Okay technically I'm should be working on my Transformers fic, but I just finished the third Darkman movie and I just could not help it. They were awesome movies though a little sad. Here is just a short poem about Payton's life after his accident. It turned out a little dark (no pun intended) but this was the mood that I personally felt at the end of all the movies. Please enjoy and review!

Darkness, a thing that all mortals fear,

Devoid of laughter and cheer.

Away from all that is divine,

It causes chills to climb up spines.

Men stand straight with their foolish pride,

Try as they might, they slowly die inside.

Bravely they fight this empty abyss,

Soon they question why they exist.

This enigma is were I thrive

Caught in this evil, somehow I survive.

All that I loved was stolen away.

I was left for dead, to slowly decay.

But somehow, by Gods blessing or spite,

I came back into this never ending night.

Days went by, weeks came and went

Yet I was still caught in my torment.

The answer alludes me, right out of my range.

All the while, my soul starts to change.

Soon I shall find it, soon I'll be free.

Soon light shall once again shine in me.

Until then, in the shadows I wait,

Protecting so no one shares my fate.

Alone in my personal hell,

The darkness, I shall dwell.