Title: Hide and Seek

Author: Slasharific

Rating: K+

Summary: Remus and Sirius are playing hide and seek. RLSB

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

"Okay, Sirius, I'll count to ten." Remus was leaning against a tree, with his arms up and his head resting on them. He clenched his eyes shut and started counting. "One.."

Sirius started running around, looking for a place to hide.


Sirius tried hiding behind a thick tree trunk. He scrunched his nose up; it wasn't thick enough.


Sirius glanced over at Remus. "...counting too fast...hmph..."

"I heard that, Sirius!"

"No you didn't, Moony!"

Remus laughed and continued counting. "...five..."

Sirius began running around again. This time, though, he was running toward a tree and tripped over a root. He went sprawling across the ground and hit his chin. "Ow."

Remus gasped and turned around. "Sirius! Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

Sirius looked up. "Hey! No looking! That's cheating!"

"Oh, sorry. Still counting. Six...seven..."

Sirius sprang up from the ground, rubbing his chin. "Woah, dizziness. Okay, place to hide, place to hide. Hmm... Aha!" He spotted a big, bushy... bush. "Perfect."

"Nine... ten. Ready or not, here I come! ... Hmm. Where are you, Sirius? Come out, come out wherever you are!" Remus began searching behind trees, behind bushes, anything within a thirty foot radius. Then he heard Sirius snickering from about five feet away. He began creeping up to the bush, slow and quiet. He pounced while Sirius was peeking around the other side.

"ARGH!" Remus landed on top of Sirius and was laughing for all he was worth. The sound was infectious and eventually Sirius joined in. After a couple of minutes, they began to calm down.

"You know, Sirius, you should really work on keeping quiet when you are the one hiding."

"Well, I guess so, but then, where would the fun be?"

Remus laughed. "I'm guessing your point is that it wouldn't be there at all, right?"


Remus sighed and put his head on Sirius's chest. "I love the fall." He looked back up at Sirius as Sirius wrapped his arms around him. Remus brought up his right index finger and poked Sirius lightly on the nose. "And I love you, too."

"Well, duh! Who wouldn't love me? I'm Sirius Black! No, though. I love you, too, Remus."

Remus scooted up and kissed Sirius gently on the mouth, then moved back down and put his head back on Sirius's chest.

"Mmm... I love watching the sunset..." The both drifted off to sleep.