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Story of the Beginnings; The Great Sundering

The world you know is a lie.

History as it is taught is a lie.

However, I shall now tell you the truth. I shall tell you of reality as it was before the Great Sundering, of the war of the legends, and of the fate that befell the Five Great Planes of Existence. I am the sage Agustus, the last remaining record of those great and terrible times, and nearing my end. I feel that I must pass the knowlage of the truth on to you, the one who is currently reading this, so that it may never be truely forgotten. I shall tell you of the future, of the tale of an energetic blond who will have defied fate itself, securing his place among the greatest heroes to have ever existed and ever shall exist.

Millenia ago, there was more than just the Earth and the Afterlife. There were the Five Great Planes of Existence, all connected inexplicably to one anther to preserve the great balance.

First there was the plane of Sanctum, the home of those beings who are considered to be amoung the highest in the heavens, the home of the Angels and all that is considered pure. They were of the highest plane, believing in law an order, and considered to be the closest to the great creator, as his personal messengers and peace-keepers of the other realms.

Then there was the plane of Spiritous, the home to those who had died on the mortal planes and were awaiting the day that they would either ascend and join the Angels on the plane of Sanctum, or to be reincarnated in either of the two planes that contained those who are called mortals. It was governed and policed by those who were the forefathers of those who call themselves Shinigami.

Then there were the twin plains of Terra, home to the mortals. The first of the twins was called Earth, and while it was tied inexplicably to the other planes, it's inhabitants distanced themselves from the others, focusing almost entirely on their pursuit of technolegy and science, considering those to be the greatest powers in the universe. The second twin of Terra was home to the mortals who worshiped those that they saw as higer powers and practiced magic, following the great elements and the spiritual, shunning science and technolegy almost completely, it was called Arcaina. The two were constantly at odds wit one another, each trying to prove that their ways were right and that the other's was wrong.

The last of the planes went by many names, The Burning Hells, The Abyss, The plane of Chaos, and countless forgotten others. It was home to the greatest and most evil populace, the demons. They saw the other planes and hated them, for they believed that truth could only be found in wanton destruction an chaos. They wanted noting more than to devour the other planes and cover them in eternal darkness, but every time they tried, they would be countered by the Angels, and thusly, after millenia of almst constant war, an uneasy truce, nothing more than a temporary standstill , was reached.

Then he came along... The posessor of the first of the great dojutsus, the Rinnegan.

He whose name has been lost to the annuls of time came into being upon the plane of Arcaina, and though his origins remain unkown, he is credited for bringing about the true abilities of the inhabitants of Arcaina, the ability to draw upon mental and physical energies to create the power known as 'chakra', a power that rivaled the power of Shinigami, if not surpassed it, and it's creation threw the great balance out of alignment as the Great Heavens and Burning Hells began to compete for the power, renewing the great war. The Planes of Earth and Spiritous shunned them, seeing this new power as a threat t ther way of life, and conspired against it.

The father of ninja was himself a great power, being able to single-handedly lay waste entire armies as he fought to keep his plane independent. However, as he grew ever older, the man realized and faced his own mortality even as he fought back wave after wave from both the armies of Sanctum and Hell. So the man took three wives to give him children who would carry on his legacy. All three women soon became preganant, carrying in them each a boy.

One evening both the armies of Sanctum and Hell invaded and the man went to beat them back in what was one of the greatest inter-planar battles ever as all three forces fought one another. However, what the man did not know was that both Sanctum and the Burning Hells had found about his pregnant wives, and had both of the great forces had sent people to steal away the women so that they could have the power that he had passed on for themselves, which would ultimatly tip the great balance in favor of one side or the other. Both forces had manaed to get to the women at the same time, and began another battle ight there, the Angels managing to get ahold of one of the women and the demons another. The man had sensed something was wrong though and had gotten back in time to beat back the two warring factions and rescue his wives, eventually managing to send both armies back to their respective planes once again.

Several months later, all three women gave birth upon the same day. The first was the woman who had managed to evade capture, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy whose eyes contained the Rinnegan.

The other two women gave birth at the exact same time, and it was revealed that the Celestial and Demonc energies from those who had captured them had affected the babes in the womb as the one whose mother had been kidnapped by the angels opened his eyes to reveal that they were a pearlish color with barely an outline at all visible in them. The other, whose mother had been captured by the demons opened his eyes to reveal that they were a blood red with three tomoe in each. And so the Byakugan and the Sharingan came into being, born from a mixture of the great ninja's own power mixed with otherworldly energies.

At the time that all this had been going on, Earth, with the blessings and help from Spiritous, had been studying the bonds that connected the planes together and had built great machines meant to sever the ties that bound them, meaning to get rid of the threat that they saw in Arcaina once and for all. Truely believing that what they was doing was right, the people activated the titan machines, cutting the bonds. However, there was an unforseen concequense as what they had done had badly erroded all of the bonds at once instead of simply the ones that connected Arcaina. In a fury, the Angels decended en masse and lay waste to the machines, but the damage had been done.

The first plane to break off was the Burning Hells, their bonds too corroded to withstand their chaotic energies. However, before the bonds were comepletely severed, they managed to send some of their greatest agents, the nine Bijuu, to Arcaina, in an attempt to secure it for the day when the bonds may be restored.

Their anger growing at those who they had branded fools and destryers of the great balance, the Angels washed their hands of Earth and Spritous, leaving them to their own devices after wiping the memory of the entire Earth, making them forget about the other planes while simultaniously obliterating all technology, which they credited to bringing about the great catasrophe. And so, the Angels sealed themselves in Sanctum, denying entrance to their plane and never leaving it themselves, leaving Spiritous alone to govern the mortal.

Their bonds corroded beyond all repair, Arcaina drifted from the other planes, it's nearly-destroyed bonds remaining only strong enough for souls to continue to cycle, though with their memories or abilities sealed away within themselves. As such, their timeline grew apart from their twins, a mere hundred years in their timeline being several millenia in Earths.

Millenia passed and Spiritous grew apart from the Earth as well, blaming themselves for ther part in the great sundering, discarding their disgraced name and becoming the Shinigami of the Seireitei, Taking on the job of helping and protecting the souls of mortals.

In the vast chasm that had once been the interconnected planes, a new plane was born conssting of souls which became psuedo-demons that were called Hollows, their ties being connected only to Earth and the Spirit Realm, thusly giving the Shinigami another job, purifyng these dark spirits so that they could find peace.

As time passed, Arcaina forgot it's name and many of it's old ways, being renamed the Elemental Countries, with no unifying name for them as a whole. The father of all ninja had long since passed away, leaving his legacy upon the world. The three brothers had also split apart after their father had died, the one with the Byakugan renaming himself Hyuuga, of which his family would all be called throughout time. The possesor of the Sharingan likewise renamed himself Uchiha, which his family would forever carry, and the two families became bitter rivals, each proclaming that their dojustu was the better. The eldest brother kept the name that was given him though, opting to stay out of the arguments about whose eyes were better, deciding instead to becoming a protector of the plane as his father had been, discovering that his of his decendants, only one out of every few generations was born with the Rinnegan. Years later his decendants split once again as his 10th great grandaughter married a nameless blond who revealed to have great powers of his own. Meanwhile, the nine great Bijuu had opted to rest and watch, waiting for the perfect time, only coming awake once every couple decades to wreack havoc.

Fifteen years ago the greatest of the Bijuu, the nine-tailed demon fox kown as Kyuubi, attacked the ninja village of Konoha, with which he held a grudge. After a long, grueling battle, the fourth Hokage, a powerful blond man who went by the name of Namikaze Minato, sealing the great demon within the belly of his own newborn son. Saddened that his baby would not grow up with any parents due to the fact that the battle had taken everything he had and the baby's mother, Uzumaki Kushina, had died in childbirth, the Fourth asked that the baby be seen as a hero, and thusly died, having given all that he had to stop the Kyuubi.

Unfortunatly, the citizens of Kohona ignored the Fourth's last wish, hating the boy instead of praising him. Regardless, that boy, Uzumaki Naruto has grown to be a fine young man with people precious to him, having many great adventures.

However, Naruto's journey has just begun, as he has been foretold in prophecy to be the one who will either bring peace or chaos to the world. How does this tie to the other great planes?

Only time can tell...

-Sage Agustus

The scrll sat within a time-sealed tube upon a small table within an unkown room, an old, dead man laying on a bed not too far away, his face peaceful in death.

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