Hi. This is my first attempt at fan fiction of any kind. I appreciate constructive criticism. Also, I am an American, so the characters will sound that way. I don't have the knowledge or confidence to try to give them an English accent. Except maybe here and there.

This started as a one shot and has morphed into a multi-chaptered story. I have gone back and reworked two chapters and moved one around. I hope you like the changes.

Summary: Harry has defeated Voldemort and wants a little payback. Read and enjoy!

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Well on with the show as they say.


Sins of Dumbles and Snapey

The students had just returned to Hogwarts from the summer holidays, and were currently sitting at their respective tables eating after the sorting. All but one, Harry Potter, had not returned with the rest. Albus Dumbledore was worried. He had sent Harry to stay with the Dursleys for the entire summer, despite the boy's and his friends protests. Mrs. Weasley had been particularly vocal in her desire to have Harry stay at least part of the summer with her family, but he had stood firm. Harry was becoming too independent of the great Albus Dumbledore. He was worried that Harry would manage to get to Gringotts if he was brought anywhere near the wizarding world. Albus could not allow that, Harry would find out too many of his manipulations, even if they were for The Greater Good. Harry might not see it that way. No, keeping Harry in the dark was the best way to go about it. He would not survive the battle with Voldemort anyway. His thoughts were interrupted by the doors to the Great Hall slamming open revealing Harry Potter, the Board of Governors and the Head of the DMLE Amelia Bones and several Aurors including Kingsley Shackelbolt, and Tonks(Don't—call—me—Nymphadora Tonks).

"I'm sorry to interrupt the feast Headmaster," Harry says, not looking sorry in the least, "but I have some business that needs to be taken care of and it can't wait."

"Of course my boy," responds Dumbledore nervously. "Why don't we go to my office so that we can talk in private?"

Harry cocked his head to the side as if to think about it, and then shook it. "No, that won't work for me. I would like the students to bear witness to what is going to happen."

Here Professor Severus Snape spoke up, "Typical Potter, just like your father. Wish to show off in front of the whole school. Insufferable, arrogant, thoughtless, you are no better than your father."

Harry bowed with a flourish, "Thank you for that Snape. You saved me the trouble of calling on you first," Harry smirked.

Snape turned red in outrage as he stood up to yell. "What are you on about BOY? I am your professor, and you will address me as such. You will show me respect! That will be fifty points from Gryffindor and detention with me for one month!" Snape had apparently forgotten that he had an audience other than students and the other teachers.

Mrs. Longbottom, one of the members of the Board of Governors spoke up, "Be quiet Professor Snape! I wish to hear what Mr. Potter has to say. And the points will not change and there will be no detention to serve either." She glared at the man angrily. The other members of the Board nodded in agreement. Snape glared at her as he sat down, but could do nothing.

Harry nodded in thanks to the Board, and then turned back to the head table. "Snape, you are a bully, nothing but a bully." Snape was going to interrupt but Harry held up his hand. "You have accused my father of being one, and I agree, he was one before he grew up. Let's look at what a bully really is, a bully is a person who has power over another and uses it. They use fear, intimidation, threats, whether physical or emotional, it matters not, to make another person feel week. Well, guess what, Snape that describes you to a tee! You intimidate your non-Slytherin students, you belittle them. You call them all sorts of names, case in point your little show earlier. Do I have further proof? Of course I do. Let's watch."

One of the Aurors stepped forward and placed a Pensieve on the Gryffindor's table. It was filled with a silvery substance. Harry looked at those assembled and spoke, "For those of you who don't know, this is a Pensieve, which can replay a person's memories. The silvery substance is a copy of the actual memory. What we have here are some examples of the memories that have been collected as evidence against Professor Snape." Harry waved his hand and the hall was filled with a typical potions lesson. The hall was surprised; it was not a lesson that involved Harry or any of his friends. It was from before his time. The hall saw Snape toss something into a Gryffindor's cauldron and it melted, allowing Snape to come over and berate, belittle and basically yell at the student. The student ended up a quivering mess by the time Snape was done yelling, taking points, and giving detention. They watched another memory; this was of Neville Longbottom this time. The same exact thing happened.

When the memories finished the hall was deathly quiet. Harry turned to Snape, "Well, what do you have to say to that professor?" By the way Harry said professor; it was insulting to the man rather than respecting him.

"Those memories have been tampered with of course. I would never do such a thing." Snape sneered at Harry.

Harry laughed harshly. "Really? I have oaths from all of the students who gave similar memories that they are true and have not been falsified. Since the students are still alive, I would say that the memories have not been tampered with, wouldn't you?"

Manual Zabini spoke up, "Severus Snape, the Board hereby suspends you, pending further investigation into your teaching practices at Hogwarts. We have found a potion master who will be here tomorrow morning so there will be no interruption in classes."

The Headmaster stood at this time, "Is this really necessary? I'm sure that something can be worked out so that we don't have to change teachers in so close to the beginning of the school year." He said this with his most grandfatherly persona in place.

Harry smiled innocently. "Oh, we haven't gotten to you yet Headmaster. But I guess you're ready for your turn now." Harry looked over at his friends at this point for a little moral support. Ron and Hermione smiled back at him, knowing how difficult this was for him. They had known that he was going to do something; they just hadn't known what it was going to be. All three had been afraid that either Dumbledore or Snape would find out the plans by using Legilimency on either Ron or Hermione, so they had agreed to be kept in the dark. Harry had promised to tell them everything after Dumbledore and Snape were taken care of, as well as let them help in any other plans he had up his sleeve.

The Headmaster was shocked. What was Harry doing? Before he could think any further, Harry was speaking again. "Headmaster, you have a lot to answer for too." Harry looked around at the students and then back at the Headmaster, "I know you tried to keep me from going to my godfathers will reading this summer," Dumbledore visibly paled. Harry smirked at his discomfort. "You see, everyone, my godfather left me the entire Black estate as well as the title Lord Black, and he also made sure that I was emancipated, something the Headmaster did not want to happen. It would mean that I could see my parent's wills." He looked at Dumbledore when he said that, who continued to pale as Harry spoke that he was almost grey. "I discovered that I was never supposed to go to my Aunt Petunia, because my parents were well aware that she and her oaf of a husband harbored a hatred of anything magical. And yes, that did include me. If Sirius Black, my godfather could not take me, than there were several other people who were to take me. The will was never read after my parents death, Dumbledore made sure of that. He used his authority as Supreme Mugwump to have the will sealed."

Harry paused and looked around and the students. He saw looks of shock and outrage on most of the students' faces. "You might be thinking that the Headmaster didn't know what my parents really wanted and felt that I would be safest with my relatives due the blood wards that he always went on and on about. Well, you would be wrong; he was a witness to their will. So he knew exactly what their wishes had been, and defied them deliberately. You see, after the will reading, I asked the goblins to do a ward analysis at Privet Drive to see if the blood wards actually existed or not. The analysis came back negative. There were just your standard wards on the property. If Voldemort," gasps could be heard in the hall, "or his cronies had come, they could have easily broken through the wards and killed both my family and myself. What do you have to say to that, Dumbledore?"

Albus Dumbledore didn't know what to do. Harry was never supposed to find this out. He tried to prevaricate, "Blood wards such as the ones that your mother's sacrifice created are ancient and are most likely undetectable by a standard analysis."

Harry snorted, "The goblins are the best at warding and warding analysis, if they say it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. I also asked the goblins about the blood wards since they did not show up on the analysis. Their answer was simple, since the blood ward was based on love, my family would have had to accept me with love." Here Harry laughed derisively. "The Dursley's accept me with love? Remember what I said about hating anything to do with magic? That included me. They loathed me. I was their unwanted, unloved, mistreated house-elf. I lived in a cupboard before I came to Hogwarts. I was called a freak, was punished for doing accidental magic. And my cousin Dudley would beat me up every chance he got. I would have been better off in an orphanage than with them." He looked at Dumbledore scornfully. "I was supposed to be safe," Harry emphasized the safe heavily, using his voice and making air quotes with his fingers. "Who was I safe from Dumbledore? Voldemort and his followers? Did they know where I was? I don't think so, only you did. There were no blood wards. My family? Considering the abuse, neglect, starvation and such, I really wasn't all that safe, was I? And any Muggle intervention suddenly just stopped without explanation. You placed me there for one reason only, so that you could have control of me, of my money, of everything." Here Dumbledore looked truly alarmed, Harry smirked as he continued, "I know about all of the money that has been appropriated since I was a baby. We know everything Dumbledore. All of your accounts have been frozen pending further investigation." Harry turned to Amelia Bones, he was done.

Amelia Bones spoke up in a cold voice, "Ablus Dumbledore, you are hereby removed from the Wizengamot for misuse of power and your position in regards to Harry Potter and Sirius Black." She signaled to the Aurors, "You are also under arrest for embezzlement of Mr. Potter's estate as well as tampering with the Potters' wills, and your attempt to tamper with the will of Sirius Black."

Manual Zabini spoke next, "You are also relieved of your position as Headmaster of Hogwarts based on the aforementioned charges."

Dumbledore protested with desperation, "Voldemort," shudders in the hall, "will attack the school if I'm not here to protect it!"

"Not to worry," Harry interrupted blithely, "Voldemort is dead." There was silence. Dumbledore stared at Harry in shock. Harry smiled serenely. "You see, he tried to possess me again, I simply did what I did at the Ministry and thought of my friends and Sirius and He retreated. When he did, I followed the link back to him and continued to assault him with love and compassion. I guess love really was the power he has not, because that is what destroyed him once and for all." He shrugged with a smile on his face.

Madame Bones spoke in the continued silence, "It is true. I have viewed the body myself. We have also captured a number of his followers." She got no further, for the student body broke into cheers at the idea that Voldemort was dead. She smiled and let them go for a moment or two before pointing her wand at her throat and activating a sonorous charm. "Quiet please." Once the hall had quieted down she continued after removing the sonorous charm. "Thank you. Yes it is a great day and I will leave you to celebrate in a moment. The Board of Governors has agreed to have an official celebration this weekend for all of you so that classes will not be interrupted too much." She looked at the head table, "Now, Mr. Snape, you have until tomorrow morning to have your things packed and be at the front gate. I will leave several Aurors here to insure that you comply with these directives."

Dumbledore tried one more tactic before the Aurors could arrest him, "Amelia, you must understand, my greatest fear was that Harry would go dark due to his connection to Voldemort. I am afraid that it is too late and he already has.." before he could finish there was a flash of fire and Fawkes appeared in a ball of flames in the middle of the Great Hall, amidst the gasps of the students. Fawkes flew in a circle and then landed on Harry's shoulder with a calming trill.

Madame Bones spoke, "Well, I guess, that answers that fear. A phoenix would not go near a Dark Wizard. But one has to wonder why your familiar would go to Mr. Potter."

Fawkes trilled again. Harry spoke with awe in his voice, "Wow, I can understand him. Madame Bones, he says that he can no longer stay with the Headmaster because he has lost his way." Fawkes trilled some more, and Harry continued, "He has gotten too caught up in what he believes to be the 'Greater Good' and has forgotten the people involved. He has hurt many of these people in the name of the 'Greater Good'. He believes that his way is the only way that is right and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. This is a dark path." Fawkes trilled some more, and Harry translated, "Fawkes tried to keep Dumbledore from heading down this path many times, but the old man stopped listening to him. The only reason Fawkes stayed with the old man so long was to try and protect me without the old man getting suspicious." Fawkes trilled and rubbed Harry's head and Harry stared at the phoenix gob smacked, "Fawkes has chosen to be my companion from this day forward. Thank you, Fawkes,' said gratefully and with respect. The Headmaster slumped into his chair when Harry had finished.

Madame Bones spoke again, "Well, Aurors, please escort Mr. Snape to his quarters so that he can pack. Take Dumbledore into custody and bring him to the ministry so that he may be processed. The rest of you please continue to enjoy the feast and enjoy the year free of You-Know-Who!" She turned to Mr. Zabini.

Mr. Zabini looked at the head table, "Professor McGonagall, you will take over as Headmistress until we can find a suitable replacement. We have found an assistant for you to help you teach Transfiguration in the interim, so that you will not have to teach all years and perform Headmistress duties as well. Professor Flitwick will act as Deputy until a new Headmaster/Headmistress can be found." He looked at the other board members and they nodded at him. "I believe that covers everything. Congratulations Mr. Potter and have a good year."

Both parties left and Harry, with Fawkes on his shoulders, joined his friends. The year was looking up for Harry: no Voldemort, no Snape, and no manipulative Dumbledore. Just classes and homework; he could live with that. Revenge was indeed sweet, though he wasn't done yet. He smiled and started chatting with his friends.