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The Contract with Bite

Harry was sitting in a room where he could see and hear what went on the in the office he was viewing while remaining hidden. However, it wasn't a one way mirror that allowed him to stealthily observe things, it was magic. He was waiting for the fun to begin. While waiting, he thought about the events that had led him here.


After the events of the past few weeks, Harry had decided it was time to go through the Potter and Black papers that the Goblins had sent him before he left for Hogwarts. Since there was a lot of paperwork to review, Harry had asked his friends for some help. Both estates had been allowed to stagnate for different reasons. Dumbledore wasn't interested in properly caring for the Potter estate, even though he had made himself Harry's Magical Guardian. All he had been interested in is embezzling the Potter money, not in preserving it. Harry figured that Dumbledore believed that he would not survive his encounter with Voldemort so he wouldn't need the money anyway, or Dumbledore was just plain greedy, more than likely both.

The Black estate had not been handled properly for years: First, Sirius' mother was incapable of taking care of the estate, which according to the pureblood belief system was the man's job. His brother Regulus had been killed and Sirius was in Azkaban for thirteen years, so the Goblins had frozen the estate. Because of this, Harry had a load of things that needed to be done and he needed help.

Harry and friends had been at it for a week now, squeezing in time around classes, homework, Quidditch, and other activities. Thanks to his friends' help, he had been able to get rid of some questionable investments while increasing others. This day found Harry and company sorting out the contracts that had been enacted by his parents. He needed to know if all of the contracts had been satisfied, or if he needed to do something in order to fulfill them. Fortunately he had not found any betrothal contracts.

That was what Harry had been doing when he came across a very interesting contract. He read through it twice, not believing what he was seeing. After the second read, he called Hermione over.

"Hey, Hermione," he said, making her look up at his call, "could you come over here and look at this for me?" He waved the contract in the air. "I want to be sure I'm not misreading it."

"Sure Harry," Hermione answered. "Though I doubt you've misread anything. You seem to have grasped all of the paperwork you've read so far," she said this as she set the paper she was looking at aside and moved over to where Harry was sitting. She took the page, acknowledging Harry's grateful smile with a smile of her own. She sat down and began to read. As she did, her eyes grew larger and her face was the picture of surprise. Like Harry, she read it again. As she finished reading it the second time, she began to smirk at the obvious implications in the contract.

Harry had been waiting for Hermione to finish when he noticed her smirk. He finally allowed the grin that was waiting to come out to show itself. He had been right, and boy would this help him deliver some well deserved payback. The best part of it was that they did it to themselves.

Hermione looked at Harry when she finished the contract and noticed the decidedly Marauder-esque glint in his eyes. She began to snicker, knowing that some people were in a lot of trouble and were going to be seriously pranked. Harry started snickering with her, when they looked each other in the eye, they couldn't help but start laughing, realizing they were both thinking the same thing.

Ron and the others looked at the two, wondering what was so funny. He personally thought that all of the paperwork that he had been reading was rather boring.

"Hey you two care to share with the class what is so funny?" he asked. "After reading of this stuff," he indicated the piles of papers in front of him, "I could use a good laugh. I don't know about these three here," he said, indicating Neville, Luna and Ginny. The other three nodded their heads while making general noises of agreement. Harry stopped laughing, but was still smiling broadly when he answered.

"Weelll, it's like this…"

End Flashback

Harry snapped out of his reverie when his attorney, Jacob Whiting, poked his head into the room Harry was using to let him know that "they" had arrived. Just as Mr. Whiting sat at his desk chair, the door opened and in walked three of the people where kept him from having a childhood. He sat up straighter in anticipation of what would be taking place in the next room.

Mr. Whiting greeted the Dursleys, shaking their hands as he spoke.

"Good afternoon. I am Jacob Whiting," he said as he offered them chairs in front of his desk once the greetings were finished. The Dursleys and Mr. Whiting sat in their respective seats. "As I stated on the phone to Mister Dursley, I requested this meeting to carry out the terms of a contract you," he indicated the senior Dursleys with his hand, "signed with James and Lily Potter." Vernon and Petunia scowled at the mention of the Potters and the contract, while Dudley just looked confused. In truth, Vernon and Petunia had forgotten about the contract until now, but did not want to admit it. Mr. Whiting noted this internally, but gave no outward appearance of his feelings.

Mr. Whiting opened the folder sitting in front of him and pulled out the contract in question. Looking at Vernon and Petunia, he asked, "Do you remember the details of the contract? My records indicate that the terms of the contract were discussed with you before it was signed, and that you were given a copy for your records once the contract had been signed." Vernon and Petunia reluctantly nodded, still scowling. "Ah, good, then I need only to summarize the details in order to complete the contract." Mr. Whiting was smiling as he spoke.

Mr. Whiting put on a pair of reading glasses and began, "As you should know, this contract was put together in the event that you," he indicated the elder Dursleys, "would be given the responsibility of raising James' and Lily's son Harry. Even though the Potters had a will, they suspected that it would be circumvented. With this in mind, they requested that you agree to sign this contract." He indicated the paper he was holding. "This is what was arranged, am I not correct?"

Vernon and Petunia reluctantly nodded.

Mr. Whiting cleared his throat before he began again. "In the event that Petunia Dursley, nee Evans, and Vernon Dursley are given custody of Harry James Potter, several items were agreed upon. First, Mister and Missus Dursley would receive a monthly stipend of five hundred pounds. This was deemed sufficient due to the fact that you," he indicated the Dursleys, "were living in a house owned by Lily Potter nee Evans rent-free. The home is now in Mister Harry James Potter's name since the advent of the Potters death. When Mister Potter becomes an adult and no longer needs to live with the Dursleys, the house will be turned over to Mister and Missus Dursley." He looked up from the contract. "Is this familiar to you?"

"It is," Vernon answered, using his "business voice". Trying to act business-like as well, and not appear to be the greedy pig that he was, he asked, "Are we here to sign the papers for the house? After all we did take in the fr—Harry," he said, catching himself just in time.

Dudley looked at his father when he said this like Vernon had lost his mind. Dudley's thought was, what care?

Petunia was holding her hands in her lap, trying to appear discrete. Harry snorted; she probably thinks she looks normal.

Mr. Whiting smiled genially at Vernon, while Harry was thinking; Mr. Whiting is very good at hiding his feelings when he wanted, he thought to himself. Mr. Whiting had been beyond angry when he had learned everything that had happened to Harry. He snapped out of his thoughts so that he could watch the action. He heard Mr. Whiting continue.

"We will get to that when we finish going over the terms of the contract, more specifically what was required of both of you." He was looking at Vernon and Petunia as he said this.

Vernon puffed himself up and blustered, "What do you mean, what was required of us? We were supposed to take the fre—boy in and we did." Petunia nodded in agreement twisting her hands nervously.

Dudley knew that Harry had not been raised according to the contract and he didn't even have to know what had been agreed upon. Harry had been abused and neglected by all three of them. Dudley was glad that Harry was so forgiving or he would be squirming like his parents.

Harry shook his head at Vernon. The man probably believed that he didn't have to follow a contract made with "freaks"; how wrong he was. Probably doesn't think he did anything wrong either, Harry thought bitterly. That would change before the end of the meeting. Mr. Whiting scrutinized Vernon with slightly narrowed eyes, before he spoke.

"It appears that either you don't remember the finer points of the contract, or chose to ignore them. You were definitely required to do more than take him in!" he said, raising his voice for the first time since the meeting had started. He picked up the contract again and continued. "It would appear that we need to go over the contract in greater detail."

Vernon was beginning to turn red, a sure sign of ire, before he regained control. He smarmed, "I don't see a need to do that Mr. Whiting. We," he indicated Petunia and himself with his hand, "followed the contract carefully. Didn't we, Pet?"

Harry snorted, shaking his head as he did so.

"Of course we did," Petunia said, quickly nodding her head. "We are law abiding citizens. And Harry is my nephew."

She's probably trying not to choke on those words, thought Harry. Her face had that scrunched up look she would get whenever she thought of him. He snickered; Luckily for me, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are terrible liars.

Mr. Whiting's eyebrows rose nearly to his hairline indicating his skepticism.

"Did you really, Mister and Missus Dusley? Did you feed him three meals a day? How about provide him with his own clothes? Did you buy him any toys? Did you use the money you received for any of these things?" As each question came, Vernon and Petunia began to look uncomfortable and were all but squirming in their seats.

Dudley stared at his parents. He began to realize the enormity of their actions. He may not be the brightest person, but he knew that his parents had not done what they had obviously agreed upon; they had definitely broken child welfare laws. He didn't want to believe that his parents had deliberately ignored the contract they signed, and that they did it simply because Harry was a wizard. They had even raised him to think of Harry as a freak and someone that he could beat up without consequence.

Dudley had been going to the school councilor for two years to work on his bullying and weight issues. He hadn't really gotten anything out of them until after Harry had saved his life. After the incident with the Dementors, Dudley had done some real thinking. He realized that Harry had saved him despite how he had bullied him growing up. Dudley had wanted to write Harry when his owl showed up at his window. He didn't know how the owl knew that he wanted to write Harry, but he didn't question it. He wrote Harry asking for his forgiveness and hoped that they could start over. Harry forgave him and was willing to start over.

So began their correspondence over the summer and through the school year. Harry and Dudley had talked when Harry came home from school. After getting to know Harry, he had even more reason to be sorry about how he treated Harry. He found that he liked Harry and learned that his cousin was a truly amazing person. He had become angry with his parents at this point, because he and Harry could have been more like brothers, than just cousins. That didn't happen because his parents were such bigots in general, but especially when it came to wizards and witches. This is why he never told his parents that he was in contact with Harry; they would have claimed that Harry used some of his "freakishness" on him. There would be no way that their "precious" Duddykins would willingly associate with the freak. He figured they would have tried to stop him because of that belief.

Dudley hadn't seen Harry since the will reading of his godfather, Sirius, but they had continued to stay in touch. He had laughed himself silly when he learned about the pranks that Harry and his friends had pulled, especially when Harry had told him what the pranked people had done. After reading those letters, he was truly glad that Harry had forgiven him.

Dudley refocused on what was going in the office, realizing that Mr. Whiting was still speaking. He listened intently as Mr. Whiting spoke.

"As I mentioned earlier, you received a monthly stipend so that providing for Mister Potter's needs would not be a burden. All of these things were part of the contract, which you freely signed. You were to provide Mister Potter with the necessities, food, clothes and other necessities while he lived with you, and in return you would receive the house. Now I ask again, did you really do what was required of you?"

Vernon Dursley was in a quandary; he and Petunia had not kept up their end of the contract. The boy was a freak and didn't deserve the things normal people were entitled to receive. That was why he believed that he did no wrong. He did know that he could lose the house because it was stipulated in the contract. He did not want that to happen so he decided to bluff. He puffed himself up and said with indignation, "Are you implying that we did not care for the bo—Harry? We are upstanding citizens in our community, not some lawless hooligans." Vernon's face was getting red by the time he finished. At this point Petunia's face was so white with worry she looked like she would faint.

Dudley looked gobsmacked while Harry at first had scowled, then when he remembered what was coming he began to snicker. He did feel bad for Dudley, and he hoped that Dudley would not be too upset by what was about to happen to his parents. He had not had a chance to let Dudley know what was going to happen today. He genuinely liked Dudley now that they had put the past behind them and got to know each other after agreeing to a new beginning.

Mr. Whiting looked at Vernon over his glasses and said, "I am not implying anything Mister Dursley. I am merely asking a question." He put down the contract and picked up another piece of paper. "A question I asked myself some time before this meeting. I have here," indicating the paper in his hand, "a report from one of this firm's investigators regarding Mister Potter's life with you. I also have a signed affidavit from Mister Potter, describing his life in your home."

Vernon had paled as he listened to the lawyer but when the affidavit was mentioned he turned red again before he erupted.

"You can't believe what that boy tells you!" he shouted. "He has always been a liar and trouble, just like his good for nothing parents! We did our best to raise him to be normal, but he was beyond help!" His face was colored puce by this time. Mr. Whiting cleared his throat to get Vernon's attention. When he had it, he continued as if he had not been interrupted.

"I also have," picking up another piece of paper, "a summary of a complete physical that was given to Mister Potter." Mr. Whiting paused to give the Dursleys time to digest this information. However, Vernon and Petunia expressions had not changed while Mr. Whiting was speaking, nor did they change when he paused. Dudley on the other hand looked both concerned and guilty knowing what that report would reveal. Mr. Whiting continued, "It states that Mr. Potter suffered from severe malnutrition while growing up. He also had poorly healed bones, and numerous scars, too many injuries to be from playing sports. Especially since he did not play a sport until he started secondary school. Besides, those injuries are well documented, and were healed properly."

Vernon was not going to give up. He responded, "We tried feeding the boy, but he wouldn't eat. We tried everything, but nothing worked. If he was malnourished, it is not our fault," he huffed. It appeared that Vernon Dursley would never accept responsibility for his own actions, especially where it concerned Harry. As far as Vernon was concerned, the boy was a freak and didn't deserve the things that normal people did. One of Mr. Whiting's eyebrows rose at this statement.

"Is that so Mr. Dursley?" he questioned. "So why didn't you take him to a doctor or the hospital? A concerned guardian would have, or at least I would hope so." Vernon went from puce to purple. Harry couldn't recall seeing that color on his uncle's face before. Idly he wondered how many more colors Vernon would turn before this was all over. Mr. Whiting was still speaking. "As a matter of fact our investigation shows that the only time Mr. Potter was ever taken to the hospital or clinic was because a major bone was broken. Of course, our investigator had to visit several hospitals and clinics to find this out." Petunia's eyes widened, realizing that she had not been as clever as she thought by going to different hospitals in order to hide how often the freak's bones had been broken. Dudley looked down guiltily knowing that he and his "buddies" were responsible for some of those broken bones.

Mr. Whiting had paused to allow his words to sink in, noting all reactions to his words before he continued.

"Although you tried hiding Mister Potter's many 'accidents', my investigator found the information fairly easily with a court order. Even without this information, the x-rays that were recently taken show the numerous healed breaks, whether they were healed properly or not." He looked at the adult Dursleys with disgust. "You make me sick, treating a child in this manner, it is simply despicable." His scowl deepened before he delivered his next bombshell, "It shouldn't matter that Mister Potter is a wizard or not." He smirked at the shock on the adult Dursley's faces. "Yes I know all about the wizarding world. I am a muggle-born wizard, much like your sister, Missus Dursley." Vernon's temper had reached its boiling point by now.

"You are one of those freaks like the boy!" he erupted. "We didn't want the freak or his unnaturalness in our home! He is a freak and did not deserve to be treated like a normal person!" Mr. Whiting removed his glasses pulled out his wand, pointing it at Vernon before speaking,

"Be quiet Dursley or I shall make you," he said calmly. Vernon reluctantly closed his mouth while eying the wand. "I handle both magical and muggle law, especially for muggle-born witches and wizards." Vernon and Petunia scowled at this. "Whether you believe the contract was valid or not is irrelevant. It is a valid contract which had been signed and notarized. It was filed with both the muggle and wizarding governments, thereby making it a legal document. In deliberately ignoring this contract, do you truly understand the consequences of your actions?"

"I don't care what you say, as far as I'm concerned, the contract is invalid since it was made with my freaky in-laws," Vernon sneered, proving once again that he was a truly ignorant idiot. Harry snorted at his uncle's idiocy. Like Vernon and Petunia were the epitomes of normalcy. What an unbelievable idiot.

Mr. Whiting smirked. "Is that so, Mister Dursley? I hate to burst your bubble, but since this contract was signed and notarized, as mentioned earlier, it is legal and binding." Vernon lost some of his bluster, while Petunia paled. "It is apparent that the two of you willfully violated the contract and it is my responsibility to see that the contract is finalized one way or another. It is my belief that Mister and Missus Potter suspected that you would not adhere to the contract and laid out contingencies for this." The couple paled even further. "Did you forget that little fact, or did you think because you believed the contract invalid that you would be able to get away with what you did?" He shrugged, unconcerned. "No matter, the result is the same either way." He put his glasses back on and picked up the contract and began to read. "First let's deal with the money you received for Mister Potter's care."

"Excuse me Mister Whiting, but I have a question," Dudley interrupted. Mr. Whiting nodded at Dudley, who turned to look at his parents. "Why did you always tell Harry that he was a burden when you were receiving money to care for him? Why wasn't it spent on him? Did you spend it on me or yourselves instead? Did you even report it?" As Dudley's questions continued, his voice grew louder. This had been bothering him since he had first learned about the money, but he had been too absorbed in following the conversation to say anything; he just couldn't hold his tongue any longer. "How could you do that to him?" He looked at his mother. "He was your nephew and you treated him like he was something you would wipe off the bottom of your shoe. You raised me to believe Harry was a freak and encouraged me to be horrible to him. I have to wonder if Aunt Lily would have done the same to me." Vernon and Petunia looked like they had been slapped.

Harry smiled and said out loud, knowing he couldn't be heard, "You go, Dud," while he pumped his fist in the air.

Vernon finally managed to splutter, "Harry? Since when do you call that freak Harry? Of course we spent it on you, you are normal, unlike him, who is a freak and doesn't deserve any consideration."

Dudley spoke loudly, but not quite yelling, "Harry is not a freak! He is a better man than you or me! He saved my life last summer in spite of the way that he was treated by us while he was growing up." Shaking his head in shame, he turned to Mr. Whiting. "Your investigation was right on the money; we treated Harry horribly. My parents would punish him by locking him in the cupboard under the stairs without food for some minor infraction or they just made something up. I would blame Harry for all of the bad things that I did in order to get him into trouble. He would be beaten if he did accidental magic. I was encouraged to beat Harry up, and I got my friends to help me. We kept Harry from having any friends growing up." His parents looked at Dudley like they didn't know him, while Dudley looked ashamed. "I have apologized to Harry, and he has forgiven me. Not sure why he did, but I'm grateful. However, I will accept any punishment that is deemed appropriate." Dudley sat back huffing a little after speaking so long. Vernon, forgetting where he was, yelled at Dudley.

"What did that freak do to you?" he bellowed. "He must have used some of his freakishness on you. You are not acting like my son!" The sound of a throat clearing turned the Dursleys' attention to Mr. Whiting.

"Thank you Dudley for that information," the lawyer said. "Now, back to the money. Since it was never used for Mister Potter's care, it is required that you repay everything that you received." At that Vernon and Petunia paled, and she looked like she was going to faint. "You lived at Privet Drive rent free while Mister Potter was in your care, and I use that term loosely. Again, by breaking the contract you owe back rent for the years you lived at Number Four Privet Drive. The contract also stipulates that you will be required to vacate the property within thirty days of this discussion." Now Vernon and Petunia looked grey. "Furthermore, my office will be passing on the medical reports as well as Mister Potter and young Mister Dursley's statements to the proper authorities to see if charges can be brought against you for child neglect, endangerment, and abuse." Now Petunia did faint and slid into a heap on the floor.

Mr. Whiting looked at Petunia's slumped form in vague interest before muttering, "I wonder if I should mention that the report will also include statements from your neighbors about the rumors that she helped you spread about Mister Potter being criminally insane and going to St. Brutus's school for the criminally incurable when she awakens." Both Harry and Dudley snickered at this. Vernon was staring off into space and thus failed to react to Mr. Whiting's statement.

Mr. Whiting picked up his wand and enervated Petunia. Harry realized that Vernon must have not noticed, or else he would have had a fit at Mr. Whiting using that "freakishness" on his wife.

"Please resume your seat Missus Dursley. I would ask if you are alright, but I frankly don't care," Mr. Whiting said. "Very unprofessional, I know, but I'm not going to worry about it right now." Petunia shakily resumed her seat. Both Harry and Dudley were smirking at this. Mr. Whiting resumed, "I see that you now understand the seriousness of what you have done. You may see Mister Potter as different, but your law enforcement will not, for they will never know that he is a wizard." He looked at Dudley and continued, "Young Mister Dursley will not face these same consequences, because Mister Potter has decided not to press charges against him. As you said Mister Dursley," he looked at Dudley, "Mister Potter has forgiven you. You will be allowed to stay in the house that you grew up if you so choose. He has also set up a trust fund for you so that you can finish school and have some money to help you until you find work."

Vernon finally seemed to snap out of his stupor and responded angrily, "What do you mean, set up a trust fund? That freak doesn't have any money! His parents were good for nothing loafers, and so is he!" By the time Vernon finished he was standing, leaning over Mr Whiting's desk, yelling while his face went from just red to purple in his anger.

At this point Harry decided that it was time to reveal himself so that he could set Vernon straight and have a little fun of his own. He pulled out his wand, just in case it was needed and opened the door that led to Mr. Whiting's office, stepping through. The occupants of the office looked towards the sound of the door opening to see Harry step into the office.

"Hello everyone, am I interrupting?" Harry greeted cheekily. Dudley snickered at this. Once again, Mount Vernon erupted.

"YOU!" he bellowed. "THIS IS ALL YOUR DOING! YOU AND YOUR FREAKISHNESS!" Vernon never got to finish his tirade as Harry waved his wand sending Vernon against the far wall, stuck him there and silenced him, while Petunia screamed, watching Vernon go flying. Harry scowled at his uncle and waved his wand at Petunia, silencing her as well.

"Now that I have your attention, I have a few things to say, before the police are allowed to take you away." Harry pointed at Vernon. "You will be staying on that wall while I have my say since I know you will not be able to keep your mouth shut or stay in your seat." He looked at his aunt. "I will remove the silencing charm from you as long as you remain quiet. Do you think you can do this?" She nodded frantically so Harry removed the charm. Lastly he spoke to Dudley, "Thanks for the support Dud, it meant a lot to me."

"I meant it," Dudley said with a nod and a smirk. "Now, why don't you get on with it, so that we can get some lunch." Both boys laughed.

"You got it Dud." He returned his gaze to his aunt and uncle. "I have been listening to your conversation and couldn't remain an observer any longer." Harry conjured a chair for himself and sat down; his aunt scowled at this. "I would like to discuss my parents and your misconception that they were worthless and penniless layabouts." Harry scowled at this idea. "I wonder if you ever thought about where all the money you received over the years came from." He looked at his aunt and uncle and it was clear from at least her expression, they had not. His uncle was still looking extremely angry; his face was an unusual shade of puce. "All of that money came from the Potter estate, yes estate. The Potters are an old wizarding family that was well known for their ability to make money."

Vernon's face lost some of its color as what Harry was saying sunk in. Harry smirked, "I see you are catching on, Uncle Vernon. My parents were rich and didn't need to work for a living. Despite that, my father worked for the wizarding police, and mom worked as a researcher along with fighting a war. My father was also considered a Lord to the wizarding world; therefore I have inherited his title and the family wealth." Harry and Dudley smirked as they watched Vernon pale, Petunia looked like she was going to faint again. Harry nodded at them, "That's right; this 'freak' is filthy rich. How rich you wonder?" Harry paused, tapping his chin, pretending to think about his answer, before continuing. "Think Bill Gates of Microsoft rich. I have more money that the royal family. That is how I was able to set up a trust fund for Dudley so that he could continue school. Just to be clear, neither of you will be able to touch that money. All requests for money from the fund will be handled by Mr. Whiting. That way the money will be used for Dudley's education and not to get you out of the trouble you got yourselves into."

Harry sighed. "You know Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, if you had just treated me like a guest, if you couldn't bring yourselves to treat me like family, I would have been happy to share my wealth with you. I think that my mother would have wanted it that way, but you pissed it all away just because I'm a wizard." Harry looked at Dudley, "Are you ready for some lunch? I really need to get out of here." Dudley nodded in agreement.

"Me too," he said. "Besides, I'm hungry." He turned to his parents. "I would like to say that I feel sorry for you, but I don't. You brought this on yourselves. I'm just glad that Harry turned out to be a great guy despite what we did to him." Dudley stood up, "Let's go, Harry."

Harry stood up and vanished his chair. He looked at his uncle and not-so-gently let him down. Vernon recovered and moved towards Harry with his arm raised. Harry shook his head as he petrified Vernon who stiffened, arms and legs snapping together, and fell flat on his face. Petunia screamed as she jumped out of her chair and rushed to her husband's side. Harry spoke to Mr. Whiting while looking at his aunt and uncle, "Mister Whiting, I will allow you the honors of releasing my uncle after I leave. It is apparent that my uncle will never learn." Harry turned to the solicitor as he continued, "Thank you for all of your help, Mister Whiting. Let me know when you need me to testify or anything else regarding them." Harry tilted his head towards his aunt and uncle, before turning to leave. "Let's go, Dud."

Dudley joined him and asked as they were walking out the door. "Oh, are your friends going to meet us? I would like to meet them." The occupants of the office did not hear Harry's answer.

Harry's friends were not able to have lunch that day; they could not leave school, even though they had wanted to be there to see what happened for themselves. Dudley did get to see Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny during the Christmas holidays since he had been invited to the Burrow. Harry hadn't wanted his cousin to be alone over Christmas and Mrs. Weasley, being the motherly sort agreed with him.

Harry had showed his friends what happened at Mr. Whiting's office in a pensieve, which he had found in his family vault, when he returned to Hogwarts. They were excited that the adult Dursleys were finally getting what they deserved. Ron particularly liked when Harry stuck his uncle to the wall. Hermione said that Harry should have stuck him upside down; it might have been an improvement for the tub of lard.

Harry found out later that both his aunt and uncle were arrested for numerous crimes. He would be expected to testify at their trial about their treatment of him over the years. Harry was satisfied with this. He knew that his aunt and uncle would receive jail time, not only for the abuse and neglect, but also for not reporting the money they had received for his care. One should never mess with the tax man, it never ends well.

The end.

NOTE: I hope you enjoyed this. It was not filled with pranks like some of the other chapters, but I have read so many stories that "prank" Harry's relatives that I decided to go a different route. I know the money angle has been used before, but I hope not quite like this. Anywho, let me know what you think.