a kate & aaron story

AN - - - So, this just popped into my head, watching Kate standing there with the baby, realizing that she still wasn't that attached to Aaron yet and that she was still probably grieving for Sawyer.

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She had never felt so alone.

She knew better then to expect happiness at the airport; it wasn't as though Diane was going to be there and suddenly they'd be sprinting towards each other on a beach at sunset, or anything. But nonetheless, it hurts, just a little, to see everyone having such beautiful, joyous reunions – Hurley even drags Sayid over to meet his mother – and here she is, standing alone, in a sea of people, with a baby that isn't her's.

Aaron has fallen silent, staring open-mouthed at the sky scrapers and all the people. Kate realizes with a jolt of surprise that this is all new to him. He's never seen tall buildings or this many people or heard cars racing by. He's lived in a world of green, of relative silence and serenity, at least through his narrow view of the island, anyway.

She feels silly when the urge overtakes her to tell him – an infant – that this, this is how it's supposed to be. That this is how it really is, and all that time that he thought the life he was living was normal, he was wrong, because this is normal.

He fusses in her arms and, after making sure no one's looking, she leans in to his little ear and tell the first lie in a long line of lies.

"This is the real world, Aaron. Life's better here."