Disclaimer: I don't any of the characters that appear in this story

Disclaimer: I don't any of the characters that appear in this story. They are owned by Kathy Reichs and 20th Century Fox, so live with it. Any Characters that are original are all mine and I don't own them.

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Her senses were toned down; she had a sack over her head and earplugs keeping surrounding sounds from her. Dr Temperance Brennan sat upon the hard seat where she was placed her hands and feet bound unable to move. However her captor allowed her mouth to be free if she wished to speak, but she decided to keep her mouth shut. Her heightened sense of smell due to most of her other sense being rendered useless, detected him approaching again. His rancid odour wasn't hard to follow, he smelled like a sewer rat. She felt his touch as the sack was slowly lifted from her face. Brennan flinched with every tug. She blinked in the light of a lamp shining in her face. She felt the earplugs leave and the sound of lapping water could now be heard. She was being held close to the sea or on a boat, which meant that Booth would never find her. Unless the others had been able to trace him with the bones of the victim who use to be Charlotte Walker, but that was a long shot. Even Hodgins with his bugs wouldn't help in this situation. Her captor bent down behind her, the voice of a man. Slippery and sickly sweet, now spoke close to her ear sending a feeling of repulsion over her. "Now Doctor Brennan I need for you to make a choice."

"What?" Brennan whispered, a thousand scenarios running through her head of what could happen now.

"You seem confused Dr Brennan," The sick sounding man replied then giggled, something almost inhuman. He whispered into her ear again, this time his hot rancid breath moving over the outside of the ear. "Well shall I enlighten you then?" Brennan felt herself being rotated about 180 degrees, the light of the lamp now coming from behind both of them. Temperance Brennan's blood went cold. There in front of her sitting back to back gagged and tied together were Seeley Booth and Tim Sullivan. "Doctor you must chose who lives and who dies. That is your choice; and something you must do!"

"Why?" asked Brennan She couldn't keep her eyes off her partner staring back at her their eyes locked. "How did he…?"

"Enough Tempe!" The man behind her replied, the sound of a ringing knife leaving its scabbard was audible in the almost unnatural silence. The cool blade edge pressed against Brennan's throat. Booth sat there his eyes full of fear and pain. That was when Brennan realised that he'd been injured, Booth couldn't save her now. It was her choice who lived and who died, Booth or Sully. This decision was beyond anything she could make. True she wasn't the most social skilled person; but she knew when in a life and death situation this decision would haunt her for the rest of her life. "Temperance if you don't decide I will kill you and make them watch…over and over and over again. Now who is to die?"

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