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Syndey's eyes began to flutter.

Foggy eyes surveyed a foreign room. She was hooked up to IV's which proved to just be fluids and nutrients. Trained ears listened for any sound of presence around her only to be met with none. Stiff joints protested as she began to push herself up on her elbows. Dry mouth desperately trying to coat itself with her sudden need to cry out. Groaning, she fell back. Irritated with herself she tried again, pushing with her core to add support. Slippery, hazy memories begin to bombard her tired mind, with only one coming through clearly- Julian.

Sitting fully now, she took a closer look at the room. Pictures of Weiss and her mother and father littered shelves. Her eyes skimmed over them all until her eyes snapped back to one in particular. There was a picture of her and Will, laughing, their youth evident and personified to the lens.

Feeling the familiar tug at her heart she looked away only to feel a new one when she saw on of Sark's sleeping form lying next to hers in this very bed, dated two months to what she believed was prior if the calendar on the wall was any indication. She stood carefully, the ache something familiar to help keep her worries at bay. She moved stiffly around the room until she reached the door.

Range of motion was beginning to be taken over my muscle memory and movement became a bit easier as she reached a common room of a compound she couldn't remember. Not again. A surge of adrenaline hit her as she saw a phone lying there on the counter, dialing the only number that came to mind.

"It's me, I think I'm in trouble."

40 minutes later she was on a flight to LA without looking back.

As soon as she landed she saw him standing there, relief flooding his face and voice as he called her name. As this was still registering she was wrapped into his embrace.

"I'd like to go home now." He nodded and gave her a kind smile.

"I already told them your report could wait until tomorrow." He put his arm gently around her and led her towards the exit, towards home.

Back in Moscow

"How can every source I have be so damn useless?" He threw his heavy bag onto the floor, slamming the door behind him. Irina kept quiet. She'd learned long ago that once his rage took over it was best to let his emotions flow, it kept him collected in the field. He poured himself a scotch and stomped back to the back bedroom. She heard shattering glass and Sark letting out a string of curses that sounded almost like a prayer and she just knew they'd lost her. She sprinted back to him to see him on the floor, silent tears tearing down his pale face, and Sydney lost in a different way.