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"Hey, Yuuri! Yuuri! WIMP! dammit Yuuri!" shouted Wolfram while running in the corridor trying to get Yuuri's attention

'man, it's getting really boring around here lately. When will i get a little bit of action?...hmm...is someone calling my name?' Yuuri thought to himself then he turned pale when he realized who was calling him and it sounded angry "WOLFRAM!"

"What's wrong with you, you wimp, I've been calling and calling you for the past five minutes. Are you deaf? YUURI! Are you paying any attention to what I am saying? YUURI!" said Wolfram while charging at poor Yuuri

'well here is the excitement I was looking for' "Nothing's wrong with me and I'm not deaf and yes, i'm paying attention to what you were saying...Why were you looking for me anyways?" said Yuuri calmly

"huh?...oh yeah! Gwendal asked me to call you...you have a lot of paper work to do and Günter wants you to start studying already..." answered Wolfram

"geez can't I rest for a while" muttered Yuuri

"I can talk to Gwendal and Günter for you if you don't want to talk to them yourself" suggested Wolfram

"if I went to earth it'll just get worse. Oh what can I do?" stated Yuuri

"you could go and talk to Lord von Voltaire or Lord von Christ, Shibuya." said Murata

"Murata? I thought you were staying in Shinou's Temple" asked Yuuri

"I went here for a visit. Is that a problem?" said Murata

"no...guess not" said Yuuri with a frown because he was thinking of Gwendal and Günter's reaction if he just left the paper work or his lessons

After doing all that he had to sign and study Yuuri told Gwendal and Günter about his plan to go to earth real soon and he'll stay in earth for a few days and both agreed...somehow

During dinner Yuuri formally stated that he will go to earth in the morning and that it may take a while before his return

After dinner Yuuri took a stroll in the garden not knowing that Wolfram was following him. After a while Yuuri sat down on garden bench then Wolfram appeared and told him...well more like stated to him...that he was going with Yuuri back to earth because he wants to see Miko-san again and Yuuri nodded at that saying his mother probably won't mind

After what seemed like an hour of talking with his fiance Yuuri saw Conrad and Yozak talking near a tree. He approached them.

"Hi Conrad, Hi Yozak" said Yuuri

"your majesty, what brings you out here at this time?" asked Conrad

"nothing really" replied Yuuri

"so you're going to earth, huh?" said Yozak

"yup, and I'm coming with him. Right, Yuuri?" said Wolfram

"Yeah I guess so" said Yuuri

When Yuuri got tired and headed for his room he started hearing sounds of moving objects 'what now? does Wolfram want to change the position of something in our room...i mean MY room?'

"Yuuri...I want to go with you...please" said Greta

"sure why not...my mom hasn't seen you yet, right?" said Yuuri

"mm-hmm...you never brought her or even mentioned her" said Wolfram

"that's not true!" said Yuuri

"well we better get packing for stuff Greta let's let Yuuri sleep" said Wolfram

"okay" replied Greta

And after that Yuuri fell asleep and after thirty minutes Greta and Wolfram fell asleep

"Your Majesty! Wolfie!" said Lady Celi

"mother?" said Wolfram

"you're leaving now,right?" asked Lady Celi

"yes mother..."said Wolfram

"We're bringing Greta along" added Yuuri

"then you'll need two of my invention" said Anissina

"Well good luck then" said Gisela

"Mm...good bye everyone see you soon" said Yuuri then he jumped into the pool followed by Wolfram and Greta

"mom I'm home! with Wolfram and Greta" said Yuuri

"Yuu-chan! Wol-chan! and Greta?" said Miko-san (a/n it's easier to type miko than jennifer)

"hello, grand mother" said Greta while Yuuri was handing them towels

"well we haven't properly introduced her. This is Greta our adopted daughter" said Yuuri

"oh she is so cute!" said Miko-san with a big grin

"never thought i'd be back here in earth again" said Wolfram

"by the way where is Ken-chan?" asked Miko-san

"dunno maybe he stayed in Shin Makoku" said Yuuri

"What a nice room!" said Greta

"would you like to sleep in my room, Greta?" asked Miko-san "I think Yuu-chan and Wol-chan will be crowded here"

"okay" said Greta

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