The pain Susan felt was unbearably sad and she just couldn't find a way to distract herself.
The other Pevensie children of course knew what was up but couldn't bring themselves to talking about it with her, afraid that she might get even more upset.
She already didn't eat and spoke only few words, only when asked to speak at school or in public.
Susan now sat at her desk staring at her books unable to totally focus on them
Her eyes were tearing up and she quickly blinked brushing away the few tears that had escaped.
She looked out the window, making her way to the seat.
The now dark sky was clear and reminded her so much of her problem.
Would she ever see him again?
The "he" she was particularly thinking about and mourning was King Caspian X.
He wasn't exactly dead.
He just didn't exist in her world.
He existed in a world that she had no access too.
Just the thought brought fresh tears.
She felt such pain and agony, but yet she felt so confused.
She loved him but why hadn't she stayed?
Why did she leave him only to come back here to "live" in this dreadful world?
She could have talked Aslan into letting her stay.
Inside she knew that wasn't true but she longed for Caspian's laughter.
His voice calling to the armies of Narnia.
The way his semi-long hair wisps into his face.
The first and last kiss they had shared the day she left.
She felt unbearable pain and she new suddenly that she couldn't stay this was for the rest of her life.
Another thing she knew was that it was going to take a long time before she ever fell in love with someone again.
With that last thought she just sat on her window seat looking at the stars

Caspian shivered as he stood on his balcony in the cool night.
He just couldn't fall asleep.
He knew why but it was the last thing he wanted to think about.
After all she HAD left him here alone.
But then again she didn't have a choice.
His confusion mixed up with the anger and pain he felt was almost over whelming.
He looked at the land before him and all the trees and creeks and all the dryads dancing in the woods.
She loved the dryads.
She had such beautiful long hair.
Her laugh was the cutest he had ever heard.
He shook his head trying to rid it of all the thoughts, as though if he didn't think about that it wouldn't hurt.
The truth was that it still hurt.
No matter what he did to distract himself.
It just didn't matter at all.
He looked up into the sky.

At that moment they both looked at the same star.
They both felt each others presence.

At the same time they said out loud to the sky," Thank you Aslan."