Authors Note: Since I've been interested in Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts II, I wanted to write about my favorite member Demyx 9 the melodious nocturne and how he spends his days within the organization especially Axel and lives with himself dealing with the fact that he has an other side; his true serious side when he challenged and surprised Sora the second time he fought. Because Demyx is such an interesting character, I will have him interact with all of the members even though he does not in the game. The storyline takes place sometime after Xemnas is defeated by Sora , but somehow Xemnas manages to survive and brings all of the members back including Roxas who had joined inside Sora so the members will be a tad older than they were at beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. Xemnas with the others members of the organization plans to attack Sora in his friends much to the reluctance of Roxas.

The story will have hidden surprises and even an unexpected crossover later on. There will be angst, humor, adventure, suspense, love, and violence and will be based on my views that supports the game, novel, and manga element of the characters. It is not a mary sue and I will try to keep the characters in character since that's the kind of fan fiction I enjoy reading.

Fury of the Storm

Darkness swarmed the whole area and covered up any chance of sunlight coming through. This was a realm of darkness from the eye can see. The only light was in the shape of a heart that loomed above the world spreading forth the glows of pink, purple, blue, and white hues. Below was an eerie florissant small city with the darkest of alleys around every corner that crawled with many heartless and nobodies; various forms of alien monster like creatures. Off in the distance loomed a hovering massive white castle known as Castle Oblivion which no one dared to enter since it was the home of thirteen black cloaked hooded nobodies known as Organization XIII. These thirteen were advanced forms of nobodies that retained human forms each with their own weapon of attack and element. The group consisted of twelve males and one female in which she was treated as one of the guys. Their names are as follows representing the numbered order they joined in the organization where as members 1 through 6 are considered to be the senior members that comprised of the organization.)

Xemnas (1) known as the Superior was the leader who made up the organization. He had orange eyes, straight, but angular silver long hair and dark tan skin. He was the one who gave the orders and who everyone feared mainly because the power of nothingness that could phase through any solid matter and manifest energy- based projectiles and shields not to mention his weapon of choice were the aerial blades resembling that of a light saber . Appearing in his early 30's with a voice that resonated authority and power, no member dared to defy him for it spelt out doom so they were forced to take upon missions to seize the hearts from heartless in order to become whole to keep their boss in good terms.

Xigbar (2) known as the Freeshooter who appeared to be in his late twenties had yellow eyes, slicked back black hair with sliver streaks in a ponytail and he wore a patch over his right eye. On his left cheek was an angular pointy scar that began at his side mid chin level and ended below his left eye. His element was space gravity where he used it to transport himself, warp his barrage of spark spiked bullets that appeared to resemble white thick lasers or light and levitate upside down. He was a bit of a slacker, but was treacherous to the core when he wanted to be.

Xaldin (3) known as the Whirlwind Lancer who appeared also to be in his late twenties, had purple eyes with long black hair in dreadlocks with black sideburns that came to points on both sides of his cheeks. He controlled the wind to do his bidding as well as his lances to shield himself from attacks and create destructive whirlwinds. His demeanor was gruff and he didn't stand for nonsense from any lower member. He would push his weight around and enjoyed bullying others around.

Vexen (4) known as the Chilly Academic was a scientist who appeared to be in his 40's thus making him the oldest member in the organization. Vexen had the power to control ice and carried a big angular blue shield with points to deflect attacks. He loved to experiment on others and was intrigued by that of the heart. He had green eyes with long blonde hair that splinted down both sides of his face.

Lexaeus (5) also known as the Silent Hero looked to be the toughest member when it came to appearance alone. He had blue eyes, auburn short hair that spiked out at the back of his head and a sour gruff disposition to match. He appeared to be in his mid thirties and possessed the power of earth and a giant red and yellow tomahawk to aid him in his fights. He was the one member that topped the scales of brute brawn and massive strength.

Zexion (6) the last of the original six, known as the Cloaked Schemer used his power of illusion to mimic others weapons, to disguise himself as others ,and make duplicates of himself. His different weapon was a lexicon that is a reference book like that of a dictionary and encyclopedia . He had a small stature with blue eyes, short pale lavender hair in the back, but long in the front that hung on both sides of his face like a wave. The right side of his face was concealed with his hair and he appeared to be in his early twenties. He also is able to track anyone by the smell of their scent.

Saix (7) known as the Luna Diviner was considered to be second in charge of the organization with his strong loyalty towards Xemnas. He appeared to be either in his late twenties or early thirties and had long blue hair that spiked out towards the circumference of his head and also had orange eyes like those of Xemnas. Between his eyes a scar in the shape of an "X" was shown and was more prominent when he transformed into a raging dangerous man similar to that of a warewolf without the fur when he absorbed the light from the moon. His weapon was indeed strange for it was a claymore and was especially dangerous when he was in his true nature of going berserk.

Axel (8) known as Flurry of Dancing Flames utilized a pair of sharp chakram and mastered the power of fire. Using his element and weapons he created walls of fire and would ignite the chakrums slashing them at his opponents. Appearing to look like he was in his late teens even though he was in his early twenties, this dangerous nobody with a slim physique but broad upper body, was the executioner for enemies and traitors of the organization and was indeed one of the best and strongest fighters. He had emerald eyes with two small tattoos with the shape of vertical points downwards underneath each eye and red spiky long hair. He was also rebellious and tended to do things his own way with little exception to the rules, but due to the fact of his loyalty of exposing treacherous members that were hoping to overthrow the organization, Axel received a promotion where he was considered to be third in command.

Demyx (9) known as the Melodious Nocturne appearing also to look that of a teenager even though he was in his early twenties, was very carefree and did not like to fight unless he was forced to. Due to this reason he was thought of as being incompetent, weak, and got himself into trouble within the organization. His antics and demeanor were somewhat childish and how he presented himself to the others were downright eyebrow raising, but beneath the fake façade was his true side one that of seriousness, hatred, and surprise. He had aqua colored eyes and a mullet hairstyle that was golden brunette. The element he possessed was water and his weapon was a tall blue sitar (instrument) shaped that of the Organization XIII symbol that matched his height that he played beautifully, vigorously, without any effort in order to manipulate watery forms of himself and control the magnitude of his blasts of his element that were used as projectiles, a shield, and a quick way of jetting himself across in fights.

Luxord (10) known as the Gambler of Fate had blue eyes and short blonde slicked back hair with a blonde goatee. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties and wore three small silver looped earrings on his left ear and another earring with that of the Organization XIII symbol in his lobe. He specialized in gambling and was able to control time where the opponents paid with their lives. He used his cards as a weapon and was able to attack and defend himself. He was always on top of his game and loved to toy or test his enemies with his cunning tactics.

Marluxia (11) known as the Graceful Assassin had blue eyes, wavy spiky pink colored hair and controlled the power of flowers. His weapon was a scythe with a pink blade and he specialized in nature and was able to connect to a huge transformation with that of a flying nobody monster whose face appeared to look like that of the shape of a vendetta mask. His original plan was to overthrow the organization before Xemnas left him in charge of Castle Oblivion, but was thwarted by Axel who revealed him to be a traitor. Marluxia appeared to be in his mid or late twenties and was often mistaken by strangers as a female because of how he presented himself and his visage.

Larxene (12) known as the Savage Nymph was the only female in the organization, who loved to boss others around and start trouble by antagonizing and jeering. She was extremely conceited, made every situation worse with her replies and was also a traitor in the Organization. She had green eyes, blonde slicked back hair where two long points of her bangs stuck out on either side of her head like curved long antenna of a insect. She specialized in thunder and her weapons were yellow tipped blue knifes that she held between her fingers in each hand that resembled that of claws.

Roxas (13) also known as the Key of Destiny was the youngest and newest member to the organization and nobody of their enemy of Sora. He looked to be in his early teens, but was actually a tad older like that of his late teens and he had dirty blonde hair that was messy and strands of it stuck up on both sides. He had blue eyes like that of his somebody Sora and wielded the key blade Oblivion. The power that he had was light and he was the most reluctant member of the organization for he hated his purpose and wanted to befriend others and live his life as that of a normal teenager who had a heart. Roxas was considered to be one of the biggest traitors of the organization for he left because he wanted to discover who he was and due to this reason was the main downfall of the organization that led to distrust and hatred.

The rays from the atmosphere shone more brightly since it was around the time for the sun to set if there was a sun. There was hardly any activity in the city below, but there was plenty of noise coming from Castle Oblivion. Near the highest level of the castle where numerous amounts of staircases circled and were near halls, entryways, corridors and mysterious rooms were, heavy metal electrical music vibrated the walls and shook the ground like an earthquake. With ease, his fingers danced rapidly across the different strings of his instrument; a sitar that he used to satisfy his melodious nature and defeat his opponents if he had no choice, but to fight. His left foot tapped on the ground keeping to the rhythm while he sung to the highest note followed by high ear piercing screaming of exhilaration.

Shades of blue, black, silver and white covered his room to that of his element of water. His flooring and curtains were mostly white like that of the castle however they had pigments of silver and blue. His master bed had metal posts and a black metal frame complete with silky dark blue sheets and a neon blue mixed with silver designs on his bedspread. He had large black speakers in the front of his room between his extensive stereo system complete with a 59" plasma tv and surround sound. Near his bed to the left side corner of his room opposite to where his pool was, a black metal stand was where his sitar hung when he was not using it. To the right, his closet shelves were packed with books of music, magazines, glow sticks of all colors and a few sets of his black cloak hung along with other various clothes that he rarely wore due to the superior's orders. In his glass cased dresser were tons of cds of various music, a bunch of dvds and video games.

Demyx was indeed the life of the party where he lived his life carefree with no rules except those set by the organization. Still then if he was forced to break away from his world of music and laid back attitude, he reverted back to it no matter what anyone thought of him. "Because of his hakuna-matana lifestyle, the other members looked down upon him and viewed him as a nuisance. In return, Demyx thought of them as toouptight and attempted to get along with them, since he thought of fighting aspointless and more like an chore and an obligation. Always seeming to play the fool to where he would forget easily, talk to himself in front of others with his back turned or not, and move his body like there was a quake underneath his feet, it was all for show for under the façade when he focused he was quite a dangerous adversary to behold.

Finishing his final song, he set his sitar on his bed and swallowed a large amount of water from a water bottle since his body consisted besides that of the human body the elements of darkness, some light, and mostly water. Leaning his head back on his pillow, he stretched his arms and legs and looked at his black and blue digital clock. Forgetting he was supposed to be somewhere else, he picked up one of his magazines and scanned through the pages.

In the room called Where Nothing Gathers the meeting room for Organization XIII, Xemnas sat with his hands clenched on his armrests of his white throne that was the highest among the twelve other thrones that circled the white vast room. His orange orbs wandered to see if everyone was present and suddenly they narrowed when he discovered one seat was vacant to the left of Saix. "Where is Demyx? Has anyone seen him? He asked being clearly annoyed.

Axel shook his head with his arms crossed his legs dangled that were shoulder width apart. "Did he forget again? I reminded him though. I can't believe he forgot. Maybe he was occupied with something else," Axel attempted to cover for him for he knew that Demyx was his underling being the ninth member of the organization and that he was the superior of him since he was the eighth member which meant he would be disciplined for Demyx's actions depending on the severity of the offense.

Luxord held up a card in his right hand; his legs over as he leaned to his side. "He's not the brightest of the bunch. In fact he's downright dumb," he took advantage of talking behind his superior's back and hated every moment that he was older and much more responsible than the melodious nocturne.

Marluxia sitting straight up, looked at the vacant seat to the right of him and then back at the others. "I don't know why we even have him as one of us."

Larxene smirked for she knew Demyx was in trouble and she could just savor the moment of his agony of being chewed out by the boss was to come. "Because he's not a threat to any of us and," she said to herself. "He's good in bed." She had her legs crossed like that of a lady with her arms down by her sides resting on her seat.

Saix looked at Xemnas; his left leg crossed over his right. "If you would permit me to, I can go find him."

Lexaeus scoffed as he looked above where Saix sat next to him. I'm much stronger. I'll find him for you," he had his head bent over slightly with his legs dangling.

Xaldin starred at Vexen whom who had the lowest seat whom looked at Zexion. "Zexion is more likely to find him since he can sence his scent."

"Zexion rolled his eyes, not wanting to be bothered with the gestures of hissimply stoic body language.

"I don't want to go find that airhead."

Xigbar looked at Roxas who twiddled his thumbs like that of a child that had been reprimanded for doing something wrong. "Maybe we should send him," a smirk formed across Xigbar's face that made Roxas shake uneasily. "No I'm fine," he tried not to draw attention to himself which was hard on account of Marluxia and Larxene his throne was placed between theirs were giving him strange looks.

"Enough, we'll wait for him to come back on his own," Xemnas ended the conservation of the missing organization member and who was to go find him.

It was now past 8pm and the young member of the organization was on his large stage like a rock star as he played his sitar once more. Flashing colorful lights flickered rapidly to the beats while fog from a fog machine swept across the floor of the stage. Pretending there were people screaming his name, Demyx leapt into the air, kicked up both of his heels, and landed with his right foot forward, his left behind, and his right hand pointing out center front. "Who rocks? I rock!" he shouted to his imaginary screaming fans while walking off stage, and headed towards his bed. His sitar sent blasting echoes of abrupt noise everywhere in his room; so loud that his digital clock that was on his nightstand vibrated off and sent a shiver down the musician's spine after he peered at the display. Upon seeing what time it was he quickly seized his remote that was on his desk and hit the master switch that instantly turned off the lights, fog machine, and surround sound stereo. It dawned upon him that he was supposed to be Where Nothing Gathers and here he was pretending he was something he was not.

"Oh shit! I really blew it this time," he panicked running out of his room, slamming his door shut and sprinting down the hall. Rushing down the stairs, he passed several other forms of nobodies that were lower than the members of Organization XIII and did not have human form. Thoughts of humiliation and torture raced through his head while he ran down the hall of the mid level of Castle Oblivion. He knew there would be to many questions asked as well as an onslaught of putdowns. "What if the superior decides to turn me into a dusk or worse get rid of me for good? He didn't look to happy when he brought us all back especially at the traitors and I wouldn't be surprised if he lowers the boom on me this time for screwing up so many times," he thought as he approached the door. Taking a deep breath he gulped and swallowed. "Well here goes nothing," his spirit entered the darkness.

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