Chapter 5

Realization struck him as he watched the flames crackle below with their wild rage. His aqua orbs captured every moment that passed while he gripped the sides of his armrests of his throne. His greatest fear was just below him and in a matter of minutes; he would feel pain like no other.

"No! Not that. Not fire," his back pressed harder against the throne's backing while he felt his spirit weakening from the intense heat.

"Chain him so he can't disappear," Xemnas said before Saix placed fire chains on Demyx's wrists.

"This can't be happening," he seized his throne tightly that being his only sanctuary from the pit below.

Roxas looked at Axel shocked of what was going to happen.

"Don't look at me that way. Demyx has had this coming for a while now," the fire wielder sighed knowing he could not interfere at this time.

"But it's cruel beyond belief!" Roxas shouted.

Lexaeus pouted. "Fall in already so I can eat."

Luxord chuckled. "Who wants to bet he can't take more then five minutes down there?"

Xaldin scoffed. "I bet he can't last one minute."

Larxene gripped her fists and looked at Demyx. "Damn it. Why do you get yourself in trouble?"

"Because," Marluxia grinned, "He doesn't think."

"Serves him right," Vexen, replied.

"Yeah I was the one that found his ass and then Saix took over," Zexion spoke while crossing his arms. "It was a good thing I was able to locate him or who knows what the boss could have done to us."

Xigbar tapped his finger on his throne. "Make it easier on yourself and fall already."

Demyx's anger erupted and did not care if Xigbar was a senior member or not. "Fuck that! Let's see you trade places with me and see what you do," he held on for dear life as Saix peeled his fingers away.

"Let go now," Saix brandished his weapon at him.

"Never!" His strength was leaving him. "I'm slipping!"

Xemnas shook his head. "I'll make you fall," he charged up a blast and hurled it violently.

The blast struck him dead center that sent him spiraling backwards into the pit below. Instantly the flames covered his cloak and silenced his yells with their roar and fury. Darkness took him as he crashed into the center awakening him to extreme misery as if his flesh was burning off his bones. Luckily, he concealed himself with his hood as he clenched his eyes screaming at the top of his lungs. Instantly his body was absorbed in the inferno, his water evaporating rapidly from the element. "Ah! Make the pain stop! Get me out of here," he pleaded.

Xemnas had a feeling that Demyx could not bare this torture much longer since he was on his knees and collapsed on his side. Using his power, the superior doused the flames with a snap of his finger and raised the lifeless musician into the air. "He lasted his age. He has reached his limit," his powers healed Demyx awakening him from his previous state. "Did you learn your lesson?" he asked quietly.

"I never imagined you would do that," he leaned against his throne. "My body hurts everywhere," he moaned as the other members stared at him.

Yes well now you will learn. After dinner I want you to merge yourself in water to recover your power." Xemnas gazed at the youth who was alert and shaking his head.

"I'm going to sleep in it," he joked panting a bit before revealing his face.

Axel's concern was clearly visible from his eyes. "It's over."

"Yeah, I better be more responsible," Demyx gradually grinned.

"You just got burned severely. I know the cloak protects you, but you should not be grinning afterwards. You were in agonizing pain," Axel pointed out to the younger member. "You do remember that right?"

"Yeah I remember, but I was healed afterwards which proves that none of you are trying to get rid of me," he received stares from all. "What? Was it something I said? Oh." He dropped his eyelevel to the ground bringing his shoulders down in a slump. Looking to the left and raising his right pointer finger mid air close to his forehead, he exclaimed with a mischievous smile. "I knew I shouldn't have said that."

Axel raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms loosely against his torso. "You thought we were trying to get rid of you?"

Demyx jerked to face him and the others. "Don't be mad. That is how I felt at the time. You know when I was lying on my back in the water these thoughts came to me. I will not tell you what they were. Let's just say they were doubts," he shrugged his shoulders.

Xemnas frowned for a moment. Now he had to worry about one of his youngest members doubting his goal of collecting hearts for the good of the organization.

"I need to hear about these doubts. There are no secrets in the organization," he reminded him as he drummed his right fingers on his armrest.

"It's nothing really. Can we just eat?" He sidestepped the topic of conversation

"Demyx stop changing the conversation," Xemnas pounded his fists on the throne lightly.

'Um Oh I don't know…" the musician responded.

Saix growled lowly, swallowed, and hid his violent nature. "Tell the boss or you'll get another lashing," he demanded.

The ninth organization member shuddered a bit. "I just don't know if we'll ever become whole," he lied hoping that would be the end of the subject.

"Demyx," Axel shook his head, "we're gathering hearts for a reason. It may take us a while, but we will become human. Geez don't fret over it."

"I am not," he defensibly answered. Who cares? Let's just chow down before it gets too late," he watched Xemnas hoping he would excuse him.

"Very well. Let's all meet in the dining hall," he watched them all surround themselves with darkness and spew upward.

Lexaeus was the first to arrive at the massive long dining table made of marble and limestone. One by one, they all seated themselves and pondered the question of what they were going to have.

"Damn! There is no food here yet!" Lexaeus slammed the table with his fists.

Xaldin smoothed the white tablecloth. "What are we going to have?"

Xigbar looked at the clock on the wall. "Maybe we should eat out since there is nothing here. I don't feel like making anything anyway."

Vexen turned up his nose. "Like where? No one likes us remember? Use your head."

Marluxia placed a vase with flowers in the center of the table. "They run for the hills when they see one of us. Imagine what these simpletons would do if we all showed up."

Zexion sighed. "We're not wanted anywhere," he starred at the colorful vase with disgust. "That's gay and you know it."

Axel fired a blast and destroyed the vase. "There it's gone and who gives a fuck. Let's just go to Twilight town and get something," he made the mess disappear.

"Twilight town? That place is the pits. There is no good food there," Luxord said with his hand on his chin.

"Then where are we going to eat?" Larxene asked.

"How do you know Luxord?" You haven't been there," Axel, stated the obvious. "I on the other hand have, but it is really boring."

"Plus," Saix answered, "We might see Sora and his friends. I do not want to deal with them especially this late at night."

"Um I could always go over there and bring back food for us all?" Roxas offered.

Demyx smiled. "So you could go ditch us and hang out with you best buddy Sora? Not going to happen," he waved his finger. He turned his attention to the others. "Axel, Roxas, Larxene, and I will just get some pizzas or Chinese food."

Xemnas tapped his fingers on the table. "Fine. Go get Chinese and make it a variety and then get back here."

"All right," Axel answered flatly. "Let's go," he and the others vanished and went to Twilight Town.

"Remember Roxas no seeing Sora that little brat," Larxene pushed him ahead of her.

"Geez, why did she have to come?" Roxas sighed.

"Because Demyx offered," Axel watched everyone in the area shout "Run for the hills Organization XIII!"

Demyx walked straight into the shop; his smile broadening when all the people cleared out of the room within a matter of seconds. "Hey Chef! We want thirteen plates of chow mien, fried rice, beef and broccoli, orange chicken, crab ragoons, fried shrimp, um egg drop soup, sweet and sour pork, and thirteen large pepsis. If I don't get it I will make your head explode with my sitar," he smirked.

"Demyx! I also want fried chicken," Larxene stomped her right foot while the food was being prepared without a moments haste.

Demyx rolled his eyes and sighed aloud. "Oh and make that six buckets or bags of fried chicken. There? Are you happy now?"

"Roxas," Axel smirked, "You can pay for it."

"What! I can't afford that!" Roxas exclaimed.

"Well then you can carry the food," the fire wielder clenched his fist and seized the chef's heart. "Demyx take all you want and don't forget the drinks."

"Don't mind if I do," he took everything that was prepared a few minutes ago and loaded them in bags. "I'm going to go get some ice cream too," he ran out of the store and entered a different store. "Give me all the ice cream cartons you got or everyone is going to lose their heart to me," he teased and laughed afterwards.

The store manger scoffed and pulled out his cell phone. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number catching the attention of Demyx. "Hey! Put that phone down. I said drop it," his right hand shot forth a blast of water. "Time to collect a heart," he slowly clenched his fist at the same time Sora their enemy showed up.

"Leave him alone Demyx!" Sora revealed his key blade. "What are you doing here? I bet you're up to good again I bet."

Demyx scoffed and blew some air causing some of his hair strands to lift up slightly. "Just getting some dessert and I'll be on my way," he took several cartons of ice cream and stashed them in the biggest bag he could find.

"You thief!" Sora ran at him with his key blade.

"It's late I don't want to fight you," he blasted him to the wall with his water. See ya loser," he ran out of the store and met the others.

"Quick we got to leave or we'll have to deal with Sora and then our food will get cold," Demyx told Axel and Larxene.

"I'll torch his ass," Axel walked out of the store.

"Make it quick. My chicken is not going to get dried out," Larxene walked around a bit.

"No Axel. Don't hurt him!" Roxas ran ahead.

"Roxas you have to carry the rest of the food," Demyx appeared in front of him and handed him the bags that nearly knocked him over from the weight. "Kick Sora's ass Axel!" "This is gonna be good."

Axel snapped his fingers setting Sora a blaze. "That will teach him," he watched him roll around trying to extinguish the flames.

"Damn you Axel!" Sora ran past him and then jumped in a lake. "I hate Organization XIII." He splashed around attempting to soothe his wounds.

"I'm sorry Sora!" Roxas bellowed.

Larxene heard the yell and grabbed the thirteenth member. "Shut up already," she shoved him on the ground.

"He's a burnt wet rat!" Demyx shouted. "You suck Sora!" He laughed aloud. "Oh let's go before I wet my pants from laughing so hard," he picked up the bags of ice cream.

"He won't be bothering us anytime soon," Axel smirked and disappeared with the others.

Roxas placed the bags on the table with a deep sigh. He felt so guilty that he was involved in Sora getting hurt and the robbery.

"We got enough food to feed an army," he sat down in his chair and took his own dish of food with drink.

Lexaeus glared at the others. "Why were you gone do long? Now I'm famished!"

"We ran into Sora and I torched his ass," Axel passed out the food and drinks for everyone else and then sat down in his chair.

"Sora? That weenie?" Xigbar set his chopsticks on his plate.

"Yeah he was in one of the stores," Larxene took three drumsticks and put them on her plate.

"You went to another place? The boss said to get the food and get back here," Saix, poured sauce on his rice.

"Well I had to get dessert," Demyx shoved in all the cartons of ice cream in the freezer. "I hope you guys like ice cream. I scream for it."

Xemnas took a bite of his meal, swallowed, and washed another bite down with a gulp of pepsi. "I told you to get Chinese food and come back; not to go get ice cream also. That's how you ran into Sora isn't it?" He swallowed another bite.

Demyx sat down in his seat, ate a mouthful of orange chicken, and swallowed it with his drink. "Yeah, because that stupid manger called him. I wasn't going to let him stop me from getting my ice cream," he ate a crab ragoon.

"You weren't supposed to get ice cream in the first place," Xemnas raised his voice. "You act so childish. Perhaps I should give you a punishment that fits your antics. Yes I know what you need; a painful spanking over my lap," he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

Demyx nearly chocked on the food he was eating and dropped his chopsticks. "What? A spanking? I'm too old for that," he cringed and ducked down when he heard the whole organization except for Xemnas and Saix laughing at him. Xemnas held his hands up in a gesture that made the laughter come to a halt. "Your behavior is childish, your act of stealing ice cream is the same and so is your insolence. You're getting a spanking whether you like it or not," he spoke after finishing another bite of his meal.

Gripping the curve of the dinning table, the musician attempted to control his anger; however, that was short lived when he slammed both fists on the table. "No I'm not!"

Xaldin grinned cruelly cupping his hands together. "He's acting like a child already."

Marluxia smoothed out his napkin in his lap and sighed. "More like a toddler."

"Shut the fuck up!" Demyx flung the nearest glass of soda at them and placed both of his elbows on the table while cradling his head with his hands. "Damn it."

Luxord looked at the mess and then took a sip from his drink. "That wasn't called for." He turned to see Marluxia and Xaldin both cleaning themselves up with a kitchen towel. "That was also a perfectly good waste of soda that could have been consumed."

Demyx looked up from his fingers laced together and held his head high. Feeling infuriated, his tongue was about to get him in more trouble with his sarcasm. "Do I care? No I don't and why is that? Oh, I know. I don't have a heart so how could I have feelings? But tell me why am I so angry then?" He took another gulp of soda to wet his throat.

Axel's fingers tapped on the table as he ate his shrimp. "Demyx, stop making an ass of yourself. Geez…" He knew he had added more fuel to the fire of the pouting youth.

"Who asked you? I'm not an ass and I'm not getting a spanking," he flung his empty wadded up used napkin on the floor and crossed his arms in defiance. "Not happening."

Larxene smirked knowing the melodious nocturne was upsetting everyone by his antics. She hummed to herself and looked down at the table. "Somebody is trouble," she sung quietly having the accused raise his eyebrow. "What? Who is in…?" He couldn't even finish his sentence when he glimpsed at his boss who was glaring dangerously at him.

"Demyx! Stop this at once. You're way out of line. There will be no more outbursts from you tonight. You're getting spanked after we eat," the superior stabbed a chunk of orange chicken with his chopsticks and shoved it in his mouth.

"Ah!" Demyx yelled in frustration; his right foot kicked the edge of the table. Narrowing his eyes, Xemnas struck the table with his clenched fists and stood up. "That does it!" He lunged over and seized the out of control nobody by his metal drawstrings pulling him closer to his other hand that gripped his thick chain that fell on the upper chest level of the cloak. Once in his grasp, he drug him across the table and onto the ground into the nearest room. Gasping for air, the terrified organization member twisted his body making his torturer let go and grip his own hand from the harsh blow of a kick in the ribs.

"Run! Run away!" Demyx sprinted down the hall after he broke free. Xemnas ignored the pain in his hand and summoned forth a dark void as a method of traveling. "It's time to end this." He vanished and reappeared in front of him, seizing once again. "You've gone to far now," with a quick wave of his left arm, he flung him in the nearest room and the slammed the doors shut. "There is no escape from me. Accept it."

Axel swallowed a mouthful of soda as he flinched and cringed when he heard furniture striking the walls and Demyx's screams of fear. "He's going to get it now and don't any of you watch," his hand sparked a ball of fire between his fingers.

Roxas shuddered and listened while eating his food. He saw the smirks on Xaldin's, Lexaeus's, Xigbar's, Vexen's, Marluxia's, Luxord's, and Saix's face. He noticed that Zexion didn't seem bothered and was reading a chapter of one of his thick novels. Roxas also saw Larxene drowning out the noise by eating her chicken like a pig. "How can I ignore this entire racket? It's too much to bear," he covered his ears with his hands.

Xemnas rolled his eyes at the pitiful sight of Demyx cowering behind furniture that was on its side from previously been thrown. "You're not going to make this easy for me are you?" He was dissatisfied with the shaking of his ninth member's head. Losing his temper, Xemnas snatched at his neck, hurled him onto his knees, and laid him face downward on the hard ground with his hands behind his back. The sharp pain stung the water wielder's arms as he forced himself to comply. Accepting his defeat, he felt his body fall onto the lap of the superior as his leather pants were drug down past his hips revealing his boxers. Xemnas had seated himself in a comfortable position on a couch with the younger nobody awaiting that painful sensation across his behind. Bringing his hand up, the superior began the tedious repetitious movement of spanking that sent out cries of agony and sobs from the belligerent youth whom frantically kicked his legs in the air and swung his arms clenching his sweaty fingers into two fists of mighty fury.

" Stop! Superior please stop already. I've learned my lesson," he cried out for each blow to his semi-clothed area was becoming swollen and unbearable. "No not on my boxers."

"Stop squirming. You leave me no choice, but to do the inevitable," Xemnas slowly slid the uncontrollable lower ranking member's underwear down past his hips revealing his naked exposed posterior that was pale like the rest of his flesh from being covered.

"No! Not my butt!" Demyx wailed, tears sliding down his face.

"Your butt is going to be red as Axel's hair if you keep up this behavior of yours," Xemnas continued spanking ignoring the pleas from his captive.

"I'm sorry… I don't know what came over me," Demyx screamed out and fell on the ground after Xemnas finished spanking him. Pulling up his lower garments he huddled against the backing of the sofa; bringing his knees close together.

Xemnas curled his lip in disgust. "You're pathetic. You disgust me," he saw the streams of tears running down his musician's face and heard the sobbing and hiccupping like that of a child. He turned away, but then faced him when the sobs grew louder.

"I can't help it. It's the way I was created," he wiped his eyes with his black sleeve.

Once he heard those true spoke words, Xemnas sighed knowing Demyx couldn't help the way he was. Lifting his arm, he consoled the scared troubled youth and let him cry until he had no more tears to shed. "Is that what it's like to feel?" Xemnas thought.

"I'm sorry that I'm such a big disappointment and embarrassment to you and the organization," Demyx composed himself looking away in shame and anger.

"It's not your fault. Now go have your ice cream," he waved him away. "What am I going to do with him? He's trying to prove me wrong. How can that be? I'm never wrong," Xemnas contemplated while Demyx left the room shutting it behind him.

Once away from the room, he rubbed his lower backside. Feeling the intense pain, his true self emerged from within causing him to slam his fist against the wall and fling a chair to the other side of the room. "He'll pay for that," he swore to himself squeezing his fist as he entered the room, his mask of deceit resurfacing to hide his serious side.

Axel looked up from his food, taken a back by the outburst. "Glad you didn't throw that at me," he looked at the broken chair tilting on its side in the hallway.

"I would be set a blaze," the satirist flopped in his chair and yelled out from the sting. "Damn that hurts," he whined making himself feel better by drinking his water.

Axel chuckled a bit. "Your ass is going to hurt for awhile. Just wait until we sit on our thrones," he smirked like a demon since he knew the elevated chairs in the room "Where Nothing Gathers" consisted out of pure white stone with no comforts of any sort.

"Just great," the younger nobody sighed. "I'm going to be constantly moving around in my seat. What did I do to deserve this?" His eyes shed a tear and he wiped it away.

Zexion threw his trash away and sat back down. "You were acting like a spoiled out of control child and you gave me a huge headache that's what you did."

"Right." Demyx answered sarcastically and swallowed his pride. Thinking to himself, he noticed all eyes were on him. "Looks like I'll have to act as if nothing has happened. I can't have them raising any suspicions about me." Walking over to the freezer, he lifted up a plastic bag that had the cartons of ice cream and placed them on the table. "Does anyone want any ice cream?" He smiled sadly on the surface though it was a smirk within. Scooping out a bowl for himself, he added chocolate fudge topping on it.

"I'll have one scoop of each," Roxas washed out a bowl for himself.

"Right on!" The master of water got another scoop of everything imaginable before Roxas could get his greedy hands on it for he was a sugar ant and didn't like to share.

"I have the same as you," Demyx slowly sat on his seat and cringed lightly hoping to forget about the pain that haunted him so. "It will go away. Just ignore it," he told himself repeatedly hoping his body would get the message and end his suffering.

Roxas chucked a few times at Demyx's reaction. "You're so funny." With his spoon in his mouth and rocky road dissolving in his salvia, Roxas's smile turned to concern knowing Demyx was not faking in order to get attention. He hated to see others in pain.

"Do you want me to get you some ice?" the youngest member asked quietly.

"No it's nothing. Forget about it," the care free nobody shook his head with a small grin. Once Roxas looked away after shrugging his shoulders, Demyx sighed softly and cast his eyes from the group. Saying to himself he muttered the words " Ice would feel good about now, but I'm not going to embarrass myself even more if I sit on it."

Axel shrugged knowing his underling was clearly in denial. "You're not fooling anyone. I can see that you're in pain," he dripped fudge over his dessert and ate a scoop of it.

"Can't fool you," his aqua eyes shifted to his friend while he ate barely noticing Roxas had dripped ice cream on his cloak. "Ops… the young teen blotted up the mess with a napkin the best he could getting strange looks from the others especially Axel.

"Roxas, you're a slob. Keep it in your dish and not your lap," he threw more napkins at him. "Better yet next time wear a bib when you plan on eating like that."

"I'm not a slob. I made a mistake all right?" Roxas pouted like a three year old.

Demyx rolled his eyes and leaned his chin in his hand with his elbow on the table. "It never gets old around here," he made a heart with his finger in his empty bowl with the remains of the melted dessert. "Us nobodies who will probably never get our hearts since we can't have any feelings." Bringing the bowl to his lips, he stuck out his tongue and licked the remaining contents of the sugary delicacy. "It has to be one huge lie. The boss is hiding something. I can just sense it," he spoke to himself pushing his bowl to the side.

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