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Eh, yeah.

Date: July 17

Time: 5:30pm

Location: Up in old ugly tree out back.

Situation: Hiding

How DARE that no good


Like I would want to


We are practically adults, and he has the gall--


Dear Journal,

My name is Kit Barker, and I hate Paul Braxton.

Yeah, I know, hate is a strong word and you shouldn't use it casually and blah blah blah...

But really,


I hate him.

… Jerk

I mean, where does he get off saying things like that to people?

I should explain what happened...

No, it's too embarrassing; I'd probably die of mortification just by writing it in this stupid little journal.

Maybe if you beg...

No, not even then! I shall never repeat what has happened! Never ever never. I will take it with me to the grave; banish all thoughts of it from my mind.

Good day journal.

I said good day!

Leave me alone.

Time: 5:40

Location: Still up in the old ugly tree out back.

Situation: Hiding.

All right, I'll tell you. But you must never repeat it… Journal.

Not that, you know, you could, because you're a book and all, but still.

You know what I mean.

…Shut up.

I was just innocently walking down an isle of Wal-Mart, picking up some… uh, female products, when out of no where appears Paul "Pull your Ponytail" Braxton.

No girl ever wants to be seen picking up pads by a male, especially one who has made it his point in life to drive said girl up the wall.

We have a history, Paul and I, but I'll go into that more later.

Much much later, if ever.

I probably won't go into it, actually.

Anyway, so there appears Paul, in all his big headed glory, and in tow is that pack of guys he's always hanging out with.

That pack of really fantastic looking, drool inducing guys.

I just kind of froze, and prayed they wouldn't see me. He was talking intently to Jacob, another old acquaintance, and he wasn't really paying attention,

I suppose that's why he crashed into me.

I don't know how it happened, one minute I was standing there, clutching the bag to my chest, and then I was on the ground, Paul on top of me (in a completely disgusting fashion may I add), with the little pads raining down on us because the bag split after I had thrown it into the air while I was falling.

Oh, Gods, I can't write anymore right now, just wait a moment.

Time: 5:57

Place: Top of the Fridge

Situation: Eating and Hiding

Chocolate really does make everything better.

I like the dark kind the best; it just melts on your tongue.


Okay, I think I can repeat the rest of the story without wanting to die now.

So I was just laying there, staring up into Paul's face, and he was just sort of staring at me with the weird blank look…

I assume the rest of the guys were just standing there (not helping me up, obviously chivalry is completely dead), because no one came over to offer to pull the giant jackass off of my poor little body.

Guys are jerks.

But Paul is the worst one out there,

So there!



Anyways, so I'm just, you know, lying there, being crushed to death by Paul's humongous body. He didn't even have the courtesy to be flabby and slightly comfortable! I could feel his abs through his shirt, he's surprisingly muscular, I wonder if he--


Totally kidding.

It was really strange to, because any normal person would jump up and never want to look me in the eye again. But Paul just stayed there, and he was starring at me like, I don't know, he'd never seen me before or something! And that's just ridiculous, because we've been next door neighbors since kindergarten, and he's never looked at me with anything other than annoyance, amusement, or abject horror.

We must have laid there for a whole minute before he snapped back to normal. Of course, the first thing out of his mouth was such a ridiculously Paul thing to say, I just wanted to hit him.

" Really Kitty Kat, if you wanted me that bad, all you had to do was ask."

So, I did what any other calm young lady in my situation would have done. I let him role off me, stood up slowly, and then kicked him as hard as I could while he was lying there and unable to dodge me.

I kicked him right were it hurt, and I'm not ashamed at all.

So haha Paul, I win.

Yeah, I sound six, but I don't care.

He totally started it anyways.

Time: 6:18

Location: My room

Situation: Trying to relax after my horrible ordeal

Okay, I don't want you to get the impression that I don't hate him with every fiber of my being; and that he isn't the worlds biggest pain in the posterior, but while he was lying there and staring into my eyes, it was just really intense; and almost kind of nice--

Just kidding.


… yeah.

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