Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto! (Sad, but true)

Pairings: HinaGarra, and others!

Rosemont life

Hinata Hyuga walked down the street with her cousin Neji. She was starting

High school and is now attending Rosemont High School. Her cousin was a

Sophomore, only a year older than she was. Hinata looked around, there were

Kids walking with friends and laughing, having fun. She stared back at the pavement as though it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Neji glanced at his cousin than sighed,

" Hinata Sama, don't be nervous." Neji stared straight ahead to hide from staring at her surprised eyes.

" Y yes Neji san." Hinata was surprised by the comfort her cousin gave her. He usually wouldn't talk or look at her so that was surprising.

They continued to walk in silence.

Both entered the gates to Rosemont, Hinata's eyes grew big. The school was huge; it was blue and looked more like a private school. There were kids walking and running. Talking about summer break and catching up. Neji motioned her to fallow him to the office.

They picked up their schedule, Hinata smiled to Neji as he left her to find his classes and friends. Hinata looked down at the paper, she had science with kurenai. She walked off to find her class.

While walking she could not help but notice the swarm of girls chanting "Sasuke" the boy in the middle of the swarm looked about ready to kill. His hair looked like a ducks butt. She giggled to her self and walked on.

She made it to her class and slowly and carefully walked in. before she knew it someone crashed into her. She fell with a "oof"

" I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" A blond boy with cute blue eyes and whiskers helped her up.

"Y yeah. Thanks." Hinata smiled a shy smile.

" I'm Naruto Uzumaki." The blond held out his hand.

"I'm Hinata Hyuga." She took his hand and he swept her away to meet his other friends. Hinata could not help but notice how hyper the blond was.

" Hey guys, this is my new best friend Hinata Hyuga." Hinata looked at the group. There was a Girl with amazing pink hair, a blond girl with a ponytail, a chubby boy, someone sleeping, A guy and his dog, and last aqua eyes staring at her purple ones. She fell in those deep blue eyes and it seemed like forever until he turned his head.

"Naruto, it's to early for you to be yelling." The one who apparently was supposed to be asleep talked with a bored tone.

" Yeah! Did you take your medication this morning?" Said the boy with his dogs.

Everyone introduced themselves to Hinata with nice smiles and some gossip. The boy who she saw in the hall swamped by girls was walking towards them. His face was emotionless. His eyes stared dangerously at Naruto. Naruto backed up and hood behind Hinata. Hinata cheeks burned when his eyes turned to her.

" Little idiot! You think she'll save you? I don't think so." Sasuke darted forward but the bell rang just in time. Sasuke glared at the laughing blond.

" Don't worry Hinata. There always like this, you will get use to it soon enough." Kiba, the one with the dog, stated with a grin.

The class went by fast, the teacher was very nice and explained very well. Her next class was with Kakashi, math. She made her way down the halls and through students.

She entered the classroom to find that Sasuke, Naruto, and Garra. She shyly walked up to them,

" Hello." Hinata moved her eyes to the ground when Garra looked at her.

" Oh, Hinata you have this class too! That is so cool!"

" Settle down dobe!" Sasuke smirked when Naruto pouted.

" Teme!" Naruto shouted back. Which lead to more fighting and yelling. Hinata looked at them and sweat dropped. She turned around to find Garra staring at her.

" Hey, you want to hang out after school?"