Five years later..

With the death of the Aburame heir and the acting leader, the remaining Clan members presented a formal request to leave the Fire Country relocating to a small province south of Konaho called the Tea Country.

The marriage of Neji and Gaara seals an allegiance with Sand and increasing both countries strength and wealth. Haku released after a through investigation into the circumstances surrounding Sasuke's attacks trains with Sasuke over the years in the wave country. Eventually the pair meets and defeats Orochimaru and assumes control over the Country of Sound and its militia. They still seek Itachi, who travels with Akatsuki.

Jiraiya dies at the hands of Pain not long after proposing to the Fifth Hokage, leaving behind invaluable information of the dangerous organization.

The death of her passive lover takes a great toll on Tsunade she names Hatake Kakashi as the Sixth Hokage and retires to run the hospital with a portion restructured as a school for ninja medicine. Her top medics are Sakura and Hinata. Sakura marries Mito Guy after much controversy over the age difference, despite the fact that he assure people he feels like a man in the springtime of youth.

Hinata assumes the position as head of the Hyuuga Clan during her speech to all her clansmen she announces her intention to marry Inuzuka Kiba. This upset Kiba's family more than the Hyuuga who instantly took offense to the 'dog trainers' lack of respect that Hinata names her intended. The details are very disappointing; they remain secretly engaged.

One of the first official acts the Sixth Hokage presents to the Village Council Elders is to authorize same sex marriage. This as you will image they deny despite Iruka presenting signatures from nearly sixty percent of the villagers in agreement to the new law. Kakashi did not have too much attention to invest in this disagreement, because war is brewing in the Mist County, and with Akatsuki growing more powerful with each demon they abstract. The Sixth Hokage has seen times like this before when constant battles clash and erupt randomly calling for increased Konaho intervention. Therefore, he invests most of his time insuring that he has enough soldiers keeping a close eye on the ninja academy.

His other greatest concern enters his office battle worn and bloody, not from his own wounds. Naruto places the decapitated head in a large bowl on one of the smaller desk.

"Present for someone." He grins at his former sensei.

Kakashi raises his eyebrow, pulling his mask down and stepping over staring at yet another head from Pain. The chakra patterns are interesting, although his attention turns immediately on the tall blond ninja smiling derisively. Naruto chakra swirling around him with a different pattern, and instead of red, it billows violet. Kakashi stares silently as the remarkable ninja explains how he merges with the nine-tail-demon.

"I want to try again Kaka-sensei, this has to be it." He turns on his heal.

"Naruto, how can you be sure?"

The wide shoulders pause, still staring at the exit. "Well you never know until the very end." In a blink, he vanishes.

Konaho hospital..

Behind a large glass wall is a room bursting with powerful chakra, he is consider remarkable existing in a sleep state for the last five years. His body creating copious amounts of chakra, Tsunade theorizes it is the lack of Kikai in his body, which continues to create the excess energy. This special unit is exclusive; Tsunade enters data in her notebook then turns facing Naruto, a cute smirk curls her lips, and she realizes quickly what has occurred.

"So you ready to try this again."

Naruto shook his head slowly his eyes glued to the man turning slowly on a bed behind the glass wall. "I am not trying I am doing." Now clean wearing a burnt orange kimono, another drape over his arm. One hand pulls out a dark vile of liquid, which he gulps stepping to the door. The bed within slowly comes to a stop.

Tsunade nods releasing the lock allowing Naruto to step in the cool room; he can hear the humming sound of vacuums pulling the excess chakra out of the room, He smiles shortly, stepping closer to the bed.

"Shino?" he stops at the edge of the bed, staring at the pale complexion, the years has done little to show his age, although the medical equipment allows his body to maintain flexibility. The body does not resemble the youth of their past, now his lips are fuller his chest broad the muscles well develop, his eyes are tape shut.

Smiling again Naruto removes the tape slowly as the Fifth steps to his side. "What do you think it is, how will you fix it."

The blond-ninja does not respond he traces a thumb over Shino's chin then up onto his bottom lip. "Divergent evolution." Naruto says with a soft smile on his lips, slowly easing his thumb between the full lips.

Tsunade blinks, in wonder. "What does that have to do with Shino?"

Naruto lays the dark robe at the foot of the bed while he boldly pulls his robe open revealing his naked frame to his sleeping partner. "I can give you the simple explanation, and how it clicks for me." He allows his robe to fall to the floor, the Fifth makes no motion to move, as Naruto climb in bed with his unresponsive partner, pulling the thin sheet away from his waist. Then Naruto lies across Shino, closing his eyes savoring the contact with his lovers' body.

"Divergent evolution, Shino evolves different traits than others in his clan, which are remarkable. The divergence is the mutation from the norm, the normal way he would evolve. Enter doctor Kuni-te; smart bastard was a fucking genius but did not understand sealing techniques. The prick seals the soul improperly causing a further mutation in the DNA." Naruto leans forward placing a kiss on his lovers' mouth he moans softly against the cool lips.

"How can you correct that?"

Pulling back slowly he gazes at his lover feeling light headed, his chakra wrapping around them both, Naruto chuckles. "I have really missed this guy." Sitting up crouched on Shino's waist, he puts his hands together molding his energy. "Shino told me on the last day of my life drink the tea. I thought he is crazy, how does anyone know their last day of life?" He held a small ball of energy, which he stares at hypnotically, the red and blue energies separate in his hand.

Tsunade stares waiting patiently, the energy ball speeds up as its density increases. "He needs the missing code to complete the merger with that spirit, now that I merged with that dam fox, I can give him the missing link. This is the last day of my life." He turns his red eyes on the Fifth grinning. "I am not what I was." He turns back to his lover the ball of energy now as small as a marble. "Neither is Shino, he already merged with the spirit Kuni-te inserted; now that I have as well this is the last day of my life, as a human!"

He pushed the ball of energy over Shino's forehead, holding it there and forcing his chakra in the bug lord. The energy in the room increases drastically, Tsunade lifts her hands shielding her face as both boys are engulf in a brilliant light.

The light flares higher beaming under doors and around dark corners, Naruto growls and yells before the light fades and the room returns to normal. Tsunade lowers her hands to see both gone, she turns around on the spot searching.

Standing on top of the Hokage mountain Naruto looks over the vastly change village turning his foxy grin on the bug lord. "Shino what do you think? War is headed our way."

Shino released a massive dragonfly, standing in the midnight black kimono his auburn hair hangs down to his shoulders, and then walk slowly over joining his savior. He placed an arm around Naruto's pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I think you deserve a person better than me." His lips trace the honey blond eyebrow down to Naruto's high cheekbone inching under the thick bangs towards his lovers' ear.

Naruto smiles leaning into the delightfully slow kiss shoving a hand in Shino's kimono. "It must be all that sleep, because it will never get better than you." The golden ninja pulled back and turned into his lovers' mouth. Their lips tremble in anticipation just touching. Then both press lips longingly together their breath hissing through flaring nostrils. The bug lord wraps powerful arms firmly around his comparably size lover, moaning while Narutos' moist tongue flicks between his teeth meeting his.

Shino lifts his mouth staring in the enamored eyes, of his blond along with the numerous changes the bright eyes remain still deeply in love with him. He smiled, placing his left hand on Naruto's cheek, running his thumb over the now prominent masculine jaw a slow smile curling his lips. Shino then slides his index finger over the full mouth; his hips press his excitement against the deep orange kimono. "I have not been completely honest I have every intention to reclaim the Fire Country." Naruto hisses his own need becoming painful, he allows the long finger to push between his teeth he sucked the finger running his own fingers over a firm nipple, and then pinch it. Shino groans adding another digit to the firmly sucking mouth and kissing Naruto's lips around the fingers pulling at the cloth separating their bodies from contact.

Naruto growls his legs bending and pulling Shino down on the hard ground the fingers probing deeper in his throat when they land hard. Shino ripping away the remaining fabric his Kimono drapes open like a tent over both ninja, revealing his nakedness to his lover. One large hand hooks under a muscle knee, spreading Naruto's legs quickly, his hard length jabbing Naruto's sacs, Shino pulls his wet fingers out of Naruto's sucking mouth and shudders' at the wave that stretches his length, staring at the pink tongue caressing his digits.

With out the fingers in his throat Naruto warns. "If you think I will let that happen you a dead wrong."

"Hnn?" Shino smirks slipping the two wetted fingers inside the tight entrance. Both males croon at the invasion Naruto's face screws up at the pain, anticipating the pleasure, which follows quickly the bug lords mouth takes his need deep in his throat. "Mnn," the redden flesh erupts from the pale lips, Shino smirks. "You taste wonderful Naruto." He absorbs the hot rod again, twisting his fingers and then curling them lightly.

"Ahh! Shi! Fuck me!" Naruto huffs excitedly spreading his free leg up under the dark kimono locking it behind the brunettes waist.

The sucking mouth claps tighter, his long fingers dipping deeper, twirling and pushing Naruto to the very edge, before he lifts his mouth, smacking his lips on the delicious juices from Naruto cock. "Yes, I will fuck you it will be the first time I ever consider it that." The hand probe slips out Shino adds a generous amount of saliva to his palm stroking his shaft, and smearing his dripping pre-cum over the head.

Naruto lifts his hips anxiously, when his lover teases the prepared opening. "Shit Shino fuck me! Damit!" Naruto's leg still trapped in the crook of his lover's arm, his cock spasms every time the man prodded the thick bulbous cock head to his rim. Now his cock twitched he felt the hot pressure mounting and the guy did not enter him fully. The future Hokage patience snaps grabbing Shino's shoulder and waist pulling the hard length in him while he lift his hips. "Uhh,…Uhmm yes! More Shino more!" The horny blond gasp.

The pleas are not necessary at this point, his lover tightens his grip on the long leg, curving his hips and swiftly driving his thick length until their testicles squeeze against his lover's golden globes. He pulls out quickly, and slams back down, with a growl. "So tight, hmm!" Shino moans thrusting repeatedly into Naruto their bodies slapping wetly. Naruto cock bobbles pointing up at his hard abs, a shiny puddle of cum fills his navel mixing with the sweat breaking out all over his skin.

Shino wraps his hand around the dripping organ pausing in his thrust to add the some of the slippery substance with a shudder to his own length, and then quickly reinserts his pole to the base; stroking Naruto's pulsing heat in time with his plunges. Leaning down their eyes lock together, his body quaking, he releases the trap knee pounding with body shaking intensity into the wailing man. There lips meet skipping off each other, from Shino harsh thrust. The world hovers his body feels lighter and heavy at the same time. The all-consuming heat rushes up his length, the tight walls sucking on his member spasmodically as Naruto's hot fluid shoots between his clutching pumping grip.

"Haa!" Shino exhales his essence filling the dark tunnel. His hips continue jerking forward several moments after his explosion. Tan hands rub his back beneath the dark cloth holding him in place. Their mouths glue together in a lengthy kiss, Shino pushes his hair back to one side, keeping his mouth attached to the one he loves.

They finally pull apart their noses touch, both smiling, Naruto's grins wider. "If you want to reclaim the Fire Country you will need to go through me first." He shudders, as his lover licks sweat from his brow.

Shino grins and presses kisses on the corners of Naruto full mouth. "Yes I intend to."

"Aburame, what are you thinking, we will be strong allies." Naruto cups both sides of the ninja's face staring in the violet and red eyes.

Shino shudders moving his hips slowly, staring in his lovers beautiful blue eyes. "They will all learn what true fear means, I will claim all lands in the name of…" his mouth melts against his lover, their rocking as one.

"Shi what?" Naruto breathes "Dam I love you, what can I do about that? We must be allies or I will kick your ass and fuck you on the battle field in front of everyone." He chuckles at the thought.

His lover joins in the mild laughter. "Uzumaki you are the biggest pervert I know, but I like the imagery, and I love you." He lifts his face leaning on one elbow carefully studying the tan ninja. "They will never know we are allies until maggots' crawl out there festering wounds." He grins.

"Shino you are a creepy person, when do we inform Sand of this plan? I know Neji will be happy to help." He placed a softer kiss on his lovers' mouth sliding the tip of his tongue over the pale lips. "What do you think will happen to us Shi now that we both merged with the sprits?"

The bug lord returned the kiss. "Just let me take care of Sand, my dragon fly is headed that way." His fingers trace the whiskered cheek then the swell of Naruto's mouth. "As for us this is only the beginning of our epic journey, we have an eternity to see it through."

~ END ~

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