snapped at him.

"Maybe I will or maybe not." He smirked. "Who knows what might happen to her, like I say, behave, love."

"What if I don't?" Midna asked. Xaldin's grin grew wider and he grabs her arm and drags her to the balcony. Midna gasp at the sight before her. Her people were turning into the same form they were put in when Zant try take over the Twilight Realm.

"What have you done?!?!" Midna cried. "I know that your power grew stronger, but this strong to turn my people!"

"That will be my doing." A voice said, from behind, Midna turn saw Ganondorf, smirking.

"YOU!" Midna exclaimed, "I thought you were dead! No matter, what are you doing here?!?!

"It's nice to see you, too, Princess." Ganon replied, plainly, "I came for a little help so that I can take over Hyrule and rule this realm, too."

"Link will stop both of you and will save me!" Midna declared. Both men laugh and Xaldin drag her back to the throne room and pushes her down on the chair.

"And then what? You will just ripped his heart out again, my dear." Ganon said, and he lean down and rub Midna's cheek.

Just then a Twili monster came in and told Xaldin something. And then he left, Xaldin turns his face back to Midna.

"Looks like someone coming, sweet Midna." He said, and turns to Ganon and the monsters that attack the mansion. "We have guests. Make sure they feel welcome."

They went out of the room and Ganon want into Xaldin's body.

"Your hero has come, but will he live to see you, love?" he inquired.

"He will live!" Midna exclaimed.

"We'll see about that, love."

With Link

"So, what's the plan?" Red asked R.O.B.

"What plan? We put them into the ground." Link replied.

"Yeah, I'm with you, Link." Falco agreed.

"Oh, yeah? You and what Starfleet?" Meta Knight asked.

"Listen, you can go and waste time, but I'm not!" Link exclaimed and jumps into the portal and the other fallow behind, chasing after him.

"It's hard being the leader sometimes." R.O.B sighed and went into the portal.

Once they were in the Twilight Realm they saw an army of Darknuts, Stalfos, Lizalfos, Bulbins, Koopas and Goombas. Also, Wolf, Wario, Ridley, and Bowser, grinning at them.

"Is this the welcoming party?" Sonic joked.

"I don't think so." Ness said.

"Where's Midna?!?" Link yelled to Bowser.

"With her lover." Bowser answered, playing with Link's feelings.

"He's not Midna's lover." Link snapped.

"And what? You're her lover?" Wolf teased. Link grew angry and can't bear the villains taunting him about his feelings.

"Attack! Get 'em!! Link ordered, temper lost.

"Okay, but only because you ask so nicely." Snake said, sarcastically and the Brawlers began the fight. Even if they were injured, it was hard for them to fight, without feeling pain. The ground quickly got cover in blood.

"Guys, don't kill the black ones, those are Midna's people." Link warned.

The fight is heating up and Wolf, Wario, Ridley, and Bowser was watching the fight with great pleasure. Everyone was surrounded by foes and yet they still fought with effort.

"I don't get it, they still have wounds that are still healing and they are still fight even they know death is coming upon them." Wolf said.

"True. The turn out come seem clear, but they had always won against us." Bowser told him. "Let see what will happen, but I think I join the fight myself."

Bowser and the others enter the fight and ran toward the arc enemy, hoping to tear them limp from limp. Link was showing no mercy to his enemies he fought, than the Master sword start to glow. It fills with power and shines the same way when Link got the Sols in place when he first enters the Twilight Realm. He smiles and charge right back into battle, his friends watch in awe as Link fought bravely and endlessly to get to Midna.

"Everybody, fight toward the gates, we need to get inside to reach Princess Midna!" R.O.B demanded.

"Yes, Sir!" They answered. They fought and ran toward the doors, and were about there but Wolf, Wario, Ridley and Bowser jump in froth of them. Samus, Mario, and Fox were waiting for a rematch, and now they got it.

"Going somewhere, McCloud?" Wolf asked.

"No, I've had been waiting for this, Wolf." Fox said, "Bring it on."

Wolf tackles Fox and strikes him with his claws. Falco ran to aid Fox, but was stop by Ridley.

"It's their fight, don't butt in." Ridley said, and threw Falco against the wall. The others were occupied with their own battles.

"Leave him alone, Ridley! I've got a bone to pick with ya!" Samus yelled, charging and blast him with her canon.

"Hi there, Sammy, you look well." Ridley taunted.

"Shut your mouth!" Samus snapped. He jumps on Bowser's head and leap on Ridley's back.

Mario and Bowser fought one on one and the others was trying to cover them until they can get the doors open, while trying to defend themselves. Wolf and Fox took out there gun and try to blast one another. Samus hang on Ridley back as hard as she could and point her canon on the alien back and blast him. Ridley cried out in pain and stop flying; he drops on the ground crushing his allies with his body. Wario was under him and was trying to get out to battle with Mario. But DK put him out from under the alien and punches him, knocking him out. Samus was falling to the ground but Meta Knight caught her.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine, you watch your back." She said.

Falco creep behind Wolf, as he got an aim on Fox.

"Say night-night, mutt!" Wolf said, and was about to shoot when Falco turn him around and punch him out cold.

"Night-night, and don't let the bed bugs bits." Falco grinned.

"Thank, buddie." Fox smiled.

"Anytime." He said.

Mario and Bowser were still at it but then Mario saw pull to the side by Popo and Nana. They whack Bowser with their hammers.

"What did-a you do that for?" He asked.

"Come on! The doors are opening!" they said. The Brawlers rush into the castles and quickly close the doors. Bowser was enraged as he pounded on the door with his fists.

"Come out! Come on out and fight me like a man!!" Bowser yelled from the other side. "Fine, stay in there, but it's not any safer than out here, the castle is crawling with shadows and other monsters. You won't come out alive!"

"You guys heard him. The place is cover in monsters." Captain Falcon said.

"Who knows? Maybe they'll get tired and give up." Sonic stated.

Everyone looks at him.

Sonic look at them for a moment and said, "…Yeah, I know. But a little optimism at a time like this couldn't hurt."

"There they are!" a voice came from a distain. The Brawlers could hear footsteps coming closer.

"Okay, so much for optimism." Sonic whined.

"Let's get out of here!!...FAST! Link ordered. They ran up the stairs and fight through enemies in the way.

They finally may it to the door of the throne room. Pacing and trying to caught their breath. Zelda or "Sheik", what she like to be called when in her Sheikah clothes, heal and check the wounds and the freshly new ones.

"Link, are you sure you what to face Xaldin head on like this?' Snake inquired.

"I'm sure."

They enter the throne room and saw Midna tie up on the throne and when she saw Link she didn't smile, but starting to yelled.

"LINK, LOOK OUT!!" She screamed. But it was too late; Xaldin came flying from their backs and sends them flying, with a wave of energy, across the room. Link saw what Xaldin look like, red hair and eyes, blue skin and Twili marks.

"Are you Xaldin?!" Link asked in rage.

"You must be the young hero that my sweet Midna talked about so fondly." Xaldin said, avoiding Link question.

"So, you are Xaldin! I want you to stop this madness, now!" Link cried. "And leave Midna alone!"

"And then what? I leave my beautiful bride and all this power? NEVER!!!" Xaldin exclaimed. He creates another wave of magic and threw it at Link. But Link dodges it; he took out his claw shot and aims it at Xaldin. It grasps Xaldin's body and Link pull on the chain and Xaldin straight at him. Link made a fist and it pounded into Xaldin's face and it cause blood to gush out of Xaldin' mouth.

"You dare to face me, boy?!" Xaldin yelled at the blonde hero.

"Yeah, I do! So, it's time to put up or shut up!' Link challenged.

Xaldin sends one by one a wave of magic, it hit Link many time but he wasn't about to give up. Some of Xaldin's magic was send right back at him because Link reflecting with his sword. The others brawlers decide that they will stay out of this fight, this was Link's fight not theirs. Anyway they had to do something while Link was fighting.

"Do you really think you can keep on fight me, Hero?" Xaldin asked.

"Yes, I do." Link answered, "I will never let this realm be in the hands of a mad man or let Midna marry a evil bastard like you!"

Xaldin just this time make magic double gangers and surround Link, each made a magic energy and shot them toward Link, he didn't have anywhere to ran or hide for cover he embrace impact but notching hit him. Link saw a force field around, made by Midna.

"What!? How did you get loose?!? Xaldin asked, surprised.

Midna was untieing by the other Brawlers and Zelda shutter the magic cuff with her magic; now Midna can use her magic. But Midna didn't answer Xaldin, she swoop down and garb Link. She flew into a corner of the throne room where his friends are.

"Glad to see that you didn't die." Marth relieved. Link didn't pay attention to him, cause as soon Midna put Link down to the ground she hug him! Link returned the hug and didn't care that his friends saw, he was happy to be in the Twilight Princess's arms again. But it didn't last long, Xaldin was looking for them.

"Link, are you okay?" Midna asked, letting go of him.

"I'm glad you're okay." Link smiled.

"Link…I will fight Xaldin."


"Alone. This should have been done in the first place, but instead, I drag you and your friends into this."

"But Midna you can't take him by yourself."

"Yes, I can."

"But…At least let me fight with you!"

"This should have been done a long time ago, Link." Midna whispered, solemnly.

"But still- hump!" Link was cut off, by something warm and soft on his lips. It was Midna's lips on his, the Brawlers watch in shock, waiting for her next move.

"Thank you, Link...For caring." Midna said. Link's cheeks became red and hot; he didn't know what to do. Midna was about to show herself to Xaldin, but Link garb her wrist.

Midna saw Link's blue eyes become sad, lonely and fill with hurt.

"Midna,I…" Link began.

"I know...I'll be careful." Midna cut him off.

Link opens his mouth again. "That's not what I was going to say—..."

Midna cut him off once more; she kisses her middle and four fingers and presses them on Link's lips.

"I know. But that's the way it is." Midna replied and walk away him. She walk out of hiding and called out to her unwanted lover.

"Xaldin! Stop!" Midna cried.

"There you are, love." Xaldin smirked. "And don't worry, I put away that little light-dweller in no time."

"I'll fight you." Midna proclaimed.

"Okay, love, let's dance!" Xaldin smirked.

Both Twilis float high above the ground and start to send waves and sphere of powerful magic at each other. It was so powerful it was destroying the Brawlers' hidden place and making them scattering around the room.

"Why do you discarded me, sweet Midna?!" Xaldin asked.

"Because you're evil and I'll never love the likes of you!" Midna replied.

"And that light-dweller is better than someone from your realm?!?"


"I don't believe this. My Princess is in love with the same people that send us to this place."

"Leave him out of this."

"You think Ganon let you beat me?"

"You might have his power, but I have this power."

Midna use a faction of her ancestors' power, like the first time she uses it's against Zant. But she didn't use it to implied him, instead use it to hit his pressure points. Xaldin cried in pain from the pikes of Midna's hair; it causes him to blood, a lot of blood. He fell down hard on his back. Midna landed gracefully on the ground, in front of him. The Brawlers rush over to her side. Link took out the Master sword and point it an inch of Xaldin's neck.

"How did you do that, Midna?" Xaldin asked "My pact with the so-called "god' should have help me defeated you."

"You sound like Zant and like him, his god abandoned him." Midna repiled. Link was the next to speak up.

"I should kill you for all the trouble you cause me, Midna and my friends." He hissed as he raises his sword and strike for the kill, but then he remember something.


"The evil you think is not the real one." Din said.

"Don't kill the one you think is evil behind this." Farore said.

"Remember, every life is precious." Nayru said.


Link stop an inch before the tip of the sword can hit Xaldin's neck. The others were a little shock, but smile at Link kindness and mercy.

"But it's not right, even for someone like you." Link hissed, hoarsely, "There's someone else involved with this isn't there?"

"How do you know?" Xaldin asked, surprised. He was still on the floor as Link put the Master Sword away, so he can calm down.

"It's obvious. How else you got so much power." Link replied and turn to Midna, "Midna, during your fight, you say Ganon. Is Ganondorf is the cause of this?"

"Yes." She replied.

"Princess Midna!! Princess!" voices coming from the doorway. Midna's people, her council, and Rikku ran up to her, all reverse to their same old self.

"Rikku! Everybody!" Midna beamed. The council steps forward to Midna.

"Your Majesty, we're sorry, it'a our fault this happen." They apologized.

"I'll deal with you later." Midna said and then turn to Link. "Link, we have to get to Hyrule!"

"Wait!" Rikku exclaimed.

"What is it, Rikku?"

"Princess, is this Link, the Hero of Twilight?"

"Yes, it's him and these are his friends." Midna answered. Suddenly the Twilis gather around Link and bow before him like a god.

"Thank you, Chosen Hero." They said and Link nod at them.

"Your Highness, we will see to Xaldin is put in the prison." One of the guards said.

"Please do." Midna said, "I have you be in Light World now. Rikku, you're in charge until I get back."

"As you wish." Rikku bowed, "And Princess. you should know, when you beat Xaldin, not only it save us, it also made those monsters go back into the Light World."

"Good, that means I won't have to deal with them." Midna sighed.

Then she and the Brawlers rush out of the castle into the portal, and back into the Mirror Chamber. They hop into the Halberd and head off to Hyrule. When they got there they saw bloomy sky, and spirited of Castle Town people.

"How awful…" Zelda gasped.

They continue to the castle and on their way they haven't encounter any foes, it was quite. Link and Midna was walking side by side, behind the others. They glance at each other for a while now, but didn't say a word, unlit Link spoke up.

"Midna, about…What happen in Twilight…I what to say that-…"

"Link, you have to know that nothing can happen between us." She cut him off. "Light and Shadow can't mix...not now…Not ever."

"What?!' Link muttered, quietly.

"I'm sorry."

Link and Midna stop and look at each other eyes.

"So, was it a lie? Was it all a lie?" Link asked, huskily.

No respond

"Don't say you don't love me."

"Oh, Link, I can never say that, but you have to know. I will always put my people first." Midna said sadly as she stroke his cheek. They turn around saw the Brawlers were watching them as they went ahead.

"We can talk more once this is over." Midna told him as walk ahead.

They enter the castle and saw Ganondorf sitting on the throne. He was grinning, in the same pose from a few months ago.

"Welcome, Princess and Hero." Ganondorf greeted them.

"Ganondorf, you will never over throw me or Princess Zelda!" Link growled.

"Time for a rematch Hero and this you will fall." Ganondorf proclaimed.

"Try it!" Link exclaimed. He jump forth and clash the Master sword with a sword Ganondorf took out. Both try over power one another, but both flew back a the impact. Than a barrier was made, just the first time they fought.

"It's so your little friends won't butt in." Ganon explained. He slashes Link's shoulder and blood came out.

"So, how does it feel, Hero? Having your heart broken again by the one person you love most?" he asked. Link got angry and a Mortal Draw on Ganondorf, causing great to him and Link.

"Nice move, boy, but doing that will also cause potential injury to you."

"Shut your mouth or I will do it for you!" Link snapped. He charge at Ganon and the swords collide with each other once more. Link over power Ganon; knocking him on into his back and Link try an Ending Blow but Ganon got up before he could strike. Link try to pull in out but it was stuck. His enemy grabs him the throat and held him in the air. Ganondorf squeeze Link' neck.

"Struggle as much as you like, Hero, you're only making it harder!" Ganon smirked, Link try to set free from his grasp, but couldn't. Link kick his leg to Ganon's knee, making him let go. Ganon cringe into pain, and Link quickly got off the ground and a pull the Master sword out of the ground. . Link try to slice Ganon but he grab Link left arm and bended it.

"Ahhh!" Link cried in pain, as his heard his bones cracked. But that did stop him, he jump kick Ganon in the chin; Ganon fell backward. Link gave him another powerful kick and landed on his back.

"Let's end this!!" Link shouted, and did an Ending Blow, and this time it hit Ganondorf right in the chest.

"AAAHHHHHH!!" Ganondorf cried. The shield broke down, the Brawler ran over to their blonde friend. Then Ganon stood up like he did before when Link first defended him.

"I will be back and Light and Shadow will mix and the history will be written in blood, and I'll make sure it's your blood, you and the Princess of Twilight!"

Those were his last word for now; Link doesn't know if Ganondorf will come back, if he does, Link will be waiting.

(One week later..)

When the fight was over Midna and the Brawlers return to the mansion, where everybody was tend to their wound. Fox and Falco couldn't get Bowser and the others, but they knew they would be back. Midna travel back and forth in the two realms to bring help.

In Twilight there was a huge party in honor for the Hero of Twilight and his friends for their heroic act. But Midna and Link didn't talk to one a other the hole time. It was time to go, Midna, Link, Zelda and the rest was at the Mirror Chamber.

"Midna, are you really going to destroy the Mirror again?" Peach asked.

"For the best, I hope you guys understand." Midna replied. Midna's council and Rikku was also there, they look at one another and nodded.

"Princess Midna, me and the rest of the council has decided that you can choose the man you wish to be with, and this time you can take as long as you want." Axel said, "After it was my idea that cause the trouble in the first place."

"Thank you."

"But we do recommend the young hero, we heard of your fondness of him." Axel continued, "He seems well-fit to be King and your husband."

"What?! Really?" Midna cheeks grew red.


"I'm happy that you let me make the choice, but I'm not ready for marriage yet." Midna said, "I want let the love grow before ever deciding on marriage, right, Link?"

Link smiled, "Midna, does that mean you won't shatter the mirror?!

She nodded, and hugs Link, and kisses him. But quickly broke it.

"Yes, Link?" she asked.


"Will you be my lover?"

"Yes, I will…..My princess."

Link and Midna hug again, and their friend and allies smile. But then Axel spoke up.

"Ahem! Princess, I know as a teenager you want to have fun and spend time with your lover, but remember you still have to do your duties." Axel said, "And there's no rush. Tell us when you're ready to take a king by your side."

"Thank you." Midna said, and turn to Link and kiss him.

"Link...I...See you later." Midna smiled.

"Yeah…See you soon." Link gleamed and kisses her again and pulls her into a hug.

So Link continues to live in the mansion, still visiting his home village. And keep going to adventures with his friends. Midna still rule Twilight but every week she goes into the mansion to go on a date with Link, leaving Rikku in charge. Link and Midna very happy with each other and so are the Brawlers, who also continue to live in the mansion, but still visit their homeland. They always watch out for each and having fun, they even come with Link to Twilight to see Midna, where they are treated like honor guests. Time can only tell when Midna was ready to take Link as her husband, but some Twili say they saw Link got on one knee and the next part when tackles him a hug and kiss him.

Now it's back to real world all of you I must ascend. For I've only two words left and they are, "THE END."

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