"Damn it!"

The annoyed cry echoed through the practically deserted Hall of Empty Melodies. Demyx, Number IX in the shady Organisation XIII, had been taking full advantage of the unusually quiet day to do a little composing. The castle was nearly empty since half the Organisation was reassigned to Castle Oblivion, and the majority of those left had missions to attend to.

The little blonde was currently curled up in one of the smaller niches in the Hall, sitar propped up carefully against the wall. He'd concealed himself there with a bag of boiled lollies, a luxury that one of the others had discovered in one of the other worlds. Demyx was leaning back, tossing the tiny sweets up and catching them in his mouth, when a black-cloaked figure opened a portal and stepped through into the Hall... unnoticed and upside down on the ceiling. One of the lollies was in midair when it vanished.

Demyx cracked one green eye open (after trying to catch them with his eyes closed) and blinked, mouth hanging open slightly. "Huh?" The brightly coloured treat was nowhere to be seen. He shrugged and flicked another one up, keeping an eye on it. It vanished as well, with a suspicious 'swish'.

"What the heck?" the musician muttered, frowning. He tossed another lolly up, noticing the black-gloved hand close around the sweet before it vanished.


Drabble. Possible comic idea. Enjoy.